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Powder Horn

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Made from a standard bull's horn, it was enchanted to hold an infinite amount of gunpowder.

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Powder Horn

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Materials - What is Powder Horn made out of?

Bull horn, leather carrying strap (goes around belt)

Weight - How much does Powder Horn weigh?

3 pounds

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Magical effects - What kind of magic does Powder Horn possess?

Holds an infinite amount of gunpowders, different combinations result in different uses.

Enchanted to be indestructible, if the powder catches on fire and makes it to the horn, it will seal itself to prevent a massive explosion.

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Pours out at a steady rate, waterproof.

Different combinations of materials make the powders burn differently (Slower, faster, longer, colors, etc.)

Enchanted by a legendary black dragon, stolen by Gawain's family, and then given to Yama before he set out into the world.

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