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Dragoon Lance

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A massive, ancient weapon from a time long since past when humans and dragons worked together to fight wyverns.

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Has a spring-and-bolt system for easy storage. The top half can be retracted into the body with a bolt, and it will extend through a spring when the catch is released.

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Orichalcum, an almost-mythical metal, makes up both the spear and shield. The highlights are made of a silver-steel alloy, more for decoration than actual fighting. Orichalcum is an extremely durable form of copper, found in the mountains very far to the north. It has a similar edge-retention to steel, and conducts electricity very well. The handles for both the shield and on the lance are made of simple leather, more for function.

Weight - How much does Dragoon Lance weigh?

~150 lbs for the lance, ~100 for the shield


Long, conical design. In all, it's about 10 feet long when fully extended and 6 feet when retracted. The base of the lance scoops upward like a bowl, and the body of the lance ends in a rook-like shape where the business-end sticks out.

The shield is reminiscent of bastion walls, the center of the shield being the largest convex section. There are two smaller sections on the left and right, and they all have the rook-shaped protrusions on top. There is a handle and an armband on the inside to place the arm and hand.

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Can be recalled to and from the Hoard at will.

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The design came from ancient blueprints found in a cave in the forests past Mordaria. It was old, worn-out, and the ink was faded from years and years of neglect. After about a week of just trying to reconstruct the blueprints themselves, Yama finally managed to decipher them and get to building. He found the orichalcum in a separate location in the icy wastes, and used that to make the weapon.

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