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Hunting slingshot meant for hunting Wyverns and other large creatures

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redeem Looks

Looks and functions exactly like a slingshot. It just hurts more. Yama did include an attachable rest so that it could fire arrows, however.

Materials - What is Stingshot made out of?

Deer antler arms, natural rubber bands, leather pouch, ash wood handle.

Weight - How much does Stingshot weigh?

4 lbs


Deer antler arms are attached to the handle, the leather pouch is a bit larger than average.

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Magical effects - What kind of magic does Stingshot possess?

Can be recalled to and from the Hoard at any time

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Most of the functionality of the Stingshot comes from the numerous ammo types. Buckshot, BBs, rocks, arrows, small bombs, even nuts or homemade caltrops! The standard ammo is stored in a dried gourd, and arrows are held on the outside with a bandolier-like strip of leather.


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