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Name - What is Death Mountain’s full name?

Death Mountain

Type - What type of location is Death Mountain?

Cavern at the top of a mountain

Description - Describe Death Mountain.

Mountain home of Gawain and Guinevere.

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Laws - What are the laws in Death Mountain?

House rules:
Clean your plate
Clean the dishes
Leave the seat down
Guinevere is always right
If confused, refer to the last rule

Language - What languages are spoken in Death Mountain?

Dragontongue and Common

Population - What is Death Mountain’s population?

Gawain, Guinevere, and occasionally Yama when he decides to come home.

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Climate - What is the climate like in Death Mountain?

Windy and cold at the top, though the caverns are a warmer the deeper in you go. Snows in the winter, and it's dry enough that most snow is powdery.

Area - What kind of area is Death Mountain in?

The home itself is well-furnished, containing stolen couches, ottomans, beds, appliances, and a few things that Gawain made himself like the bathtub and table.

The home is a cavern with a bunch of rooms carved out from the stone. The entryway is large and lets in a cool breeze. Torches light the way, and there are a few skylights in places like the living room and training room.

Crops - What crops does Death Mountain produce?

Guinevere's greenhouse is filled with various plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and some flowers.
Nothing tropical, as they don't hold up well in the mountain air. Things like coffee and chocolate need to be purchased elsewhere.

Located at - Where is Death Mountain located?

Death Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the Spine Ridge, the mountain range located a few dozen miles north of the Shiara Desert. Forest are farther behind the mountain, used as hunting grounds.

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Founding Story - How was Death Mountain founded?

Gawain and Guinevere, just recently cast out of their respective societies, decided to live together. Gawain carved out a preexisting cavern at the top of a mountain in the Spine Ridge, and they began their life together.

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Death Mountain been involved in?

Great Wyvern War

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Death Mountain is a misnomer. Gawain placed a sign at the foot of the mountain so as travelers wouldn't disturb him and his family. All the furniture is stolen, Guinevere stated that they needed some comforts if they were going to raise a child together, so Gawain sacked a few towns and swiped couches, a bed, a crib (which didn't last very long), tables, chairs, and whatever else they needed. This was over the course of a few weeks, and while Guinevere didn't agree with stealing, they weren't likely to have people coming to reclaim them.

The kitchen has a brick stove, knives, cutlery, a sink, and plenty of cabinet space.

Their bedroom has a pile of rocks for Gawain to sleep on, and Guinevere sleeps on top of him, rising and falling with his chest.

Yama's bedroom, mostly unoccupied, has a bed and mud pool for relaxation. There's also a simple wooden desk for working. Yama spends his days working and adventuring, so he isn't home often. The room is always ready for him, and they keep an extra table setting out at dinner.

The training room has a homemade boxing bag, targets for shooting, and strength training equipment.

The greenhouse is set up above the cavern entrance, towards the peak. A set of stairs (without handrails) leads up to it. It was built by Gawain to withstand the forceful winds outside, and he also provided soil to use.

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