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Lightning Odachi

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Made from wyvern parts that imbue it with lightning.

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Made from Talros parts that generate electricity, solid steel blade with scales and shell enveloping the 8 inches closest to the tsuba. Handle is made from ash wrapped in ray skin, all decorations and the tsuba are made from cast bronze.

Sheathe is made from Talros wing membrane, allows for storage and generation of electricity. Drawing the blade quickly can induce a static shock, which can be very dangerous around flammable material.

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Can be recalled to the wielder with the flick of a wrist (in case it gets lost)
Generates enough electricity to easily overload a building circuit, can shoot lightning from the tip to hit far away targets.
Rubber gloves are needed by anyone that is conductive, but dragon scales (and by extension Leviathan scales) are natural insulators.

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This was designed by Yamatsukami as a heavier weapon for Aqua, using Talros materials to create a sword that can generate lightning. Color can change depending on atmospheric conditions, colors like white, blue, green, purple, and even orange are possible.

The strength of the bolt correlates to how much energy is charged. Yama also put in a limiter so that the blade wouldn't explode in Aqua's hand.

The sword is naturally magnetic, and the field (north or south) can change with different currents. It took a lot of practice before Aqua could get that down, however.

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