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Name - What is Aqua’s full name?


Age - How old is Aqua?

54 in human years (17 in dragon years)

Older than Yamatsukami by one day.

Gender - What is Aqua’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Aqua go by?

Water Dragon

Role - What is Aqua’s role in your story?

Supporting protagonist

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Facial Hair - What facial hair does Aqua have?


Hair Style - How does Aqua style their hair?


Hair Color - What color is Aqua’s hair?


Height - How tall is Aqua?

5'7" (5'9" with horns)

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Aqua have?

Scar across his snout, broken right horn

Weight - How much does Aqua weigh?

125 lbs

Body Type


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Race - What is Aqua’s race?


Eye Color - What is Aqua’s eye color?

Sky blue

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Prejudices - What prejudices does Aqua have?

Began life fearing humans, soon realized that the only ones he should fear are the ones that seek to destroy those who aren't like them.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Aqua have?

Sleeps in any position, interested in "trivial facts", fights with a creepy smile against other dragons (nobody--not even he--knows why) eyes glow in the dark, deathly quiet when walking.

Motivations - What motivates Aqua most?

Friendship, keeping promises (i.e. promise to help Yamatsu through thick and thin)

Flaws - What flaws does Aqua have?

Seems cold and distant, doesn't feel the need to converse when he isn't directly addressed. Not so much a flaw, but rather something that people find strange when they first meet him.

Secretly LOVES fighting, has a tendency to go too far and to sometimes injure those outside of the conflict. Takes a bit of intervention from people to get him to snap back into reality.

Talents - What talents does Aqua have?

Surprisingly good at fishing.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Aqua have?

Folding origami and leaving it in questionable places, hanging out with people.

Magical abilities

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Aqua’s favorite color?


Favorite animal - What is Aqua’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Aqua’s favorite weapon?


Favorite possession - What is Aqua’s favorite possession?

Pink pearl charm given to him by his parents before they died.

Favorite food - What is Aqua’s favorite food?


Occupation - What is Aqua’s occupation?

Vagabond/blade for hire (diplomacy is always the first option, never takes a job unless all peaceful resolutions have been exhausted, and even then he goes out of his way to avoid confrontation).

Politics - What politics does Aqua have?

Hates the whole idea of the Great Wyvern War, would rather have people settle their differences through discussion than fighting. Agrees to help Yama, but genuinely supports him because they are trying to prevent the fighting instead of being the last ones standing.

info History
Birthday - When is Aqua’s birthday?


Background - What is Aqua’s background?

Was born to a Dragon mother and a human father, both were killed soon after he hatched. He wandered in the jungles near the eastern beaches for a few months, growing bigger and learning how to survive the hard way. Ate some questionable berries and nearly died, but an old fisherman on his way to the shore found Aqua unconscious and breathing shallowly. The kind fisherman nursed him back to health but was terrified because humans killed his parents and tried to hunt him. The fisherman and his wife kept him hidden there for years, teaching him Common and how to fish. Eventually, they got old and passed on when he was in his early 30s.

Aqua spent the next twenty years on the run, as there weren't many out there that sympathized with him. So, he turned to the criminal underground. He figured out fast that it was good to make friends, but always watch your back.

Education - What is Aqua’s level of education?

Can read, write, and do basic arithmetic. Only other things he's learned are things he's picked up from years on the road (i.e. where to kick in a fight, how to steal food, or how to stowaway onto carts and ships).

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Favored Item

Prefers the Typhoon Blade as it's perfectly balanced in his hands, packs a mean punch, and allows him to incorporate Waterbending into his fighting style.

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Parents are dead.

While Yama may be taller, Aqua is still older than him, so they are considered "even." Unlike Yama, Aqua hatched from an egg thanks to his Draconic mother.

Gets teased occasionally for his height, asked if he needs a box or a sheet of paper to stand on. He deals with those remarks using one of three ways:

Saying he needs help, having the taller person come over where Aqua scales them like a tree.

Lifting himself up by way of Bloodbending.

Knocking what he needs off of the shelf or making a hole where he needs to see.

Not actually that short, but there are enough people taller than him that he is usually the shortest one. Not self-conscious, it just gets annoying when someone other than his friends tease him.

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