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WWIV is the prequel to The Six Initiative and focuses on main character Abel Nakamura's parents, Haru Nakamura and Mischa Antonova, during their journey throughout the fourth World War.

Haru and Mischa, along with Mischa's twin brother-- Nikola Antonov-- and three other soldiers: Iseul Lee, Terbish Ganbaatar, and Tao Zhang, are sent on a mission by the armed forces to deliver a pin vital to the efforts of the war from [AAAAA forgot the name] to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Angel Donovan, CEO of Donovan Enterprises, is tired of all the blackmail his company has received. In response, Angel secretly passes the Six Initiative, in which six children will be chosen at random, abducted, wiped of all their memories, and trained to become the world's deadliest assassins.

The six of them were: Number One - Vitreous (Pazia Abbas), Number Two - Asbestos (Abel Nakamura), Number Three - Caliber (Rhyda O'Connell), Number Four - Hysteria (Shea Tomatuk-Desmond), Number Five - Epoxy (Grace Evans), and Number Six - Helios (Felix Herrera).

Ten years after the Six Initiative was set into action, Assassin Number Four--Hysteria--is sick of not knowing who she is, where she came from. Shea escapes the Compound and abandons the life she knew to risk it all.

She meets a closed-off Bianca Wong and her two companions, Crimson Rhoad and Jeb Romero; together they form a plan to travel around the world to take down each of Donovan's Sixteen Facilities. Along the way, they're chased by the remaining five assassins, all with a personal grudge against Shea.

The In Between is a shorter story following Abel Nakamura post Part One. It focuses on Abel's healing process, mentally recovering from Donovan, working through the trauma of many deaths, and mending their relationship with their father-- Haru Nakamura.

The official sequel and taking place four years after The Six Initiative, The Twelve Initiative involves Cagney Donovan, the youngest child of a deceased Angel Donovan. Cagney, a survivor of the Compound Collapse, decides to follow through with her father's plans. To accomplish what her brother Drew Donovan never could.

Cagney, using her father's resources, kidnaps twelve children: including Sidney Spokes and Holden McClain. She even retrieves her "machine", Abel Nakamura.

With the help of Milo Riley and Asher Riley, Cagney even manages to give herself superpowers.

Trying to stop her, Felix Herrera, Grace Evans, and Drew Donovan manage to rescue Sid from her clutches. After, they get the help of Bianca Wong and together, they go on another world-trotting journey to find Cagney before it's too late.

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Same as regular Earth!

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No magic system here!

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group Characters close
group Laurent Ulrich Avenger Antagonist
group Rhyda O'Connell Secondary Antagonist
group Cindra Evangelinian Pilot
group Azalea Mande Teen Riot
group Crimson Rhoad Secondary Supporting Protagonist
group Asher Riley
group Sherman Wong
group Jayme Mekonnen President of Concordia
group Marisol Romero
group Felix Herrera Secondary Antagonist
group Terbish Ganbaatar Patroclus
group Iseul Lee Superhuman Achilles
group Tao Zhang Survivalist Storyteller
group Harry Roswell Helpful Archivist
group Nikola Antonov Soldier
group Angel Donovan Primary Antagonist
group Mischa Antonova Combat Medic
group Mama Crystal Evans
group Milo Riley
group Ana Luis Herrera Little Sister
group Monty Roswell Helpful Archivist
group Haru Nakamura Antagonist's Father
group Cole Desmond The Protagonist's Brother
group Tonio Ramirez Minor Love Interest
group Morrison Tomatuk Ally
group Zaid Hadid Forgotten Best Friend
group Holden McClain Tag-Along Kid
group Sidney Spokes Rescued Child
group Raymond Hartford Evangelinion Mechanic
group Artemis Sedaris Minor Love Interest
group Cagney Donovan Blooming Antagonist
group Jeb Romero Secondary Protagonist
group Drew Donovan Supporting Character
group Bianca Wong Diplomat Protagonist
group Pazia Abbas Co-Primary Antagonist
group Grace Evans Secondary Reluctant Antagonist
group Shea Tomatuk-Desmond Runaway Protagonist
group Abel Nakamura Very Troubled Antagonist turned Anti-Hero

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terrain Locations close
terrain Concordia A country formed to be a physical divider between the US and Mexico because they couldn't settle their differences after WW4.

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forum Languages close
forum Concordian A mix of both English and Spanish that mixed together with the formation of Concordia. sort of like how there's "Spain Spanish" and "Mexico Spanish" or "Australian English" and "American English" i...

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