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Name - What is Nikola Antonov’s full name?

Nikola Antonov

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Other names - What other aliases does Nikola Antonov go by?

  • Nik (common nickname)

Gender - What is Nikola Antonov’s gender?

male, AFAB, he/him

Age - How old is Nikola Antonov?


nfc Name

Nee-koh-lah Borr-iss-oh-vik Ann-toh-noh-v

First Name History


Slavic origin! means "victory of the people"

Middle Name(s) History


Slavic origin! middle name taken from his father, Boris.

Last Name History


Russian origin! means "son of Anton"

Anton is an ancestor of Nikola and the last name just trickled down.

face Looks
Race - What is Nikola Antonov’s race?


100% russian

Height - How tall is Nikola Antonov?


on the shorter side

Skin Tone

very pale white with pinkish undertones, very easy to flush. light freckles across his cheeks

Body Type

thin, lanky and fairly rectangular.

Face Shape

angular face with high cheekbones and a pointed chin

Hair Color - What color is Nikola Antonov’s hair?

honey colored with very faint reddish hints to it

Hair Style - How does Nikola Antonov style their hair?

Nikola's hair reaches about his shoulders, but he wears it up in a messy ponytail. His hair is very choppy, leading to sloppy bangs and pieces that always escape his hair tie, but he doesn't care. It's naturally fairly thick in texture and naturally straight.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Nikola Antonov have?

n/a couldn't grow a beard if he tried


round and straight-set green-blue eyes (neither upturned nor downturned).

light and short eyelashes,

mood Personality

Chaotic Good

Flight, Fight, Freeze?



  • disappointing Mischa

  • not going back home

  • oceans

  • screwing up Big Time

  • letting someone die because he doesn't act

fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Nikola Antonov most?

  • fight in the damned war he was drafted into

  • get back home

  • make his sister proud

  • get Mischa and Haru together (he can clearly see what's going on between them)

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date_range History
Birthday - When is Nikola Antonov’s birthday?

January 15th, 2183

Death Date

April 19th, 2203

Aged Twenty

timeline Arc
Role - What is Nikola Antonov’s role in your story?

Tragic Hero, deuteragonist

Character Growth

Dynamic -- he learns to bite the bullet and do something with his life.


Most of Nikola's story revolves around him and his relationship with his sister, Mischa Antonova.

When the two of them were first drafted, they made absolutely sure that they didn't get separated--even going as far as lying and cheating and hiding to ensure that they remained together.

When they finally arrived to their first base in Amursk, they were immediately tasked to travel southwest to the camp in Blagoveshchensk with instructions that couldn't be trusted over airwaves.

Part One

The story starts with Mischa and Nikola travelling through the tunnels from Amursk to Blagoveshchensk. They're talking and Nikola is trying to lighten the mood and ends up saying something insensitive--claiming that there are thousands of soldiers in this war, what are the odds that he'll be one of the ones killed. Mischa lectures him and says "maybe one day you'll bite the fucking bullet, get off your ass, and do something with your life." What was just her going off a little actually resonated deep in Nikola's soul. The last thing he wants is to disappoint his twin.

When there, they met four other soldiers: Haru Nakamura, Tao Zhang, Iseul Lee, and Terbish Ganbaatar. The six of them then set out to cross Mongolia, through the Gobi Desert to Almaty, Kazakhstan to deliver pivotal information through various means of travel.

Along the way, Nikola began to pick up on Haru's not-so-subtle advances on his sister. She was clearly interested too, but both of them were too dense to actually make a move, so Nikola, Iseul, and Tao intervened and Nikola asked his sister if he could be the best man.

The war is hard on everyone, but Nikola--the youngest of the group--always felt it a little more than everyone else. He hid his turmoil away with a smile and a few jokes, but the war was eating him away. Nikola began to have nightmares of air raids, hallucinations of enemy snipers, visions of crumbling buildings and people screaming for help.

Everything changed when the group was staying in a small town in the middle of Mongolia. What was supposed to be a peaceful night in a nice motel quickly turned south. Bombs. An air raid. All around them, buildings began to crumble and children sobbed--just like Nikola's nightmares. Through the disaster, Nikola heard his sister's voice: "maybe one day you'll bite the fucking bullet, get off your ass, and do something with your life."

Nikola took off running towards a falling building. Mischa screamed after him, "What are you doing!?" Nikola turned back with a smile and said: "Biting the bullet."

Nikola managed to save six lives of civilians before the building came down, killing him.

Post-Part One

While Nikola is dead, his influence still extends to his comrades and family. Nikola's death was the main cause of Mischa's PTSD and bipolar disorder and it was rumored to be the cause of the death of his mother--grief.

Haru and Tao--both of them riddled with PTSD--still replay his death in the night when they're trying to sleep. Mischa's child, Abel, took after Nikola in many ways.

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Some guy named Anton from god-knows how long ago. That's where he got his last name.


Parents: Natalia and Boris Antonov/a

Nikola was the pride and joy of his parents. When Nikola discovered that he was trans in his teens, his parents were a little confused at first, but they came around and gave Nikola anything he needed for his transition. They loved him dearly and were heartbroken when he and Mischa were drafted into the war. Nikola, always the upbeat boy, told them not to worry and went to war with a smile. He sent his parents letters regularly.

Natalia died from a stroke shortly after she received news of Nikola's death.


Twin Sister: Mischa Antonova
Mischa and Nikola were as close as siblings could possibly. They were foils--both of them headstrong and confident, but where Mischa was quiet and calculating, Nikola was very boisterous and impulsive. Nikola was the jokester out of the two of them, often cracking quips trying to make his sister laugh and loosen the tension she harbors so much of in her shoulders.

Extended Family:

Neeph: Abel Nakamura
Nikola never knew Abel; he died three years before they were born. However, Nikola's surviving comrades and family (Mischa, Haru, Tao, and Boris) saw so much of Nikola in Abel--the hair, the smile, the mischievous nature. Haru even mixes Nikola and Abel up when he's having a PTSD episode.

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unsure? likely on the aro/ace spectrum

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