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Name - What is Haru Nakamura’s full name?

Haru Nakamura

Role - What is Haru Nakamura’s role in your story?

Antagonist's Father

Other names - What other aliases does Haru Nakamura go by?

  • Roo (by Ray)

Gender - What is Haru Nakamura’s gender?

male, AMAB, he/him

Age - How old is Haru Nakamura?


nfc Name

hah-roo nOck-ah-mura

First Name History


Japanese!origin means "spring" as in the season

Middle Name(s) History


Last Name History


Japanese origin, means "middle village"

face Looks
Race - What is Haru Nakamura’s race?


100% Japanese

Height - How tall is Haru Nakamura?

6'1"/185.5 cm
on the taller side but not extremely so

Weight - How much does Haru Nakamura weigh?

190 lbs/86.2 kg
pretty average for his height, a healthy balance of muscle and fat

Skin Tone

light olive, slightly greasy, often covered in oil and grime from working in the shop. a few freckles and moles all over his body. crows feet at his eyes, laugh lines around his mouth.

Body Type

strong shoulders, slightly thinner waist. well-defined biceps and abs, not too stocky.

Face Shape

defined jaw and cheekbones, very handsome face shape.

Hair Color - What color is Haru Nakamura’s hair?

dark brown

Hair Style - How does Haru Nakamura style their hair?

Haru has mid-neck length hair that he usually just leaves down. sometimes he'll tie the top half of his hair back into a small bun or tie it all back with a bandana. it's slightly thicker in texture and slightly curly at the ends

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Haru Nakamura have?

Haru has a fairly stylish goatee that's a shade darker than his hair. stubble on his cheeks where the goatee doesn't extend. he usually keeps it very well trimmed


medium sized eyebrows, rounded towards the centers and sharp at the end


narrow and almond shaped dark, dark brown eyes. short and straight lashes


crooked nose from when he broke it. longer bridge with a slightly pointed tip


thin lips, slightly crooked canines and bottom lips, a very nice shy smile


has scars all up and down his forearms from accidents in the shop, a few across his neck (also from accidents) and a horizontal scar across his nose from when he broke it (he tripped and fell straight on his face)


small tattoo of a pair of angel wings on his right shoulder blade. there's a ring connecting the wings and within the ring are the letters "EB" to signal that he is a member of Evangeline Base.


pretty relaxed, usually stands with crossed arms and a slightly tilted head

mood Personality

ISFJ-A - The Defender


Neutral Good

Flight, Fight, Freeze?


he just kinda freezes up and loses all sorts of motor function when presented presented something terrifying


  • losing the ones he loves

- being at fault for someone's pain

How they would describe themselves: (3-words)

old, tired, somehow still surviving

How others would describe them: (3 words)

strong, kind, intelligent

fingerprint Nature
pan_tool Mannerisms

  • small smile

  • far-off look in his eyes

  • leans against things

  • arms lightly folded

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group Social
date_range History
Birthday - When is Haru Nakamura’s birthday?

May 13th, 2183

timeline Arc
filter_list Abilities/Powers
translate Voice
work Inventory
healing Medical
Speed Level:


Strength Level:


Stamina Level:


Coordination Level:


Memory Level:


Pain Tolerance:


device_hub Family

Child: Abel Nakamura
Haru loves Abel with his entire soul. This child is his baby, his light, his reason to live. When Haru first found out Heidi was pregnant with Abel, he couldn't contain his excitement. He built a crib and painted a room and couldn't await for his child to come. The year Haru spent with Abel was the best year he'd ever experienced. The child was so quiet yet sweet and curious. Haru primarily took care of Abel while Heidi was recovering from her post-partum depression. Shortly after Abel's first birthday, Haru learned of the ongoing war in Vienna between a tyrannical government and citizens trying to leave. Since Heidi's conditions was better and because Haru couldn't ignore a cry for help, he left for Vienna. Haru cut off all contact with Heidi and Abel, not wanting them to potentially be in danger. Over the years, Haru never stopped loving his son. Haru keeps a picture of them in his tank and in his jacket pocket.

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