info Overview
Name - What is Abel Nakamura’s full name?

Abel Nakamura

Role - What is Abel Nakamura’s role in your story?

Very Troubled Antagonist turned Anti-Hero

Other names - What other aliases does Abel Nakamura go by?

  • Asbestos (call sign given to him by Donovan)

  • Number Two (number assigned by Donovan)

Gender - What is Abel Nakamura’s gender?

Agender, AMAB, they/he

Age - How old is Abel Nakamura?


nfc Name

abe-L nock-AH-murr-AH

First Name History


Hebrew origin, means vapor or breath

(random AN: I had no idea abel meant that until I googled it and that was AFTER I named abel a;sdkfj;alksdfj)

Middle Name(s) History


Last Name History


Japanese origin, means middle village

Abel is the only one of The Six who know what their last name is, though Abel doesn't use it.

face Looks
Race - What is Abel Nakamura’s race?


1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Russian

Height - How tall is Abel Nakamura?

5'8"/173 cm
very average but their slenderness makes them look taller

Weight - How much does Abel Nakamura weigh?

120 lbs/54.5 kg
very light for their height

Skin Tone

extremely and unnaturally white and pasty, verging on gray if they're feeling sickly or there's a lack of sleep. their skin is clammy due to the nature of their power and always really cold to the touch.

After Part One, Abel's skin becomes a little more normal. Some more color into it and it doesn't feel nauseating to touch

Body Type

extremely lithe, built fast yet strong. medium shoulders, toned stomach and arms, long limbs and fingers.

Face Shape

longer face w/ high, pointed cheekbones.

Hair Color - What color is Abel Nakamura’s hair?

in Part One it's denim blue for the longer parts, dark blue for the shaved part. they dye it, the original color is black

during the In Between, Abel grows it out so only the tips are blue.

in Part Two, Abel's hair is fully black again

Hair Style - How does Abel Nakamura style their hair?

Part One: hair reaches just past their chin when down, but he wears it up in a shaggy ponytail on the back of their head. The sides of their head is shaved in an undercut. The texture of their hair is fairly fluffy.

In Between: Abel grows out their hair so it's full and about to their shoulders. It's very fluffy and floofs all over the place, usually held back by a hair tie.

Part Two: Abel mostly straightens out the floof in their hair and learns to take a decent care of it. It's to about their shoulders and fully black. When things get serious, Abel will tie their hair back in a similar way to its style in Part One.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Abel Nakamura have?



on the thinner side, curved on the bottoms and sharp on the top. eyebrow color is black.


narrow eyes with unnaturally long, sharp eyelashes. Abel has blue-green eyes.


Large, sharp nose, slightly turned upwards at the tip


large mouth with fairly thin lips, usually stretched in a manic slasher-smile. white teeth with sharper canines.


no noticeable scars on their body, but there's quite a few on their brain




Stands with a straight back and a dropped neck, often looking at people through their hair. Hands kinda naturally dangle at their sides.

mood Personality
Description of Personality:

Abel is a very blunt person, never beating around the bush and quick to get to the point with a sharp smile. They're calculating and quick to come to a conclusion without much thought--really, everything with Abel is very quick. Quick mind, quick reactions, quick moving--

They're an introverted individual, only hanging around those he knows well and is comfortable with. When with these few people, Abel is very much all jokes and quips and teasing. There's never a dull moment when Abel's comfortable with their friends.

On top of that, Abel is a fairly disturbed individual. Gore doesn't scare him, in fact it fascinates them. (maybe that's due to the experimentation but shhhh) Abel's not above getting a little (understatement) violent. They laugh at the thought of violence and their eyes sparkle whenever there's a chance to cut a victim open. (Normal people Are Not like this.)

Abel's also very apathetic. Growing up in a cold household with only a bedridden mother to give him any sort of love, Abel doesn't know how to show affection and cannot properly communicate feelings for the life of them. They are not a caretaker in the slightest, only showing slight disgust whenever somebody tries to relay deep emotions. However, there are very few people who Abel actually cares for, and those people are the only ones who can actually evoke a genuine emotion from within Abel. Despite his apathy, Abel does tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. If they feel an emotion, everyone knows. Because of their very few bonds, Abel can be quite possessive of the people and things he loves.

Abel's an attentive person who is very good at noting and remembering small details. Abel is also fairly responsible when not caught in the heat of a competition or in rage. Abel also has an appreciation for the little things in life, often reflecting on them in quiet moments.

They also love to collect and tend to plants. If Abel hadn't been kidnapped and forced into this terrifying ordeal, Abel would have likely become a botanist.

Abel needs to be in control at all times. Abel doesn't drink or smoke or do drugs or anything like that. The only exception is when they go "mindless" due to their power. Much later in the story, Abel becomes terrified at the idea of being controlled like a puppet again, going through quite the amount of mental breakdowns in the process.


ISTP-A - Virtuoso


Chaotic Neutral

Flight, Fight, Freeze?

Flight. When something Abel knows he can't best forms, Abel turns into vapor and disappears.


  • Being alone

  • Losing their very few sentimental items (jacket, guitar pick, belt chain)

  • Not being in control

  • Relapsing

  • Reliving the past

How they would describe themselves: (3-words)

One Hot Bitch

How others would describe them: (3 words)

Manic, Unhinged, Murderous

fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Abel Nakamura most?

  • Main Part One Motivator: Enact revenge on Shea
    Shea, who was Abel's best friend in the whole wide world, just left Abel without any sort of warning to go on some stupid, meaningless quest to figure out her past. Abel already knows what his past is like, and it is exactly what Donovan told them. He wasn't lying, so why the hell would Shea think to try and prove him wrong. She abandoned Abel. Nobody does that. Abel was never taught how to handle things properly, so he does things the only way they know how: murder.

  • Main Part Two Motivator: Get out of Donovan's control
    Well, it's technically Cagney Donovan, the teenage daughter of Angel Donovan who's doing the Bad Stuff now, but potato potato. She re-activated the dormant commands in Abel's brain and forced him to cause a massacre. Abel spent those four years in between Pt 1 and Pt 2 healing and trying to recover and be a better person, and Cagney came along and ruined all of that. No way in hell is Abel going to let himself be taken advantage of again.

Flaws - What flaws does Abel Nakamura have?

  • Never in the right headspace

  • Finds joy in killing

  • Insanely unstable

  • Unpredictable

  • A Loose Cannon

  • Never backs down

  • Competitive

  • takes things to extremes

  • impatient

  • very quick to jump to conclusions

  • has no idea how to care for people

  • has no idea how to show emotions

Prejudices - What prejudices does Abel Nakamura have?

  • People who back down are seen as weak

  • Anybody associated with Shea is seen as a target

  • Later, Abel has a very rough prejudice against any sort of hospital staff. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, even basic caretakers set Abel off.

Talents - What talents does Abel Nakamura have?

  • Knife Throwing

  • Hand to Hand combat

  • Fighting in general I guess

  • Linguistics (fluent in a few languages)

  • Being absolutely gender

Hobbies - What hobbies does Abel Nakamura have?

  • house plant collecting (ferns, cast iron plants, mossy type plants, vines)

  • walking around downtown, mostly at evening/night

  • swinging on swings at three in the morning

  • watching trashy 70s movies

  • playing the electric guitar

  • fast-paced video games

  • throwing carrots at Pazia

pan_tool Mannerisms

  • a mischievous smirk

  • down tilted chin

  • looks over the eyebrows at things

  • usually twirling a knife or pick or fiddling with his belt chain


  • nose scrunches

  • eyebrows furrow

  • smile widens

  • murderous gleam in their eyes (doesn't always mean murder is coming)

  • tilts his chin up


  • taken aback

  • jaw drops

  • eyebrows furrow

  • shakes head and disappears, going to be alone

  • may or may not angry-cry depending on the severity of the situation


  • growls instead of laughing

  • likely to kill, but he won't get joy out of these ones

  • scrunched face

  • lots of screaming

  • threats


  • shakes head

  • takes a few stumbling steps back, looking for any sort of exit

  • gets out of there as soon as possible


  • eyes go wide

  • no smile

  • heaving chest

  • screams

  • tears at their hair


  • bounces on the balls of their feet

  • might turn to vapor and appear on new locations, typically places much higher than anyone else

  • big smile

  • swinging head (his earrings spin around his head everytime they turn suddenly)


  • face twitches

  • throws stuff at whatever's annoying them

  • scowl

  • usually barks something like "shut up!"


  • loud, lazy yawns

  • blinks rapidly

  • likely to slump over anything that's nearby that'll support them for a power nap


  • takes a few steps back

  • tilts head and assesses a situation

  • squints

  • rarely asks any sort of question other than "what?"


  • furrows eyebrows and smile kinda drops

  • similar to confused

  • recovers quickly


  • eyes go wide

  • soft laughing that then turns into full fledged cackling

  • clear disbelief

local_hotel Mannerisms 2

  • sleeps on their side

  • hand usually loosely clasped around a knife or another weapon/object thing

  • wakes up at a pin drop

  • sometimes sleep laughs or talks with dreams

  • sleeps in their jacket


  • likes to sit on things taller than everyone else so they can look down on others

  • manspread

  • either leans forward or leans back

  • hands clasped in their lap or behind him, propping himself up


  • rigid back

  • head lolling forward or back or just lolling everywhere

  • hands loosely tucked into jacket pockets


  • doesn't run too often, instead turns to vapor and moves that way

  • it's much faster

  • when they do run regularly, it's terrifying

  • scrambling, low to the ground

  • uses walls and other things to help propel them forward

  • extremely fast

  • usually chasing something


  • walks with a little bounce in their step

  • turns around and sways a lot

  • hands in jacket pockets or holding a knife

  • gestures a lot


  • constantly flipping between solid and vapor form

  • sneak attacks with knives to the back

  • usually airborne, turning to vapor again before he can hit the ground

  • throws knives when facing someone's front

  • stabs after human-forming behind someone's back

  • does it all while cackling and taunting

group Social

Has none. An atheist. Especially growing up in a scientific organization and dealing with the tragedy of their mother, they just don't believe in any sort of deity.

Opinion on Religion:

Doesn't care what other people believe.


Thinks a little anarchy is what the people need and that people should be able to do whatever they want.

Opinion on Politics:

Abel just kinda wants some chaos everywhere, but then again, without these important people in power, Abel would be out of a line of work.


Trained assassin for Donovan Enterprises, a worldwide corporation that uses science to further the development of humankind.

Favorite Food:

Abel likes slightly crunchy vanilla ice cream. Something about the sweet, cold taste is so satisfying and the small chunks of ice are fun to crunch on.

Also raw celery, for the same reason.

Favorite Color:


just kinda a dark gray-ish teal color. it's always just been a favorite color, no real explanation.

Favorite Animal:

Abel loves badgers because they're feral and don't take shit. Kind of like him ak;sdlfja;lksf

Favorite Possession:

There's three:
- his mother's jacket
This is what Abel peeled off their mother's corpse shortly before they were kidnapped--right after finding her cooling body in the living room of their apartment. when Abel's memories began to resurface, the jacket became a comfort item, the only thing they had left of their mother. Abel has an intense psychological attachment to the jacket. If there's any deformation, he believes that it's a deformation on he and his mother's relationship.

  • Shea's guitar pick
    Shortly before Shea escaped, she left her violet bass pick in Abel's room. Unthinkingly, they pocketed it and Abel forgot about it. After the Compound collapsed and Abel woke up on an operating table in Evangeline Base, Able found the pick in the pocket of his mother's jacket--the only thing they have left of their best friend. Abel keeps it on them at all times, a constant reminder that he never got to say goodbye.

  • his father's belt chain
    This is the lesser important out of the three, granted their father is the only one still alive out of the three. Haru gave it to Abel sometime between Pt 1 and Pt 2 as just a "here son. you can have this, I don't need it anymore" type of thing. However, while Abel's in captivity between the times Cagney needs him, Abel finds himself messing with the chain and thinking of their father, praying that they'll both make it out alive of this one.

They're frighteningly possessive over these few objects, unafraid to maim anyone who dares to touch them without permission.

Favorite Weather:

Abel's favorite weather is when it's overcast, threatening rain but never delivering. Not only is it when their power is at it's fullest, but it also brings them joy to look up and see nothing but dark rolling clouds.

Favorite Location:

Their favorite location was a city they visiting when set on a mission to assassinate an important figure. It was dark, gloomy and raining with broken chain link fences and smashed in glass windows. To him, it was home.

date_range History
Birthday - When is Abel Nakamura’s birthday?

February 6th, 2206

Death Date

hasn't died yet


the Scrap City of Moscow, Russia

Education - What is Abel Nakamura’s level of education?

Elementary School education, then tutored in the Compound in subjects such as Linguistics, Breaking and Entering, Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Marksmanship.

Background - What is Abel Nakamura’s background?

Abel grew up with his mother in the Scrap City of Moscow, Russia. Abel's father, Haru, left when Abel was about one years old. When Haru left, it sent Mischa, Abel's mother, spiraling into chronic depression. Abel practically raised themselves. When Abel was young, neighbors and humanitarians who saw the Nakamuras as a charity case came by to help out. Abel's teachers called him "a shell of a child" because of the haunted look in their eyes and silent demeanor. Abel would go to school, be completely average in it, come home, say hello to their mother, stare at a wall, go for a walk, cook dinner and go to bed. Every single day.

When Abel was eleven, he came home from school, he found his mother on the ground of their apartment with a bullet through her brain. A pistol layed shortly from her hand. Suicide, Abel concluded as an unknown well of emotions surfaced. Abel dropped his bag and ran to their mother's corpse. They managed to slide their mother out of her denim jacket as Abel tried to do anything to help resurrect his mom--but before they could do much, Abel was injected with something and they fell unconscious, then taken to a remote facility halfway across the world.

When Abel awoke, they had no recollection at all of their past, the only thing with them was the jacket that seemed all too familiar splattered with blood of someone he knew yet couldn't remember.

Over the years, as Abel was conditioned and trained to become an assassin for Donovan Enterprises. With every use of their power, a little bit of their memory came back, due to the artificial molecules of the memory block dissolving. As of now, Abel is the only one of the Six who has memories of their prior life.

Current Residence

Part One:
The Compound - located in the empty Sonoran Desert, in the new country of Concordia. The Compound is set 1500 feet below Donovan Facility #16.

Abel's Room in the Compound:
The most important thing about Abel's room is how suffocatingly humid it is. Abel likes it that way.
Abel has a large room (about the size of a basketball court) with dark hardwood floors and smooth, dark gray walls. There are circle lights embedded in the ceiling but they're hardly ever on. Neon signs stolen from various bars and restaurants line the walls and there are some custom ones Abel somehow got in there as well. A majority of them are blue or white. The room is also lit by blue track lights underneath all the furniture.
Abel has a large, king-sized bed with a bunch of pillows, silky gray sheets, a feather down comforter. There's a sleek black bedframe around it with a headboard embedded in the wall. Abel has a desk, dresser, multiple cabinets, and shelves that have the same sleek black wood.
Throughout the room, there's multiple things scattered on the floor, examples: Sheet music, comic books, knives, discarded pieces of clothing. In one area, there's an open space where his electric guitar rests on a nice stand with a bunch of amps stacked against the wall. Sometimes another one of The Six will come in and play some music with Abel.
There's also matching dark blue chairs with lopsided gray pillows. The chairs are rarely used. There's also a big luxo lamp in between these chairs that is also never on. There's a large flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, but it's also rarely used. Abel prefers their phone or laptop to watch stuff on.
In the back of the room, there's a door leading to a bathroom that has the same dark hardwood and gray walls and blue lights around the perimeter of the room. The countertops and shower are a gray and black marble. There's a lot of glass fixtures in the room and a large mirror.

In Between/Part Two:
Abel lives in Evangeline Base in the newly reclaimed Scrap-turned-Utopia City of Vienna, Austria with Haru and other Evangelinians.

timeline Arc
Role - What is Abel Nakamura’s role in your story?

Part One: "Unkillable" Antagonist; Betrayed seeking Revenge

Part Two: Controlled puppet constantly fighting against internal and external forces

Character Growth


Part One: Moves from seeking revenge against Shea to then holding Pazia off to let Shea escape.

In Between/Part Two: Goes from a killing machine to somebody who fights against being controlled. Realizing that they were manipulated and controlled into being an assassin. Fully banishing any sort of hold Donovan had on their brain.


Abel was brought to the Compound when they were 11 (as said in History) and was experimented on and trained to become a perfect superhuman assassin.

When Abel was twelve, they were bested by three of Donovan's trainers in a hand-to-hand training session. Abel was furious and went off to go mope in a corner. Here, Donovan found Abel in a corner trying not to cry. Donovan knelt down next to the kid and told them if they want revenge, he should take it. Donovan took Abel to a staff lounge and gave the child a knife. Donovan then clapped a hand on Abel's shoulder and said "Two, the best way to get back at the ones who hurt you is with a knife." Donovan watched as Abel slaughtered all three of the men.

Abel officially got their vapor-like power when they were fourteen. Soon after this, Abel's memory block began to deteriorate. Abel didn't tell anyone of this. Abel naturally assumed that everyone Donovan picked up had a terrible childhood, like him.

Throughout these ten years, Abel had killed 350+ people, only about 100 of those being assigned targets through Donovan. The rest were ones that either got in Abel's way or Abel listed as a threat.

During their time at the Compound, Abel grew close to Assassin Number Four: Shea. The two of them were like siblings, practically inseparable. They loved to joke around with each other and have all sorts of fun

Part One

In Part One, Abel is angry and seeking revenge.

Shea abandoned Abel to go figure out her past and Abel is furious. Abel is the only of the Six to have memories prior to Donovan, and of course, Abel's the one who had the worst childhood. Because of Abel's natural assumption that everyone else had just a terrible childhood as them, Abel thought that Shea abandoned Abel for nothing.

Because of this, Abel wants to take out their rage in the only way they know how - murder.

Donovan assigns the remaining five of the Six to go after Shea, and bring her head back to him.

Abel clashes with Shea and her gang twice:
1. Ghost City of TBD (somewhere in North Africa,, Cairo maybe??)
This was the first time Abel met Shea and her new gang comprised of Bianca Wong, Jeb Romero, and Crimson Rhoad. It's in the dead of night, the air is humid. The street is lined with broken glass and debris. Abel is crouched on atop of a flickering street light. As Shea and her new friends pass underneath, Abel vaporizes and reappears next to them covered in the shadow of the alleyway.
The only warning Abel gives is a sharp laugh and then they throw the knife. Shea, trained to Abel's fighting, manages to dodge and tells the other three to step back and cover their mouths. Abel smiles. "I see you found some new friends, Shea!" They reform right behind Bianca, grabbing her hair and pulling her back against their chest. Abel holds a knife to her throat, smiling at Shea before he goes to slice her neck open.
However, before Abel can go through with the murder, their heart is racing and their breathing is picking up and the knife falls from their hand as they stumble back, grasping at their chest. Shea used her powers on Abel, something she swore to never do. Memories of finding their mother's corpse resurface. Abel screams at her, coming from a place of betrayal and rage as Bianca scrambles away from him; Shea and her newfound friends disappear.

2. Evangeline Base, Scrap City of Vienna Austria. Donovan Enterprises Facility #12
This is the most important encounter between Shea and Abel. Here, at Evangeline Base, Abel's father is a head mechanic in the resistance against Donovan and other capitalist's forces. Abel's angry, and he's there to take Shea down.
Shea knew Abel was there and met them on the rooftop. The two of them brawl - and Shea gets the upper hand. However, it's there and then that Haru Nakamura - Abel's father - barges onto the rooftops. Abel, wanting to kill Shea when there's no interruptions, smiles at Haru and disappears into a cloud of vapor. This is where Haru learns that Abel is alive. And what Abel had become.

(perhaps a third encounter that I might brew up later??)

And then the last encounter with Abel is at the Compound, AKA Donovan Enterprises Facility #16.

Abel was ambushed by some of Donovan's men, knocking them out cold after using a temperature altering machine to make it too cold for Abel to vaporize. They knocked them unconscious, stole their prized jacket and then threw him into his room.

When Abel awoke, without their jacket, they were immediately put in a mindless frenzy. They were clawing at their skin and neck, a mix between sobs, laughs and chokes breaking from their lips. Abel could've killed themselves here.

But then their door opens and Shea runs in. Shea practically tackles Abel in a hug, wrapping their jacket around their body and trying to calm them down. When Abel's finally come to their senses, they threaten to kill Shea - even though he's in no condition to fight after physically and emotionally wearing themselves out.

Shea explains that her childhood was actually pretty epic. She was loved and cared for and that it was so worth it to find them. Everything Abel had thought was painfully broken down. Shea had been happy with her family. Donovan didn't "save" children from bad families. He kidnapped them all at random.

Their relationship is somewhat mended. But before they can really repair it, there are footsteps down the hall. Pazia's footsteps. Abel tells Shea to run, he'll take care of Pazia. At first, Shea is reluctant. She doesn't want to leave Abel for a second time, but Abel is persistent.

Shea leaves through the vents. Pazia struts into Abel's room and says "You're a traitor, Abel."

"And you're a bitch," Abel responds.

There, Pazia and Abel fight. Abel is already worn out from earlier, their brain not quite put together correctly. Pazia's flying shards of glass cause Abel to vaporize over and over again to avoid harm - but the damage is being done on their brain.

Pazia wins the fight, leaving Abel a mindless and babbling mess due to the insufficient neuron connection. Not wanting to kill Abel (because she wasn't ordered to do so), Pazia leaves them in their room and leaves to find Shea.

In the next half hour, Abel has made their way out of their room. The only coherent thought in their mind is "kill, kill, kill" and so he does. Abel slaughters any sort of worker they see on the way up to the ground floor of Facility #16. Right as they make it outside, the building crumbles behind them and collapses.

Abel's last seen mindlessly tottering through the desert with blood dripping from their clothes, hair and knives.

Post-Part One

Three months after the Compound Collapse, Abel's slaughtered at least another 60 people in a mindless haze.

They're found in the middle of an abandoned parking lot by Haru Nakamura and his gang from the newly liberated city of Vienna. They use a machine to chill the air to below freezing, making it impossible for Abel to use their powers and swarm them with knife-proof clothing. They succeed in knocking Abel unconscious and taking them from the Ghost City of Santa Fe all the way over to Evangeline Base in Austria.

Abel is rushed into surgery, still kept under. Three of the best neurosurgeons in the area all get together and for a 36-hour surgery, they work to repair the neurons in Abel's brain.

Miraculously, the surgery is a success and Abel's taken to recovery. They're mostly kept isolated, kept in an airtight and cold chamber being fed through a slot like some sort of prisoner. Abel tries to break free multiple times, but they're too weak from the brain surgery.

Eventually, after about a week in isolation, Abel is confronted by Haru. Abel--knowing exactly who the man is--is instantly hostile. However, Abel is disarmed of any weapons, weak and in an area making it impossible to use their powers, so Haru easily protects himself against Abel and manages to pin his son's arms to his sides. Abel thrashes and screams for him to let him go, but Haru says that he's there to help. He wants to reconcile and apologize. Haru blames himself for what Abel became, and now he wants to fix it.

Abel, of course, is extremely hesitant and doesn't want shit to do with their father. But after a few days of Haru constantly coming in to see Abel in their secluded cell, Abel begins to very, very slowly warm up to him. It still takes a while for Abel to come out, but they eventually do and is taken into Evangeline Base.

The other occupants of Evangeline Base are extremely wary towards Abel, a known serial killer and assassin, but this kid is Haru's kid and Haru is one of the kindest people they'd ever met.

In the first two months Abel has begun truly living at Evangeline Base, there's three instances where they lash out against other residents. After the third time, the residents demand for Abel to be kept away. They're a hazard to their living. Either Abel's kept away or they leave. Haru, with a heavy heart, relocates Abel to a secluded area with a sixth floor beneath the ground all to themselves. Abel couldn't care less about this arrangement. Abel's not exactly a people person.

Haru still visits Abel regularly. He's the only person Abel will tolerate in their quarters.

Abel, frankly, is pissed that Haru keeps apologizing for Abel's actions to the others. Haru is constantly saying "please, Abel's much better than this. this isn't them-" which couldn't be further from the truth in Abel's opinion. If there's one thing Abel cannot stand, it's when people make them out to be something they're not.

Haru knows that Abel wasn't born a killer. No child is born a killer. Day by day, piece by piece, Haru really helps Abel realize that they were manipulated and tortured into being this serial killer assassin.

The fact slowly sets in. And Abel has an existential crisis.

Everything is pretty good with Abel and Haru.

At some point during the In Between, one of Haru's underlings manage to recover a large thumb drive full of Donovan's files, including documents on The Six, different plans of his, videos and reports of all the different experimentation on The Six. Haru is sickened to the point of nearly vomiting by the shown videos. Abel already knows what it entails--they lived through it. However, there is one video that's dated before any of the ones. They watch it together, noting that the setting is the apartment back in Moscow. It's body cam footage from one of Donovan's soldiers. It shows four soldiers, including the one attached to the camera, hiking up a set of stairs and eventually stopping at a very familiar apartment. They open the unlocked door and whisper "find the kid." A few moments later, a very malnourished, hollow, and haunted looking woman appears in a door frame--Mischa Antonova Nakamura. She fights, but it's bleak. One of them end up shooting her straight through the head, taking a few moments to stage it as suicide before they split up and search the rest of the small apartment. A noise is heard behind them and a very young Abel walks through the door, the first thing they see is the corpse of their mother. Present Abel turns off the video, heavy emotion in their eyes. Haru is just barely restraining furious sobs. "I thought she killed herself," Abel says quietly before Haru breaks.

Part Two

At the beginning of part two (set four years after the end of part one), Haru bursts into Abel's room in a panic. He immediately says that they have to leave. There's no time to pack, no time to ask questions, they just need to go. Abel follows his father outside of the room and they're running down the hall. They're almost to the end when there's a shout: "Number Two, Asbestos." And Abel freezes.

Cagney Donovan stands at the opposite end of the hall. Those words - trigger words - activated something Haru thought the neurosurgeons had disposed of four years prior. As it turns out, one of the three surgeons was working for Donovan Enterprises at the time and ensured that the "assassin activation" thing was still fully operational. Cagney orders a murderous Abel to her side. Abel uses their vapor - something they hadn't used in four years - to appear at her side and they're taken away. The power goes out, the automatic doors seal shut behind them, leaving Haru trapped in the hallway.

Upon arriving to the main floor, half of the occupants of Evangeline Base are eating lunch in the mess hall. Cagney, noting that her machine is a little rusty, orders Abel to kill them all. Deprived of blood and slaughter for too long, Abel doesn't hesitate to carry out the order. Forty-six of the ninety-eight people living at Evangeline Base were killed that day in an event titled the Evangeline Massacre.

Abel's then taken away to the new Compound being constructed in (to be decided place). When the effects of the trigger words wear off, Abel practically breaks down. He had been doing so good. He was doing so so good and now they're right back to where they swore they'd never go back to. "I'm not a machine!" Abel would scream when locked in an airtight room at night.

Cagney's mission is to finish what her father started and to do what her brother, Drew, was too weak to. She enacts the Twelve Initiative, a follow-up protocol to the Six Initiative, which Abel was a part of. The Twelve Initiative will take twelve new children the age of eleven and train them even harder than the Six were. Abel, knowing what Donovan and his experimentation did to Abel, doesn't want any of that for any more kids.

Throughout the first half of Part Two, Abel is sent on missions by Cagney to take out any threats, similar to the use her father had for Abel. At one point, Cagney orders Abel to go after those from his past: Grace, Felix, Drew, Bianca and two escaped members of the Twelve--Sid and Holden.

Abel sneak-attacks them, and the group is startled, for they thought Abel had died in the Collapse of the Compound. Abel manages to pin Grace to the ground and is moments away from killing her before Abel manages to push through their haze and plead "help me--" Right after they say this, Sid knocks them over the back of the head with a crowbar--the only solid hit anybody ever gets on Abel in the entire series.

When Abel awakes, Bianca wishes to kill him. Grace and Felix obviously say otherwise and their combined efforts allow Bianca to spare Abel's life.

For the rest of Part Two, Abel follows the group around with key bits of information on Cagney and her plans--including that the girl has superpowers of her own now thanks to her mad scientist friend. Over the course of Part Two, Abel grows closer with this gang and continues to fight Donovan's influence.

At the end of the Part Two arc, Abel is found face-to-face with Cagney Donovan.

It's time to make her pay.

Post-Part Two

After Part Two, Abel moves to Entrepaix to try and live out a decent live for themselves. Haru and his new husband Ray decide to hook Abel and his new step-sister up with an apartment near the capital. Abel and Azalea become fairly close, but not too close to be having those four-am super-deep talks.

filter_list Abilities/Powers
Overview of Abilities


they can turn any part of their body into water vapor and move at incredible speeds when transformed. They can also turn anything touching them into vapor as well (doesn't translate to living things). This works best in humid conditions.

How you can beat Abel in a fight:
- wear lots of knife-proof clothing
- turn the heat way up or way down
- if temperature altering isn't an option, you're going to have to wait Abel out. After about three hours is when Abel needs a rest period. If the conditions are humid enough, it could take up to seven hours to fully wear Abel out.
- don't touch their jacket

How you can avoid a fight with Abel all together:
- don't bring attention to yourself
- if you unfortunately make eye contact with Abel, DO NOT look away unless Abel does so first
- if you look away, Abel will see that as a sign of weakness and take his chance to go for a kill
- wait for Abel to move on
- unless you're a target assigned by Donovan, then there's no way you'll survive unless you follow the steps on how to beat Abel in a fight

History of Abilities

Donovan Enterprises was sick of their rivals constantly threatening to expose all their secrets, so Angel Donovan, the CEO, funded a program to create superhuman weapons to dispose of these threats before they could even think of blackmailing Donovan.

How did they get abilities?

Abel was kidnapped at a young age and experimented on from ages 11-16, giving him the abilities

Physical Appearance of Abilities

When activated, it's just a near-invisible cloud of water vapor


  • can dodge nearly any attack

  • good at getting in and out of places

  • basically untouchable when in vapor form


  • requires Abel to be hydrated in order to use it

  • the more he uses his power, the more his body gets pulled apart and put back together, creating an itching sensation below their skin that they can never itch.

  • cannot use their power if it's too cold/hot outside, otherwise vapor molecules could freeze or completely evaporate

  • the longer they're in vapor form, the less oriented Abel will be upon returning to human form. Prolonged usage of their power will result in "Maniac" in which Abel has no clear thoughts and goes into a crazed mode of mindless and gleeful killing.

translate Voice
Description of Voice

constantly fluctuates in pitch, going higher when more passionate about something and lower when bored. kind of gravelly when they get lower and more hysterical the higher they talk. Their voice is surprisingly smooth.


the maniacal cackle of someone who values no life, sharp and cutting through the air, their laugh is always their first blow from one knives. their laugh always seems to come from nowhere yet everywhere.


Abel was born and raised in Moscow in a bilingual household. Abel was fluent in both Japanese and Russian as a child, but mostly Russian.

When taken to the Compound, Abel was taught others: English, Thai, and a few other Slavic languages.

Speaking Patterns

  • Fluctuating pitch

  • stone cold when angry/in a bad mood

  • sometimes forgets English words for things and substitutes them for Russian words

  • curses occasionally but not a whole lot

Voice Claim

Danny Rose from Hollywood Undead's singing voice is pretty epic (Dead Bite by HU is a top tier example or the chorus from "Outside")

work Inventory

Usual clothing, bottom to top:

Part One:
- ratty seafoam green high tops with dark gray laces and dirty soles (the toe of the high top is slightly stained crimson)
- wide-legged light blue jeans with LARGE rips in the knees. skin tight black leggings underneath
- simple black leather belt
- skin tight dark gray spandex long-sleeve turtleneck underneath a baggy navy and black striped shirt semi-tucked into the pants
- worn, insulated denim jacket with beige patches on the elbows and a big fluffy collar haphazardly sewn onto the neck. mismatched buttons on the pockets and shirt (emotional attachment to jacket described in history)
- jewelry: many assorted rings (about 8 on each hand), a few dangly thin silver bracelets on each wrist, hanging rectangular dark sea green earrings, and two navy cartilage rings on top of the ear

- comfortable green-black combat boots from the Evangeline storage rooms
- black socks folded over the tops of them
- dark gray wide-legged jeans that are slightly worn at the knees, but not ripped
- black leather belt with a slightly rusted silver belt chain
- very loose white long sleeve
- the same jacket described above
- not as much jewelry--still about three rings on each hand and only uses studs instead of the dangling earrings

Part Two:
- all black high tops
- black socks
- wide legged black jeans with a slight acid wash to them
- black leather belt with a belt chain
- tight black turtleneck
- fitting-ish white t-shirt tucked into the pants
- same jacket
- two thin chain necklaces, about six rings on each hand, dangling silver earrings, a silver stud in a second lobe piercing, two silver helix piercings on each ear.

Contents of Backpack

  • knives, knives, and more knives

  • at least three water bottles

  • a phone/communication device

  • occasionally a gun, but not often

  • Shea's guitar pick

Weapons of choice

knives, knives, knives! Their knives vary in size and shape, but all have a gleaming silver blade and short, black handles. Half of their knives are seax shaped (rectangular blade with diagonally cut point) and the other half are classic throwing shaped (symmetrical with a middle point).

Abel's knives are located in the pockets of their jacket (one in each exterior and four hidden in interior pockets), one secured on each of their shoulders (can be knocked loose by a certain shoulder movement, allowing the knife to slide down their sleeve and into his hand), in the waistband of their jeans and one in their left high-top.

sometimes a pistol, but knives are definitely preferred. Abel's aim with a pistol isn't nearly as good as their aim with a knife.


Doesn't use vehicular transportation a lot, but when they do, Abel likes to use a sleek black motorcycle with some simple modern blue lights down the sides of them. When going long distance or overseas, Abel just uses whatever Donovan provides.

healing Medical
Physical Disabilities

Due to their power, Abel constantly has an itch just below their skin that they can never quite itch unless they flip flop between vapor and human form.

Mental Disabilities

Due to Abel's power, the corpus callosum in their brain is constantly being pulled apart and brought back together. Sometimes, the neurons don't fully connect where they should. When this happens, Abel really becomes unhinged, for their brain isn't functioning correctly at all. When in this state, Abel can't even speak in full sentences and the only thing on his mind is "kill", the command Donovan put inside their brain when they were first experimented on.

Does apathy count?

BAD PTSD after Part One


abandonment issues :)

Donovan practically gave Abel an "addiction to killing" by infusing that every kill releases dopamine into Abel's brain. When Abel goes mindless, that's the only thing they care to go after--that murderous high.

Speed Level:


Strength Level:


Stamina Level:


Coordination Level:


5 Senses Level:

Sight: 8.5/10
Hearing: 9.5/10
Smell: 2/10
Taste: 1/10
Touch: 2.5/10

Memory Level:


Pain Tolerance:


device_hub Family

Boris Antonov:

Boris is Abel's only surviving family member from his mother's side of the family. At one point, Boris reaches out and tries to get Abel to come stay with him, but Abel firmly refuses--he has a mission to accomplish.


Mother: Mischa Antonova
Abel cared for Mischa. She tried. Abel knows she tried. That doesn't excuse her shitty parenting, but still. Abel understood that it wasn't all entirely her fault, for she had PTSD, postpartum depression, and bipolar disorder. She was mostly bedridden and Abel took care of her. When she was semi-conscious, Mischa would tell Abel in a meek voice that she loved them and she wished she could be a better mother. Finding her corpse is one of Abel's most painful memories.

Father: Haru Nakamura
Haru left Abel and their mother when Abel was too young to remember them. Haru left to go fight in a war to protect others. He couldn't ignore the cry for help. With Haru gone, Mischa was extremely depressed and rarely left her bed. Abel grew up fairly indifferent towards their father, really only knowing bits and pieces about what he was like from their mother's drunken sobs and dusty photographs on the mantle.
Abel first sees Haru twenty years after Haru first left when Abel's battling with Shea on Donovan Enterprises Facility #12 in the Scrap City of Vienna, Austria. Abel realizes this is a situation for another time and retreats from the battle, but not without ensuring Haru knows exactly who Abel is.
After that, seeds of hatred are planted in Abel's mind. From Abel's memory, the reason everybody saw Mischa and Abel Nakamura as charity cases was because Haru left. These seeds blossom into a loathing towards Haru.
However, despite his resentment towards their father, Haru is the one who ends up saving Abel from their murderous, mindless killing spree by frankly kidnapping them and taking them to Evangeline Base back in Vienna.
It took a while for Abel to warm up to Haru. Once he finally did, Haru was the one who truly helped Abel realize they were manipulated and experimented on. Abel was an innocent child that was corrupted and turned into a killing machine, and it was Haru who helped Abel realize that.
Now, they're on pretty good terms but there's still quite a few unresolved things between them.


only child, however he has a sibling-esque relationship with the other five of The Six. [elaborated on in "People"]

Later in the story and after Part Two, Abel obtains four step-siblings:
- Kamia Levi
- Mboya Levi
- Leon Mande
- and Azalea Mande

Abel's really only close to Azalea. After WWIV, the country of Entrepaix was formed between France, Germany, and Switzerland. It's a small country full of people still under Donovan's influence--even after the man's been dead for nearly five years. Abel and Azalea decide to cause a couple riots and try to change it. I don't have a lot of this part fleshed out but Abel deserves a little fun and family after everything they've been through.



Extended Family:

Uncle: Nikola Antonov
Abel never knew their uncle. Nikola died three years before Abel was born. Haru tells Abel that he sees a lot of Nikola's fighting spirit in him.


They had a dark blue pet beta fish (named SS Slasher). Slasher died when Abel went away for a long job across the world and forgot to tell Shea to feed her. Abel, like usual, wasn't fazed by the death of their fish.

directions_walk People

The Six
Donovan Enterprises

Evangeline Base

Best Friends:

Shea Tomatuk-Desmond:

Abel and Shea were so extremely close. They were the closest out of all The Six. They played music together and shared jokes and raised hell in local supermarkets. Together, they had no impulse control and a bloodlust that was unmatched. Shea was among one of the few people that Abel actually trusted with their life. Late into the night, they would have fun conversations that were just barely short of being considered "deep". Neither of them wanted to cross that line. However, Abel did ask for Shea to promise that she would never use her power on Abel. Abel knew what he would feel if she did--he would feel the soul-crushing pain of finding their mother's corpse all over again. Shea smiled and said that she would never send Abel spiraling into hysteria.

Their friendship was shattered when Shea disappeared one day, determined on discovering her own past.

After they managed to reconcile at the end of Part One, Abel only heard of Shea's death weeks after the collapse of the Compound. The news was just like finding a corpse all over again. Abel has nightmares of Shea abandoning him, of her dying and never getting to say goodbye. Even after all they went through, Abel still considers Shea to be his best friend and admits that they truly loved her.


Pazia Abbas:
Pazia is Abel's impulse control. She's the calm and quiet anger to Abel's reckless and loud mania. Abel often teases Pazia for her orderly spaces and stiff demeanor, and Pazia calls Abel an idiot and intolerable a lot, but really they have each other's backs. They both have some bad issues with being let down. They never talk about it, but it's always implied. Being Number One and Number Two, Pazia and Abel have a quiet, mutual understanding of each other and the expectations that are on them. While Pazia is constantly working to ensure that she won't let the Boss down, Abel knows that he never will--not unless something goes entirely wrong and all that is known goes straight out the window. They may annoy each other a lot, but they trust each other.

When Abel also realizes that Pazia died fighting Shea in the collapse, they're angry. They know that both Shea and Pazia are stubborn as hell and he just wished that they would stop fighting for ten goddamn seconds and actually listen to each other. Abel knew that Pazia's fatal flaw was her damn loyalty, and it truly was fatal. He believes that her death could have been preventable and it kills them.

Felix Herrera:
Abel and Felix are the kings of "okay let's go do this random impulsive activity". They like to raise mayhem together, but they do argue a lot. Felix and Abel's styles don't really mesh. While Abel is all straight confrontation and blatant regard to slaughter, Felix is more of the suave, under-the-radar type of killing. Felix loves a long game while Abel craves a short and adrenaline-coursing mission. They get along well when not working together. Abel loves to tease Felix for his casanova ways of killing and Felix loves to call Abel a rabid animal in return. They have a very playful relationship that doesn't ever get too serious.

However, when things go south at the end of Part One, Abel fully believes that Felix died in the collapse. When they meet in Part Two, Abel is rabid and has a mission to kill Felix. Fighting against the instructions embedded in their mind, Abel manages to temporarily break free and looks Felix dead in the eyes and pleads: "help me."

After that, Sid knocks Abel out and Abel awakes without Cagney's control in his mind. Of course, Abel is furious with Felix not seeking him out after the collapse, but Felix also thought that Abel was dead. With a mutual misunderstanding, they both manage to move past that. Abel and Felix and Grace bond over the deaths of their teammates--of their sisters.

Rhyda O'Connell:
Abel and Rhyda don't go together on missions a lot together, granted that Rhyda works in purely stealth and sniper attacks and Abel's all for going face-to-face with his target. However, when they're back at the Compound together, they like to lounge around and make fun of random things. Sometimes Rhyda will play backing drums to Abel and Shea's guitars. A very comfortable and casual relationship. Rhyda is right below Abel in regards to their rank, so there is that seemingly "high-class comradery" between them. There's a mutual respect for their own separate ways of going about a mission.

When Abel discovers that Rhyda had been killed with the others, Abel only feels empty guilt. They should have gotten to know her better. They should of spent more time at her side.

Grace Evans:
Abel and Grace get along the least out of anyone in The Six. Grace is known as being "soft" among The Six because she shows hesitance in killing. Abel berates her for it, none of the teasing tone like he has with the other members of The Six. However, despite this, Abel will stand by Grace's side during any mission. Abel's determined to draw Grace's "inner killer" out from within her. Grace doesn't appreciate this to say the least. Even with their differences, they're civil towards each other a majority of the time.

Throughout the four years between Part One and Part Two, Abel was reflecting and discovered that Grace wasn't in the wrong at all. She was strong for refusing the temptations and seeing the evil in what they were being forced to do. She was the wisest of them all and Abel was too blind to see that. Even apart, Abel's attitude towards her diminishes, and a newfound respect for Grace grows.

After the Collapse, into Part Two, and after Abel discovers that Grace is alive, they have the same misunderstanding about thinking the other was dead and thus begin healing. Abel doesn't confess his realization about Grace, but they are much kinder towards her. Her softness and genuine generosity manage to get to Abel and suddenly, Abel would die for her. Their friendship starts out a rocky one, but it ends in a very strong bond.

Bianca Wong:
While at first Abel hated Bianca and anything to do with her, in the events of Part Two, the duo began to grow close. There's unexpected emotional talks between the two of them. They share plenty alike--a slaughtered parent because of Donovan, a missing parent who fled after their birth, a mutual love for Shea. Bianca wanted to kill him as soon as Abel returned (their track record wasn't all that great, so Abel understood), but Abel managed to convince Bianca to keep them alive. Abel had information about Cagney that could help the small group take her down for good.

Abel ends up saving Bianca's life when fighting atop a high building. She loses her footing and goes off the edge, but Abel manages to grab her wrist just in time. The two never addressed it afterwards, but something unsaid was healed between them. Abel grows on Bianca the same way Shea had.

Drew Donovan:
At first, Abel held a high prejudice against Drew. Drew's the boss's son, and therefore has to work for nothing to get any sort of job done. Abel would often sneer at and provoke Drew, trying to get a reaction out of him. Abel is sick of seeing his "calm little rich boy" facade and desperately wants to see Drew lose his cool. Other than that, Abel never really thought too much about Drew.

In the events of Part Two, Abel and Drew grow much closer--not nearly as close as Abel and Felix or Grace, per say, but still much closer than before. Drew understands first hand what kid of cruel being his sister can be and sympathizes with Abel in that manner. Abel's constant disapproval from Part One morphed into a quiet approval of sorts in Part Two. A respect between them.

Sidney Spokes:
This eleven-year-old menace will certainly be the death of Abel. Sid is the only one out of the entire series who manages to get a solid hit on Abel--and that's with a crowbar to the back of their head. Abel has at least some respect for the kid, but there's not much. If Abel ever had a little brother, Sid would certainly be it. They have a very playful relationship, both of them always considering illegal activities to pursue, much to Grace's chagrin. Honestly, Abel does see some of Shea in Sid, which really only makes Abel want to protect them that much more.

Holden McClain:
Similar to Sid, Abel feels obligated to be the "older sibling figure" to Holden. Holden was wiped of any memories because of Cagney Donovan. He finds the kid weird, especially with his mutual fascination and horror of ghosts and the supernatural.


Jackpot the Ferret:
Jackpot, Felix's pet ferret, is one of Abel's biggest rivals. Jackpot has a habit of quite-literally weaseling into Abel's room to steal his rings and knives. It's just really fricken annoying and Abel has threatened to filet the rat alive if Abel finds him in their closet one more time. Felix finds these encounters hilarious and only encourages Jackpot to harass Abel.

Raymond Hartford:
Abel despises Raymond, even if that hatred is one-sided. Abel fully recognizes that Ray hasn't done anything explicitly wrong, but Abel can see the way Ray looks at Haru and Abel does not approve. Abel goes to all measures to ensure that Raymond and Haru are away from each other at all times. Abel just got his dad back, and they aren't going to let some scruffy blacksmith steal any sort of attention away from him. Think of a kid not approving of their mom's new boyfriend--yeah, it's very much like that. Raymond hasn't done anything wrong, but Abel certainly doesn't want to give Ray the chance to mess up.

Raymond spends a lot of the In Between trying to cross that bridge and meet Abel halfway. Ray forges Abel a set of throwing knives; Abel takes them but doesn't use them, but they have to admit that the craftsmanship is superb.

Eventually Abel does manage to come around a little bit and finally give Ray some wiggle room, but Abel still doesn't approve of anything Ray and their father have going on.


Shea Tomatuk-Desmond:
After Shea left, Abel was furious. The only thing they wanted to do was make Shea pay for leaving them behind. Because Abel is the only one to have all of their memories, Abel naturally assumed that the rest of The Six had childhoods just as bad as his. Why would Shea leave Abel to go on a useless quest?!? Needless to say, Abel wants his revenge. Abel's sole focus is to kill Shea. (Shea has never been their enemy. Abel is just angry and doesn't know how to handle it. They just want things to go back to how they were. They miss their best friend.)

Bianca Wong, Crimson Rhoad, and Jeb Romero:
By extension from Shea, Abel hates them all as well. Bianca is now the sole focus of Shea's attention and Abel can't stand it. Crimson and Jeb are just kinda tagalongs to Bianca and Shea; because they're there, Abel hates them too. Frankly, Abel couldn't care less about their existence, but Abel just wants to make Shea suffer.


Angel Donovan:
To say the least, Donovan is Abel's boss and the one who turned Abel into who they are today. Donovan was the one who brought the bloodthirsty killer out of Abel and switched those violent urges on. Abel does get pissed off at Donovan a lot because of his need for order and his controlling nature over Abel and the rest of The Six, but Abel does carry out whatever wishes Donovan wants because is also benefits Abel by giving him that sense of satisfaction that comes with the success of a kill.

AFTER Part One, Abel could not hate Donovan more. He was responsible for every bit of suffering Abel has gone through in their life. Donovan caused the battle and extension of war in Vienna, causing Haru to leave. Donovan's men were the ones who killed Abel's mom. Donovan experimented on Abel's brain and fucked him up so bad. If Abel could bring him back from the dead to kill him again, Abel would.

Cagney Donovan:
She's just. Like. Her. Father.

Cagney managed to abduct Abel after four years of healing and recovery and forced them to relapse and slaughter innocents. Cagney is using Abel as nothing but a machine for her own ploys. Abel wants nothing more than to throw her under a building and watch it fall. They don't care that she's seventeen and desperate to please her dead father. Abel is tired of suffering and wants some peace, goddamn it.

Opinion on People:

Abel really only cares about people if they're ones that he cares for. That list is extremely short, but those few people are ones that Abel would kill and die for.

In Part One, Abel was just a serial killer, taking out any sort of victim that Donovan wanted and then any witnesses that were unfortunate enough to see. There was no qualms with the killing.

However, in the In Between and during Part Two, Abel has grown to at least care a little bit for strangers. Abel doesn't give two shits about any of their problems, but Abel won't go about murdering any of them.

favorite Love

Aromantic, sex-repulsed Asexual

Feelings Towards Love:

Abel finds the idea of being in a relationship disgusting and worthless. Seriously, if you asked Abel if they would ever fall in love they would start dry-heaving. The idea of being with someone and always being so close to them is just unimaginable. Hell, even platonic relationships are iffy. Growing up in a loveless household, Abel never really grasped the concept of love and how something oh-so-beautiful can exist.

Love Language:

Abel's primary PLATONIC love language is quality, non-violent time.

Abel loves (though he'll never admit it) challenging The Six to some video games or forcefully dragging them into their room to play some music. It's kind of aggressive, but it's nice.

Love Interest(s):


How they act in a relationship:


chat_bubble_outline Quotes
Songs that describe them:

Songs on the playlist for those too lazy to click on it (so much HU oh my god):
- Idol - Hollywood Undead, Tech N9ne
- Die a King - iamjakehill
- Another Way Out - Hollywood Undead
- Riot - Hollywood Undead
- Kill Everyone - Hollywood Undead
- Rich Kids - New Medicine
- Dead Bite - Hollywood Undead
- Whatever It Takes - Hollywood Undead
- Good Lck (Yo're F_cked) - Celldweller
- Appetite for Destruction - Vo Williams
- Bang Bang - Hollywood Undead
- Blackout - Solence
- Ghost Out - Hollywood Undead
- Animal in Me - Solence
- Adrenaline - Shinedown
- Hail To The Victor - Thirty Seconds To Mars
- Idol - Hollywood Undead, GHØSTKID
- Dead! - My Chemical Romance
- Hokus Pokus - Insane Clown Posse
- My Axe - Insane Clown Posse
- Gasoline - Halsey
- Patient Number 9 - Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Beck
- Psychosocial - Slipknot
- Boogie Woogie Wu - Insane Clown Posse
- Psycho - Muse
- Massacre, The New American Dream - Palaye Royale
- Lion Eyes - Hollywood Undead
- Anxiety - Palaye Royale
- Outside - Hollywood Undead
- This Is How I Disappear - My Chemical Romance
- Enemy - Hollywood Undead
- Heart Of A Champion - Hollywood Undead
- Nightmare - Hollywood Undead
- Evil - Hollywood Undead

Incorrect Quotes:

Pazia: I have the sharpest memory. Name one time I forgot something.
Abel: You left me in the parking lot last week.
Pazia: Yeah, I did that on purpose.

Felix: Let me get this straight? More like let me run something bi you.
Grace: Let's pan this out.
Abel: Let's ace-ess the situation.
Drew: I'm gay.

Pazia: Rhyda, keep an eye on Abel today. They're gonna say something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
Rhyda: Sure, I'd love to see Abel get punched.
Pazia: Try again.
Rhyda: …
Rhyda: I will stop Abel from getting punched.
Pazia: Thank you.

Abel: Hear me out. What if instead of kissing someone on new years we all just collectively scream.

Abel: I'm writing a diary full of lies. I want my loved ones to read it after I die and be like "wait, what?".

Abel: Can I confess something awful?
Pazia: Please not murder again-

Abel: Welcome to the 'fuck Shea’ club where we go around saying 'fuck you, Shea’.
Bianca: I may have misinterpreted the premise of this club-

Pazia: I trust Abel.
Rhyda: You think they know what they're doing?
Pazia: Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Abel: [Falls off a roof, crashing into the bed of a pickup truck]
Shea, not taking her eyes off the road: Hey, Abel.
Abel, casually sitting up: Hey.

Abel: Dear Santa,
Abel: I'm writing to let you know I've been naughty
Abel: And it was worth it, you judgmental bastard

Grace: You really believe in Abel?
Pazia: Luckily, they believe in themselves enough for the both of us.

Abel: We have fun, don't we Grace?
Grace: I've never been more stressed out in my life.

Abel: The best way to solve your problems is to make more problems until you die!

Haru: I am going to need you to swear–
Abel: Fuck!
Haru: …swear as in promise.

Abel: Based on statistical evidence, I'm immortal.
Grace: How so?
Abel: I haven't died yet.
Grace: That's not how it works!

Abel: Blowing a dandelion is basically you helping a weed ejaculate
Grace:…I was having a good day
Pazia, through gritted teeth: We were all having a good day

Abel: The gods have let me live another day and I’m about to make it the government's problem.

Abel: How do I look?
Rhyda, a blind woman: Like a cheap harlot from New Jersey.
Abel: From New Jersey?!

Grace: I think you play by your own rules.
Rhyda: No way, he thinks rules were made to be broken.
Shea: Those are all attributes of a loose cannon.
Felix: Nah, I'm just a reckless renegade. Abel is a loose cannon.
Abel: [Breaks a chair]

Abel: In short; wear comfortable shoes, square your shoulders, and walk like you've been sent to assassinate some sort of important CEO.

Grace: If you kill a killer, the number of killers in the world stays the same.
Abel, mouth full of takeout: Kill two.

Felix, drunk: Y'know I love your style. You both chose to wear purple.
[Abel and Pazia, look down at their clearly not purple clothes]

Grace: The real treasure is the friends we made along the way!
Abel: No, I want my fucking gold.

Pazia, to the Six: You guys are not making my life easy right now.
Abel: Do we ever?
Pazia: Good point.

Grace: Man, I don't feel too well. You got anything for a stomach ache?
Abel: Uh… [places a knife on the table]
Grace: Ok… not quite what I'm looking for, but we'll keep that as a plan B.

Grace: I brought reinforcements.
Rhyda: You brought Pazia?
Grace: Uh, no, but I brought the next best thing.
Felix: Hey.
Rhyda: You brought Felix? The next best thing would have been Abel!
Felix: Normally, I'd be offended, but you're not wrong.

Pazia: I'm five-ten, but I tell everyone that I'm five-eight so that Abel will stop telling people he's five-eight.

Grace: Let me get this straight, you think that killing those guys is funny?
Abel: I do, and I'm tired of pretending it's not.

Shea: Oh, their breadsticks are like crack
Abel: I love when people say "like crack" when they have obviously never done crack
Shea: Well, their breadsticks are like what then, Is? What can I use?
Abel: I don't know. "The breadsticks are like money laundering"?

Abel: Remember that time when you dared me to lick that swing set?
Grace: No, I said “Abel, don’t lick that swing set” and you said “don’t tell me what to do, Grace!” and then you licked the swing set.

Grace: Are you decent?
Abel: Morally? No. But I am wearing pants if that's what you mean.

Rhyda: Do you have any sort of plan to get us out of here alive?
Abel: Sort of. The idea starts with "run for it" and generally goes downhill from there.

Pazia: This is… So dumb.
Abel, standing on Pazia's back: The higher I am, the better I can see.
Pazia: You can- You can fly with your vapor-
Abel: Hush now Pazia, I am searching.

Abel: Something’s off.
Grace: Maybe you’ve finally developed human emotions and feel bad for hurting people.
Abel: No, but that’s funny.

Abel, after winning a fight: It’s like we just cleared a video game on easy!
Pazia: Real combat is NOT like a video game.
Felix, in the background: Look! Coins!

Abel, at the slightest inconvenience: I'm going to kill someone.
Grace: Now, don't quote me on this, but I believe that murder is illegal.

Pazia: What the hell's going on in here?
Shea: Well, it's kind of complicated, but Abel-
Pazia: Got it. Forget I asked.

Abel, writing in their diary with a glitter gel pen: I'm losing my sense of humanity. Nothing matters. There's blood on my hands. God is dead

Shea: We all have our demons.
Shea, grabbing a hissing and scratching Abel: This is mine.

Pazia: What are you two arguing about?
Felix: Abel won't use idioms correctly!
Abel: Oh, cry me a table, Helios.

Bianca, gesturing to Abel: Uh, is this a friend of yours, Shea?
Shea: No. They're in my life and there's nothing I can do about it.

Abel, at a zoo: What are they in for?
Pazia: This isn't prison.
Abel: So they can leave?
Grace: Well, no, but-
Abel, pointing at a meerkat: I bet that one murdered someone.

Grace: Hey Abel, what are you doing?
Abel: Looking for something sharp.
Grace: What would you need it for?
Abel: To kill Shea.
Grace: Driving you mad, are they?
Abel: Not for much longer!

Abel: (spaced out) Onion rings are just vegetable donuts.
Pazia: Sure they are.
Abel: Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed.
Pazia: …Okay.
Abel: Lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake.
Abel: (oblivious) Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions.
Pazia: (about to commit a war crime) Abel. Please stop.
Felix: (fascinated) No, please, continue.

Grace: Abel, did you have to stab Shea?
Abel: You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what she said to me.
Grace: Well, what did she say?
Abel: 'What are you gonna do, stab me?'
Grace: …Yeah, okay, that's fair.

Donovan: If you let me down, you’re out of the will.
Abel: I was in the will?

Abel, holding a fork: You know, you're talking a whole lot of shit for someone with two perfectly good eyeballs that'd get me about $16,000 on the black market.

Pazia: Don’t go picking a fight with me. I could make your life very difficult.
Abel, flatly: Wow. I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life.

Haru: What? Why would anyone want to hurt Abel?
Ray: Maybe because they met them?

plus_one Other

foggy cityscapes, smoke and vapor in the air, knives and high tops, denim jackets, deranged cackling in an alleyway

Color Scheme

cool blues, teals, gray, and black. occasional splash of blood red


smells sweet yet deadly, like the smell of a fog machine


  • plants

  • the electric guitar

  • blood

  • a good chase

  • racing video games

  • fast music

  • slightly crunchy ice cream

  • going to supermarkets late at night to race shopping carts

  • fog machines

  • strobe lights

  • celery (loves to loudly crunch it)

  • humidity


  • cowards

  • guns (too annoying to use)

  • games that take forever to play

  • songs about love (eugh love is overrated anyways)

  • any temperature above 86F/30C

  • hospitals

  • needles

  • bright spaces

  • LED lights

Random Trivia

  • Abel's favorite band is Insane Clown Posse

  • Abel started dying their hair when they were twelve with Shea. They stopped after she died.

  • After they were taken to Evangeline Base, Abel dropped the electric guitar. However, they slowly began to pick it back up again.

  • Abel has a fear of needles and hospitals that only develops after the events of Part One

  • Often times Abel will choose to speak in Russian or Japanese over English.

  • After the events of Part One, Abel develops nightmares - often depicting hospitals, collapsed buildings, the corpse of Shea, and former "good times" tainted by an eerie feeling

  • Abel loves fog machines and strobe lights

  • He's surprisingly good at taking care of plants

  • Absolutely loves humid environments

edit Notes

please talk to me about them i love them so much my little unhinged bastard <3

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