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Name - What is Terbish Ganbaatar’s full name?

Terbish Ganbaatar

Role - What is Terbish Ganbaatar’s role in your story?


Gender - What is Terbish Ganbaatar’s gender?

female, afab, she/her

Age - How old is Terbish Ganbaatar?


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Race - What is Terbish Ganbaatar’s race?



Height - How tall is Terbish Ganbaatar?


fairly small? below the average

Skin Tone

a soft olive, easily tans. lots of freckles across her face and shoulders

Body Type

short and pear-ish shaped

Face Shape

A round face, soft jaw and no real definition to it.

Hair Color - What color is Terbish Ganbaatar’s hair?

dark brown, a little darker underneath and lighter on top

Hair Style - How does Terbish Ganbaatar style their hair?

about shoulder length and very curly. her hair is fairly thick

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Terbish Ganbaatar have?



on the thicker side, fairly straight. can be a little unruly, but she knows how to take care of them


monolid, downturned eyes. nearly invisible eyelashes. her eyes are dark brown but not as dark as her pupils


wider with a pronounced bridge


bow-shaped, a thinner top lip and thicker bottom one.

mood Personality
fingerprint Nature
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group Social
date_range History
Birthday - When is Terbish Ganbaatar’s birthday?

November 3rd, 2181

Death Date


aged 22

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healing Medical
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favorite Love
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