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Name - What is Mischa Antonova’s full name?

Mischa Antonova

Role - What is Mischa Antonova’s role in your story?

Combat Medic

Other names - What other aliases does Mischa Antonova go by?

Mischa Antonova

Gender - What is Mischa Antonova’s gender?

female, afab, she/her

Age - How old is Mischa Antonova?

34 at death

nfc Name

mee-sh-ah borr-iss-oh-vik ant-oh-noh-vah nock-a-murr-ah

First Name History


Russian origin! means "who is like god?" is is considered a nickname to Mikhail.

Middle Name(s) History


The middle name taken from her father, Boris.

Last Name History


Russian origin! means "son of Anton". Mischa has some ancestor named Anton that the last name trickled down to.


Japanese origin! means "middle village". She took her husband's surname when they married

face Looks
Race - What is Mischa Antonova’s race?


100% Eastern European

Height - How tall is Mischa Antonova?

5'8" / 178 cm

taller side of average, slightly short for an Eastern European woman

Weight - How much does Mischa Antonova weigh?

125 lbs / 56.7 kg

Very very underweight for her height, malnourished

Skin Tone

Pale white with pink undertones

Body Type

Skinny, thin and flat. Medium shoulders. Kind of gangly limbs. Long fingers

Face Shape

pointed, high cheekbones and a sharp chin

Hair Color - What color is Mischa Antonova’s hair?

Medium Brown with plenty of gray hairs

Hair Style - How does Mischa Antonova style their hair?

usually a low bun at the nape of her neck with lots of pieces escaping it.

her hair reaches to about her breasts, it's slightly wavy and very fine

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Mischa Antonova have?



teal, greenish-blue. very wide eyes, downturned and slightly hooded. very sharp and long eyelashes


small and pointed


thin lips with a bow top, fairly straight teeth with sharp and crooked canines. a lop-sided smile


many scars across her arms and shoulders and neck from the war stuff. a particularly large one from her collarbone, around her shoulder and to the small of her back from when a beam fell on her during their travels to Almaty.

mood Personality

ISFT - Defender


Neutral Good

Flight, Fight, Freeze?


fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Mischa Antonova most?

  • stay with her brother

  • stay with her family

  • live through the damn war

  • don't let anybody die on her watch

pan_tool Mannerisms
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group Social

mildly Christian? She grew up occasionally going to church and doing traditions, but it's nothing she takes seriously.


Combat Medic

date_range History
Birthday - When is Mischa Antonova’s birthday?

January 15th, 2183

Death Date

January 31st, 2217

Aged 34.


A very small town near the Eastern coast of Russia.

Education - What is Mischa Antonova’s level of education?

Mischa had a fairly standard public school education. In her secondary years, alongside her standard education, she trained to become a paramedic.

Current Residence

Lived until her death in a small apartment in the Scrap City of Moscow. It was a two-bedroom, run-down apartment and she rarely left her bedroom.

timeline Arc
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work Inventory
healing Medical
Physical Disabilities

nerve damage in her hands. they shake constantly

Mental Disabilities

BAD depression, biological (both sides of her family have bad mental health problems)

after the war, she develops PTSD

device_hub Family

Boris Antonov:
Boris was Mischa's father. He loved her greatly and begged her and her brother to run away from the war instead of being drafted into it. Mischa loved her father dearly, but she always thought that he smothered her too much. There was a slight rift because of that.

Natalia Antonova:


Nikola Antonov:

Twin Brother, Mischa older by 4 minutes. They were extremely close, drafted into WWIV together and rarely left each other's sides. When Nikola died, it broke Mischa. He was her best friend, her companion, her older brother and he was gone. Without her main support system, she fell even deeper into her continuously growing depressive episodes.

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favorite Love
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tall abandoned buildings, rusted first aid kits, empty beds, loneliness

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Color Scheme

dark greens, soft tans and browns, splashes of red

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