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Name - What is Tao Zhang’s full name?

Tao Zhang

Role - What is Tao Zhang’s role in your story?

Survivalist Storyteller

Gender - What is Tao Zhang’s gender?

male, amab, he/him

nfc Name

Tow (said like How)

First Name History


Chinese origin! means long life

Last Name History


chinese origin! means archer or longbow

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definitely small for someone his age.

Skin Tone

a slightly darker olive


very narrow and monolid eyes. long eyelashes that often get dirt stuck in them and very very dark brown irises that blend into his pupils

mood Personality

Chaotic Good

Flight, Fight, Freeze?


Tao's survivalist instincts kick in and he's out of there in seconds

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Birthday - When is Tao Zhang’s birthday?

February 18th


A small town in China near the Eastern Coast. He moved when he was a boy to Japan to escape the growing tensions growing in the country. Even though he's spent most of his life in Japan, Tao still considers himself Chinese.

timeline Arc
Character Growth


he gets WORSE

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translate Voice
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healing Medical
device_hub Family

To be named daughter

Tao loves his daughter very very much. He would pretty much do anything for her, but after the war, he's left in a very hollow and broken state that prevents him from being fully present. When Tao has flashbacks and panic attacks, his daughter is the only person who can fully bring him out of it. She stays home when she's older to be his full time caretaker after one of Tao's spouses dies from a medical condition and the other has to work full-time to support them all.

directions_walk People
favorite Love

polyamorous panromantic/pansexual

Love Interest(s):

Two unnamed love interests.

One of them is disabled and the other wasn't drafted. They both stayed home from the war to take care of their toddler daughter.

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