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Name - What is Iseul Lee’s full name?

Iseul Lee

Role - What is Iseul Lee’s role in your story?

Superhuman Achilles

Other names - What other aliases does Iseul Lee go by?

Most Dangerous Woman on the Eastern Front

Gender - What is Iseul Lee’s gender?

female, afab, she/her

Age - How old is Iseul Lee?


nfc Name

ee-sol lee

First Name History


Korean origin! means morning dew

Last Name History


Korean origin!

face Looks
Race - What is Iseul Lee’s race?


100% Korean

Height - How tall is Iseul Lee?


fairly tall for a woman but not extraordinarily giant or anything.

Skin Tone

a light, fair olive. burns easily

when she's on the steroids, her blood vessels are black and they fade to a gray the longer she's off them

Body Type

lithe and muscular. a fairly narrow frame

Face Shape

heart-shaped, a pointed chin and sloped cheekbones

Hair Color - What color is Iseul Lee’s hair?

glossy black

Hair Style - How does Iseul Lee style their hair?

usually just leaves it down, but does occasionally pull it up into a high ponytail when it bothers her. some long curtain bangs that mostly fade into the regular length of her hair.

her hair is about mid-back length, medium in density and very straight in texture

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Iseul Lee have?



thin black eyebrows that curve softly over her eyes


wide, monolid eyes with short and straight eyelashes. her irises are a dark, dark brown (basically black)

when on the steroids, the sclera of her eyes turn black and gradually fade back to white the longer she's off


a small button nose, barely visible bridge


large, full lips that naturally pull downwards at the ends.


so many scars across her back and limbs from the scuffles she's been in. the blood vessels along the inside of her arm have small black puncture stains from the constant use of the steroids


roman number for thirty (XXX) tattooed on her right shoulder blade.


almost too relaxed. leans on things, her head usually tipped back, a lax smile. slightly unnerving in a way? like an awaiting predator searching for their prey

mood Personality

Chaotic Neutral

Flight, Fight, Freeze?

Fight, easy. If anything dares to challenge her, she's squaring up and not going down easily.


  • losing Terbish

  • losing her mind to the steroids

  • dying in this stupid war

fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Iseul Lee most?

  • Deliver the nuclear pin to Almaty
    Off the front lines and put into a smaller group, Iseul considers herself the muscle and just wants to ensure they succeed.

  • Make it through the war
    Iseul wants to live. She wants to live so she can go home with Terbish and they can adopt a cat and live well together for the rest of their lives.

Flaws - What flaws does Iseul Lee have?

  • loud mouthed

  • aggressive/violent

  • possessive

  • a little too sarcastic

  • nosey

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date_range History
Birthday - When is Iseul Lee’s birthday?

June 7th, 2180

Death Date


age: 23


grew up in the Utopia city of Seoul.

Education - What is Iseul Lee’s level of education?

Went to elementary school and was then selected to be one of fifty kids to go through superhuman development before wartime. Had a private tutor throughout her middle and high school years.

Background - What is Iseul Lee’s background?

Iseul's father was a scientist, her mother a neurologist. She was born the youngest of three, her two older brothers six and eight years older than her. She grew up decently, slightly alone due to her parents constantly working and her brothers too old to really value her. She had been constantly in and out of hospitals, which was weird because Isuel never felt sick.

When she was eight, the threat of a war began to loom. After approved by the N.U.N., Korea began manufacturing their first human weapons. Her parents asked if she would like superpowers, and Iseul readily agreed.

She was nine when they first began trials. She was one of fifty kids, number thirty. When she was sixteen, Iseul was declared the top of her class and was sent out to fight in the Eurasian Grey War.

timeline Arc
Role - What is Iseul Lee’s role in your story?

Superhuman Achilles


Before the story,

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healing Medical
Mental Disabilities

  • the steroids the Korean Military gave her for her superhuman stuff is slowly breaking down her mind.

Speed Level:

Regular: 5/10
Steroids: 9/10

Strength Level:

Regular: 6/10
Steroids: 10/10

Stamina Level:

Regular: 8/10
Steroids: 10/10

Coordination Level:

Regular: 6/10
Steroids: 4/10

Pain Tolerance:

Regular: 7/10
Steroids: 10/10

device_hub Family

Unnamed Father & Unnamed Mother

Iseul never had a bad relationship with her parents, but they could've certainly been better parents. They are both very intelligent people with very demanding jobs. They never made a ton of time for Iseul.


Two unnamed older brothers

Her brothers are six and eight years older than here, making it fairly difficult for them to grow up close. They always treated their little sister well.

directions_walk People

Korean Army
Korean Superhumans
Task Force

Best Friends:

Nikola Antonov

Mischa Antonova

favorite Love

lesbian, homoromantic homosexual

Love Language:

Physical Touch and Quality Time

Love Interest(s):
How they act in a relationship:

Entirely clingy and lovey. Iseul will never let anybody she loves go, and she loves Terbish more than all the stars together and squared. Iseul's constantly holding Terbish and running her hands through her hair and speaking sweet nothings. Iseul is frighteningly protective and would slaughter if it meant to protect Terbish.

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