info Overview
Name - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s full name?

Madeline Rosalind Prince

Role - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s role in your story?


Age - How old is Madeline Rosalind Prince?


Gender - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s gender?

female (she/her)



Other names - What other aliases does Madeline Rosalind Prince go by?

Her alias is Aphrodite, although she shares no similarities with the Greek goddess. She uses it more with the "love and beauty" aspect, although both of those are lies when applied to her.

Most of the Legion calls her Aphrodite, because she thinks it makes her sound like a god figure and she doesn't particularly enjoy being called a human name like the common folk.
The only exceptions to this rule are Ava on occasion and Xavier, who knew her prior to her Legion days.
Peter, in addition to calling her Aphrodite, calls her Mistress, but that's not of his own volition. When he's in control of what he's saying, he calls her "manipulative bitch".

face Looks
Hair Style - How does Madeline Rosalind Prince style their hair?

long and wavy in the back with ringlets in the front serving as curtain bangs

Hair Color - What color is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s hair?

brown with burgundy bangs

Eye Color - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s eye color?

bright pink

Height - How tall is Madeline Rosalind Prince?

5'4", but around 5'10" with the heels she usually wears

From Q&A: Ok, I've got to ask: do six-inch-heels hurt? At least at first?
A: Of course they fucking hurt, they're supposed to. You know what they say: no pain, no gain. At this point, I'm too used to them, but I used to wish I could use my powers on myself to numb the pain. Lots of nights spent wrapping my ankles in bandages.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

She draws a black heart on her face every morning like a beauty mark, but she also has a few scratches on her legs and arms from her own nails.


She has her classic black heart tattoo on the back of her neck. She also has both ears & both nipples pierced.

Body Type


Skin Tone

tan-ish with pink undertones

Race - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s race?

Metahuman - mostly human species born with a recessive gene that, when activated, gives them superpowers in their adolescence. People may be carriers of the metahuman gene without it being active, but for this case, Madeline has an active metahuman gene that activated when she was 17.

fingerprint Nature
Prejudices - What prejudices does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

She's an extremist and a bit of an anarchist, so anyone trying to take control instead of her she's immediately against.


She's one hell of a narcissist and she's mad for power, and even if she'd never tell anyone, she's mildly insecure.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

Even when she's not wearing her heels, she walks like she is, on the balls of her feet with her heels never touching the ground. It's odd, which is why she just wears her heels all the time.

She has a habit of grabbing people to get their attention, typically by the hand or wrist.

While she tries her best not to do so in favor of keeping her hair clean and keeping her professional reputation, she does play with her hair, especially the front ringlets.

Motivations - What motivates Madeline Rosalind Prince most?

Sheer power.

Talents - What talents does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

She has verbal mental manipulation. People around her do whatever she says, unless they can't hear her or she is muted for one reason or another.

Flaws - What flaws does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

She's an abusive madwoman who has sexually assaulted several members of her team. She's also narcissistic and a bit of a sadist, as well as being scarily controlling.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

She likes screwing with Peter's mind and hooking up with Xavier, but they don't do much else.

Personality type - What personality type is Madeline Rosalind Prince?

ENTJ & Chaotic Evil

Similar Characters

Emma Frost (X-Men), Poison Ivy (DC Comics), Purple Man/Kilgrave (Jessica Jones)

groups Social
Favorite food - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s favorite food?

Chocolate covered strawberries, especially if the chocolate is infused with alcohol.

Favorite animal - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s favorite animal?

She hates animals with a passion. She thinks they're too dirty.

Favorite weapon - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s favorite weapon?

Her powers and her daggers.

Favorite possession - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s favorite possession?


Favorite color - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s favorite color?

Pink & black.

Occupation - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s occupation?

Supervillain and murderess.

Politics - What politics does Madeline Rosalind Prince have?

Liberal but also an anarchist.

Religion - What religion does Madeline Rosalind Prince practice?

She doesn't follow any religion, but maybe the closest would be Satanism.

Assorted Facts/Headcanons

From Q&A:

Q: What is your biggest regret?
A: Letting Logan get away. Although I do love Peter.

Q: Pineapple on pizza or no?
A: Pizza is so pedestrian and pineapple is disgusting, so no.

Q: What's your greatest achievement?
A: My greatest achievement is getting this far in life without ever once getting in jail.

Q: Where do y'all see yourselves in like, 20 or 30 years?
A: Ruling the world as an anarchist dystopia.

info History
Birthday - When is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s birthday?

February 14

Background - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s background?

She had an odd childhood. Her father was a doctor and her mother a lawyer, so she grew up relatively wealthy. Because of this, she was also pretty spoiled growing up, although her parents barely paid her any attention. She started acting out in high school, getting in trouble with drugs, underage drinking, and sleeping around just to try and get her parents to pay attention to her.

From Q&A: If your parents had paid you any attention when you were younger, would your life be different now?
A: Jesus Christ, what is this, a therapy appointment? Probably not, I would have just grown up as a rich spoiled brat, which isn't much different than I am now, maybe just without a bit of murder. At my core, I'm simply irredeemable; no way around it.

She was 17 when she discovered her powers, "accidentally" manipulating a jock into sleeping with her. She absolutely fell in love (pun intended) with her powers and used them often.

Education - What is Madeline Rosalind Prince’s level of education?

She has a high-school education and went to college for one year before dropping out to become a supervillain full-time.

emoji_events Heroics & Villainy
Team Affiliation

She's the team leader & founder of the Legion.

Heroic/Villainous Acts

She's now brainwashed two whole dudes to do her bidding against their will, one of which she's forced to marry her. That's pretty villainous if you ask me.

Public Appreciation

The public has mixed feelings about her. If they've only heard of her, they tend to dislike her immensely, but if they've personally met her, they will love her until the day they die.

accessibility Style
General Style

She loves dark colors, especially burgundy and black, and tight clothing. She has a great body and she never feels ashamed to show it off with tank tops, short and tight skirts, and extremely high heels.

Formal Wear

While she does love tight clothing, whenever she has the option to wear long skirts and flowing fabric, she takes it. Low-cut gowns with high leg slits paired with slightly over-the-top jewelry and fancy heels are what she's comfortable in.

device_hub Family
Familial Relations

She doesn't keep much contact with her parents, but if they reach out, she does her best to keep up appearances. She'll fake-care about them if they fake-care about her.

library_music Playlist Analysis

Her playlist covers the beginning of her supervillain career to when she finally has a hold on Peter.

Killer Queen and Maneater detail the majority of the rumors that immediately began spreading the second she joined the supervillain scene. She was like nothing they'd ever seen before, especially with how powerful her abilities were.

Once Madeline figured out exactly what she could do, she started building up her persona of using her powers to make people fall hopelessly in love with her and control them that way, since having monotone slaves wasn't all that fun (Lovefool & Animal).

She eventually developed a reputation for sleeping around, especially after meeting Xavier (Like Lovers Do). (Friendly reminder that they're only 18 by this point and Xavier around 800.) After a while, it was a bit hard to find a supervillain who hadn't slept with the infamous Aphrodite (Ex's and Oh's).

She was eventually sick of doing this gig solo and she realized that if she wanted to do something big, she was going to need help (Hit and Run). Of course, the League moniker was already taken, so they named themselves the Legion and sought to take down the ragtag team of heroes that was ruining a perfectly good crime-riddled New York.

Also during this time, she was gaslighting the hell out of a young Logan, who only stuck with her because she had the money to pay for his HRT, plus she'd already ingrained in his brain that no one would love him like she did (Black Sheep & Royalty).

Once Logan and Peter were swapped and Madeline had a new puppet, she immediately started brainwashing him into being Logan 2.0, now being much more evil and knowing exactly all of the terrible things that she was doing to him and not being allowed to care (Choke & The Queen of White Lies).

Lyrics & Song Analysis

Gods & Monsters by Lana Del Rey
“You got that medicine I need: fame, liquor, love, give it to me slowly. Put your hands on my waist, do it softly. Me and God, we don't get along, so now I sing. No one's gonna take my soul away. I'm living like Jim Morrison. Headed towards a fucked up holiday. Motel sprees, sprees and I'm singing, ‘Fuck yeah, give it to me. This is Heaven, what I truly want.’ It's innocence lost, innocence lost.”

People I Don’t Like by UPSAUL
“Hello, it's so good to see you. We met before but nice to meet you. Yeah, I don't really wanna be here like, ah-ah-ah-ah. What's my name, do you remember? I'm pretty sure you have my number, o let's pretend we like each other like, ah-ah-ah-ah.”

Killer Queen by Queen
“Perfume came naturally from Paris (naturally). For cars she couldn't care less. Fastidious and precise. She's a Killer Queen, gunpowder, gelatine. Dynamite with a laser beam. Guaranteed to blow your mind anytime.”

Maneater by Nelly Furtado
“Maneater. Make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love. She's a maneater. Make you buy cars, make you cut cards, make you fall real hard in love.”

Bad Girl by Girls Love Shoes
“And that's why you want her, that's why you want her. She'll put a dagger in his chest. You see how quickly he forgets ‘cause she's a genius in fishnets. She's so-she's a bad girl.”

you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish
“You should see me in a crown. I'm gonna run this nothing town. Watch me make 'em bow one by one by one.”

Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez
“I'm nuts, baby, I'm mad, the craziest friend that you've ever had. You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong. Over the bend, entirely bonkers. You like me best when I'm off my rocker. Tell you a secret, I'm not alarmed. So what if I'm crazy? The best people are. All the best people are crazy, all the best people are.”

I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha
“Yeah, I'm gonna show you. Loco, maniac, sick bitch, psychopath, yeah, I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna show you. Yeah, I'm gonna show you.”

Lovefool by The Cardigans
“So I cry, I pray and I beg: Love me, love me, say that you love me. Fool me, fool me, go on and fool me. Love me, love me, pretend that you love me. Leave me, leave me, just say that you need me.”

Animal by Sir Chloe
“I'm asking nicely: give me what I want. I'll ask politely: give me what I want.”

These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra
“You keep lyin' when you oughta be truthin', and you keep losing when you oughta not bet. You keep samin' when you oughta be a'changin'. Now what's right is right but you ain't been right yet. These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.”

Dark Horse by Katy Perry, Juicy J
“Make me your Aphrodite. Make me your one and only. But don't make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy.”

Like Lovers Do by Hey Violet
“Clothes on the floor, we exploring our bodies. Getting you off is my new favourite hobby. Lipstick on your neck brands like a tattoo 'cause that's just how lovers do. Ooh, love is just another four letter word, but that never stopped nobody. Ooh, either way we lose just like lovers, just like lovers do.”

Physical by Dua Lipa
“Common love isn't for us. We created something phenomenal. Don't you agree? Don't you agree? You got me feeling diamond rich, nothing on this planet compares to it. Don't you agree? Don't you agree? Who needs to go to sleep when I got you next to me? All night, I'll riot with you. I know you got my back and you know I got you. So come on, come on, come on! Let's get physical!”

Bubblegum Bitch by MARINA
“I'll chew you up and I'll spit you out 'cause that's what young love is all about. So pull me closer and kiss me hard. I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart. I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor, liquor lips. Hit me with your sweet love, steal me with a kiss. I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor, liquor lips. I'm gonna be your bubblegum bitch.”

Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King
“One, two, three, they gonna run back to me, ‘cause I'm the best baby that they never gotta keep. One, two, three, they gonna run back to me. They always wanna come, but they never wanna leave. Ex's and the oh, oh, oh's they haunt me, like ghosts they want me to make 'em all. They won't let go.”

Bleak December by Set It Off
“I really, really, really wanna know you, and not all the fifty fucking personalities inside your skull. If you stop trying to steal the spotlight, and steal the show, then maybe you would have a better chance at not dying alone.”

Kill Of The Night by Gin Wigmore
“Now you're mine, but what do I do with you, boy? I'll take your heart to kick around as a toy. The danger is I'm dangerous, and I might just tear you apart.”

One Woman Army by Porcelain Black
“I pull up in a matte black supa car like Whitney, yeah, no body guard. Stylin' on 'em, gettin' him hard. I got it, I bring all the boys to the yard. You see me at the club in Hollywood. You know I bring that Detroit hood. You like it, and you feelin' good. You know that you want it. You know that you would.”

Hit and Run by LOLO
“I was brought up as a southern belle, I grew into the queen of hell. You were just a little stowaway that stabbed her way to save herself. You always liked the taste of blood, and I get off when I point the gun. It's so good to have someone to be so bad with.”

Black Sheep by Metric
“Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when our common goal was waiting for the world to end.”

Royalty by Conor Maynard
“If I had the money, let me tell you how it'd be: I'd take over the country, everyone would bow to me. Sit up in my palace, and baby you would be my queen. We'd run this ship together, just you wait and see.”

An Unhealthy Obsession by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
“You just don't know it yet but you love me and I love you the same. One day we'll have a pretty wedding and I'll be your everything. We'll be together, yes forever, we will never ever part. Oh you don't know it yet but baby I've already got your heart.”

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
“I want your drama, the touch of your hand. I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand. I want your love. Love, love, love, I want your love.”

Hex Girl by Dreadlight, Maiah Wynne
“I'm gonna cast a spell on you. you're gonna do what I want you to. Mix it up here in my little bowl, say a few words and you lose control. I'm a Hex Girl and I'm gonna put a spell on you.”

I Put A Spell on You by Nina Simone
“I put a spell on you because you're mine. You better stop the things you do, I tell you, I ain't lying. I ain't lying. You know I can't stand it. You're running around. You know better daddy. I can't stand it 'cause you put me down. Oh, no, I put a spell on you because you're mine.”

S&M by Rihanna
“Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.”

“Now shut your dirty mouth. If I could burn this town, I wouldn't hesitate to smile while you suffocate and die, and that would be just fine.”

Sexy Drug by Falling In Reverse
“I'm looking for reasons, I'm begging and pleading, I'm dreaming of calling you mine. You keep me st-st-st-stuttering, stumbling, fumbling over my lines. Without you girl, I'm not alright, I'm not okay.”

The Queen of White Lies by The Orion Experience
“But I know you’re just a White Witch, putting that spell on me. You know I love the punishment, so girl, keep telling me, la-la-la-lies.”

Artist Sharing

Billie Eilish (Aphrodite & Lucifer) - Same Album
Definitely intentional. I personally do not like Billie Eilish’s music, it’s just not my vibe, but I can’t deny that so much of her stuff just radiates supervillain energy.

The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra (Aphrodite & Lucifer)
Less intentional, just because I liked Luci’s song whether or not it was by this artist, but Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra songs also radiate intense psychopath/supervillain energy.

MARINA (Aphrodite & Lunar)
Unintentional but still very welcome! Once again, we have an opposition of songs, with Madeline’s being about her control and gaslighting of her lovers and Ava’s about being on the other side of Xavier’s similar control.

Queen (Aphrodite & Chaos)
Unintentional but I like that it lined up. They both fall at the same time during their arcs, with both of them at the top of their game before James starts falling down and Madeline just keeps getting higher.

chat Incorrect Quotes
Incorrect Quotes

Madeline: I don't dress to impress, I dress to depress.
Everyone: ???
Madeline: i look so good other people hate themselves

Peter: Honestly, I’m just so evil. So full of darkness. I feed off the souls of the living. I strike fear into--
Madeline: You sleep with a stuffed snake.

Madeline: Love is in the air!
Ava, spraying a can of Febreze and holding her jacket over her nose: Not anymore.

Peter: I screwed up.
Madeline: Given your daily experiences, you’re gonna need to be a little more specific.

Xavier: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party and you’re all invited
Madeline: “If.”
Ava: Great, the only party I’ve ever been invited too and he might not even die.

Logan: (if he had courage) What is your problem? Does watching me suffer somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life?
Madeline: it does, 100%

Peter: What’s that piece of paper?
Madeline: Oh that’s just my to-do list
Peter: …
Peter: It only says my name?
Madeline: Exactly

Madeline and Xavier on Vormir
Xavier: jumps
Red skull: here is the soul sto-
Madeline: Thank you
Xavier: Did you get it?
Red skull: I thought you were-

Madeline: sees someone being stupid in the distance
Madeline: Christ, what an idiot.
Madeline: realizes it’s Peter
Madeline: Oh wait, it’s my idiot.

Madeline: My team’s diet is entirely organic.
Simon: That’s cool. My team eats candy off the floor.

phone rings
Madeline: Hello?
Assassin: I can see you.
Madeline: Do I look sexy?

Peter: follows Madeline like a lost dog
Peter: almost kicks out the heel to Madelines heels
Madeline: almost falls on her face I told you! Keep your distance!
Peter: ok
3 minutes later
Peter: Kicks out The heel to Madeline heels
Madeline: Falls on her face
Peter: You good?

Madeline: Id offer you a drink but I don’t want you to stay

Peter: Can I get a HELL YEAH?
Madeline: I don’t know, can you?
Peter: sighs May I get a hell yeah?
Madeline: You should have gotten a hell yeah before we left the base.
Peter: groans But I didn’t NEED a hell yeah at the base.

Madeline, referring to James: He’s like a perfect storm of amazing hair and horrible judgement.

Peter: yeet
Madeline: ??
Peter: yoot
Peter: yotum
Peter: yute
Peter: yeeten
Peter: yate
Peter: Yeeth
Peter: Yeeted
Madeline: You, stop that right now
Xavier, an intellectual: No, let him finish

Interviewer: Would you say you’re independent?
Peter: looks at Madeline
Madeline: nods
Peter: I’d say so, yes

Madeline: at Xavier’s funeral May I have a moment alone with them?
Peter: Of course leaves
Madeline: leaning over Xavier’s coffin now listen, I know you’re not dead
Xavier: Yeah no shit

Simon: I’m never playing sims with you again! especially after you made an underground torture chamber!
Madeline: But what else do you do with them?
Madeline: Unrealistic

Madeline to all of her children: What did I say about stabbing your siblings?

Madeline: I’ve invited you here because I crave the deadliest game.
Peter: nods Knife Monopoly.
Madeline: I was actually going to hunt you for sport, but now I’m really interested in whatever Knife Monopoly is.

Madeline: Oh dear, some fool tried fighting a squid at the aquarium.
Peter, covered in ink: Yeah, well maybe the squid was being a dick.

Madeline: Okay codenames.
Madeline: I’m Eagle One.
Madeline: James is “Been There Done That”
Madeline: Peter is “Currently Doing That”
Madeline: Payton is “It Happened Once in a Dream”
Madeline: Xavier is “If I Had to Screw a Demon”
Madeline: And Ava is...Eagle Two
Ava: Oh thank god.

Ava: Is there a word that’s a mix of angry and sad?
Madeline: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.
Peter: Smad.

Madeline: I just want boys to say cute things to me.
Peter: Suck my dick.
Madeline: Cute things
Peter: Suck my dick in the rain.

Madeline: I’ve molded Peter into perfection. He’s the perfect mix of weapon and servant.
Peter: throwing up in the corner

Peter: walks into the living room slightly disheveled Sorry I’m late I was doing stuff…
Madeline: walks past on her phone I’m stuff

Xavier: sneezes
Madeline: Bless you.
Xavier: You can’t bless me, I’m a demon.
Madeline: Alright then.
Madeline: Fuck you.

Madeline: Compliment me.
Peter: You have eyes!

Xavier: I did a bad thing
Madeline: Does it affect me
Xavier: No
Madeline: Then suffer in silence

Simon: That’s it. It’s over. We won.
Madeline: standing up slowly behind them
Simon: nope that’s it we won I’m not turning around

Madeline: if I die, I want luci to lower me into my grave… Looks at Xavier so you can let me down one last time.

Madeline: Staring deadpan into the camera with a microphone in hand And here, you can see the endangered Luci in his natural habitat.
Xavier: Falls down the stairs, spilling his cereal everywhere
Madeline: Natural selection is coming for this specimen

Madeline’s phone rings
James;: reading it You still call your dad ‘daddy’? sips coffee
Madeline: keeping eye contact with James as she answers it Hey Luci
James: spits out coffee

Madeline: Babe can you help me with the zipper on my costume?
Peter: Sure
Madeline: ...up, babe.
Peter: Right-!

CJ: This is my boyfriend Henry, he’s so strong and lovely and I love him so much
Simon: This is my spectacular boyfriend Dean, he’s my rock, and he keeps me going through the day
Madeline: This is Peter and he has rabies

Madeline: Luci would you stop that, this is serious
Xavier: party favor noise

Madeline: Isn’t fall a great season?
Xavier: No
Madeline: Why?
Xavier: Because you slowly start to wear more clothes

Simon: You deserve a reward for putting up with me
Dean: You are my reward
Peter: You deserve a reward for putting up with me
Madeline: Hell yeah I do, you’re a real bitch sometimes

Peter: Can I sit here?
Madeline: That’s my lap
Peter: Is that a yes?

Ava: What did you do last night?
Madeline: Oh, nothing.
Peter: walks down the stairs
Ava: Good morning, nothing.

Madeline: You’re annoying
Peter: but you love me
Madeline: It doesn’t make you less annoying

Madeline: Peter do you even know where Europe is?
Peter: I know its a place… I’m pretty sure

Peter, throwing his head into Madeline’s lap: Darling tell me i’m pretty
Madeline, stroking his hair: You’re pretty fucking annoying, that’s what you are

Peter: it’s going to be expensive isn’t it?
Madeline: Yes
Peter: You don’t like anything cheap do you?
Madeline: I like you

Madeline: Spinning around in a chair ominously I’ve been expecting yo-
Madeline: Chair continues to spin shit
Madeline: Tried to stop spinning Shit!
Madeline: Grabs a lamp or table to try to stop SHIT
Madeline: Falls out of the chair SHIT

Madeline: Give me Logan back
CJ: Hold up lemme hold a meeting
Madeline: It’s not a choi-
CJ: The council has decided.
Simon and Sarah hugging Logan: Fuck you

Peter: You know, you’re really cute when you’re nice
Madeline: What am I whenever I’m not nice?
Peter, inhales: Hot as fuck-

Peter: Don’t you think that this is crazy?
Madeline: What?
Peter: My heart is beating really loudly right now
Madeline, smiles: Why
Peter: There’s a cockroach near your feet
Madeline: Jumps to mid-air

Madeline: Are you straight?
Xavier: Straight from hell

Peter: What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way? Like I’m horny for Halloween, but I don’t want to fuck a pumpkin, you feel?
Madeline: ...
Madeline: You mean excited?

Peter: Well what if I don’t want to get a tattoo?
Madeline: What happened to the bland, spineless boy I fell in love with?

Madeline: Do you think I’m too confident?
Peter: No.
Madeline: Don’t lie.
Peter: You’re my girlfriend.
Madeline: Alright then, anything you say in the next 30 seconds is free, starting now.
Peter: I think you’re arrogant, bossy, and pushy. You also have a god complex. You tend to never think of anybody but yourself.
Madeline: But I…
Peter: I have 22 more seconds. I’m not done.

Peter: Hey I wrote you a song.
Madeline: What?
Peter: It goes a little something like this. strums guitar twice Fuck you.

Peter: You come here often?
Madeline: This is my fucking house

Peter: You played me like a fiddle!
Madeline: Actually, Fiddles are hard to play. I played you like the cheap kazoo you are

Madeline: Can you take out the trash dear?
Peter: Sure, luci where would you like to go?
Xavier: To your funeral

Madeline: ...did you have anything to do with this?
Xavier: Surprisingly, no. But god, I wish I did.

Xavier: Can I ask you a normal question?
Madeline: Probably not, but go ahead

Madeline: any of her kids do not put that in your mouth this is a public park!

Peter: Come on, have a sense of humor!
Madeline: I married you didn’t I?

Madeline: You think that because you love me and love has made you dumber
Peter: I disagree. If anything love has made me smarter
Peter: Remember last week when I boiled that egg?
Madeline:....that was big. I was really proud of you

Madeline: Fuck you Luci
Xavier: When?
Madeline: luci why?
Xavier: you can’t tell me you didn’t see that coming
Madeline: I know

Madeline: Hey babe what do you want to eat tonight.
Madeline: sighs
Madeline: Oh lord of darkness and kind of Earth, Peter, what would you like to feast upon on this night
Peter: Dinosaur chicki nuggies

Madeline, holding Henry hostage: Give us $10,000 and we’ll give him back
Henry, offended: You think I’m only worth $10,000?!
Madeline: What?
Henry: Give me that takes megaphone
Dean, outside: HENRY, SHUT THE FUCK UP

Madeline: trips
Madeline: Don’t-
Madeline: Peter
Peter: I, PETER
Madeline: Peter no
Madeline: Peter, I swear to god.

Peter: Madeline where have you been? You left your phone on your nightstand and I assumed you were dead
Madeline: I would clearly be buried with my phone

Madeline: You amuse me. I will make you mine.
Peter: You mean like a partner or like a slave?
Madeline: Yes

Madeline: What the hell is that?
Peter with a possum in his jacket: It’s mine is what it is

Doctor: Do you mind telling me what happened?
Peter: I was reading an encyclopedia and I tripped, or “fell over”, and hit my head, or “brain helmet”.
Madeline: Yeah, he sneezed and smacked his head against the wall.

Madeline: I will make you sorry you were ever born
Simon: Well for your information, I already am sorry I was ever born

Madeline: Can you please be serious for five minutes?
Peter: My record is four, but I think I can do it.

Madeline: God, give me patience.
Peter: I think you mean 'give me strength'.
Madeline: If God gave me strength, you'd be dead.

Peter: If you were to vacuum up jello through a metal tube, well I think that’d be a neat noise
Madeline: I beg to differ

Madeline on the phone with her daughter: Just snap his kneecaps and he’ll talk. I’m at a parent-teacher conference right now.
Madeline: Anyways, she's been telling me she enjoys the lessons.

Madeline: I am not drinking wine through a straw, I don’t roll like that.

Peter: So no one told me I look like a clown?
Madeline: Sorry I thought that was your natural look.

Madeline: I’m busy gaslighting someone, do you mind?

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She is the leader of the supervillain team "The Legion", where she leads 13 villains in an endless fight against "The League".

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