info Overview
Name - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s full name?

Malcolm Avery Prince

Role - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s role in your story?

side character turned main character

Age - How old is Malcolm Avery Prince?


Gender - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s gender?

male (he/him)



Other names - What other aliases does Malcolm Avery Prince go by?

His alias is Arsenic because he's poison. Get it? 'Cause he can control you with his pheromones? He's very proud of it.

His friends, brother, and Madeline call him Mal, but the rest of his family is unnecessarily formal and calls him Malcolm.

face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Malcolm Avery Prince have?


Hair Style - How does Malcolm Avery Prince style their hair?

messily styled, enough to show you that he cares but not enough so it looks like he just rolled out of bed looking that good

Hair Color - What color is Malcolm Avery Prince’s hair?

dark red

Eye Color - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s eye color?


Height - How tall is Malcolm Avery Prince?


Weight - How much does Malcolm Avery Prince weigh?

150 lbs

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

freckles everywhere


Both ears and he's debating getting a tongue piercing. (Adam refuses to admit he's absolutely okay with it.) He also has matching tattoos with Adam, although only three of them were intentional: a black lightbulb with a white spider inside, a mini Moon tarot card, a black rose with a white moon, and an unintentional skeleton hand with its middle finger up.

Body Type


Skin Tone

pale but not too pale

Race - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s race?

Metahuman - mostly human species born with a recessive gene that, when activated, gives them superpowers in their adolescence. People may be carriers of the metahuman gene without it being active, but in this case, Malcolm has an active metahuman gene that activated when he was 14.

fingerprint Nature
Prejudices - What prejudices does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

He was born into a very rich family, so he's casually classist, and he's a bit of an anarchist, but he's surprisingly pro-choice for someone with mind control powers.


He's casually an alcoholic at 21 and he's bordering on a nicotine addiction, but other than that, he's fine.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

He's very blunt and he likes to be the center of attention, so unless it's Marcus leading the conversation, he will shove into conversations he's not supposed to be in.
He is very affectionate and likes to constantly have his arm around someone or something of the like.
He runs his hands through his hair constantly and then complains that it never stays clean for long.

Motivations - What motivates Malcolm Avery Prince most?

World domination.

Talents - What talents does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

His body release pheromones that cause the people around him to fall under his control. It's similar to Madeline's ability, but it's weaker and is therefore easier to resist. He can however make it chemically and alter it, like make it stronger or, in his team's case, weaken it.

Flaws - What flaws does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

His powers don't last long if the person he's controlling isn't in his vicinity for very long. So sure, he could get into a club by brainwashing the bouncer, but he has to be careful when he leaves.
He's also an alcoholic.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

He likes to go out clubbing with the friends he genuinely has and he very much enjoys drinking.

Personality type - What personality type is Malcolm Avery Prince?

ESTP & Chaotic Evil

Similar Characters

Whizzer (Falsettos), Marshall Lee (Adventure Time), Sebastian Smythe (Glee)

groups Social
Favorite food - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s favorite food?

Dark chocolate

Favorite animal - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s favorite animal?

He very much enjoys puppies, although he'd never actually get one.

Favorite weapon - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s favorite weapon?

His powers.

Favorite possession - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s favorite possession?

His phone.

Favorite color - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s occupation?


Politics - What politics does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

He's relatively conservative considering his family background, but he's also gay and hates the government, so take that as you will.

Religion - What religion does Malcolm Avery Prince practice?

He doesn't follow any religions.

info History
Birthday - When is Malcolm Avery Prince’s birthday?

December 22

Background - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s background?

He was born into the same rich family that Madeline was, and similar to her, he was barely paid attention to as a child. He didn't feel the need to act out until he was older, because he always had Marcus with him, but once Marcus got intensely invested in the family business, he had to find his own way to spend his time, so he got invested in underage drinking and drugs.
He was 14 when he discovered his powers by convincing a very straight guy to french kiss him in the hallway of their public high school.

Education - What is Malcolm Avery Prince’s level of education?

He has a high-school education and he's currently attending Colombia University, although he doesn't do any of his work or attend any of his classes. He just manipulates the hell out of his professors.

emoji_events Heroics & Villainy
Team Affiliation

He's the newest member of the Legion.
He is also the co-founder of the Phases.

Heroic/Villainous Acts

Probably a bit of sexual assault and assault in general, a shit ton of manipulation of higher-ups.

Public Appreciation

They're rather fond of him actually. They just know him through his fathers company

accessibility Style
General Style

He likes to be formal without trying too hard, so his whole vibe is very dark academia meets rich boy. Lots of turtlenecks, leather jackets, blazers, slacks, and dress shoes.

Formal Wear

Not much different than his casual wear since his casual wear is pretty nice to begin with, but he glams up his usual style and tends to wear even more expensive-looking jackets and pants.

device_hub Family
Familial Relations

Hardly any of his relationships are real considering he uses people, but he's genuinely really close with Marcus.

Pets - What pets does Malcolm Avery Prince have?

His family had a few dogs.

library_music Playlist Analysis
Voice Claim

Victoria by Jukebox The Ghost


His playlist covers his introduction to villainy to his relationship with Adam.

Malcolm was introduced to villainy very early in his life when he discovered his powers. He and Marcus went out of their way to use their powers and get whatever they wanted out of it, but eventually, Malcolm was bored with his limitations (brutal) and decided to see how far he could push them. Once he realized that he could chemically alter his powers, he cranked them up as high as he could go (Feeling Good).
Of course, this led him to abuse his powers like a madman and begin to lose his mind a bit (There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered/I/Me/Myself). This all came to a screeching halt when he met Adam.
Adam came into his favorite bar very unassumingly but clearly interested, so Malcolm immediately took an interest in him as well (fan behavior). Unfortunately, Adam was a spy for Madeline's enemies, so he had to go much more overboard than he was planning on, which lost Adam's faith in him. This hurt a lot more than Malcolm wanted it to (Angeleyes).
After Madeline was murdered, Malcolm spent most of his time developing an antidote to his powers. Once it was finished, he offered up a co-captain position to Adam on a team he wanted to start. Adam agreed much more wholeheartedly than Malcolm thought he would, which resparked his interest (Puppy Princess).
The two of them also became much closer than he intended but he eventually fell into the rhythm and started to flirt with Adam (Emo Boy/Stalker's Tango), only wanting a cat & mouse dynamic. He never expected Adam to actually fall for his authentic self.
When the team discovers Marcus's plans with New York, Malcolm makes the executive decision to go in alone, which backfires horribly and ends with Malcolm being forced to try and kill his team (Meant to be Yours/The Rest Means I Love You). This hurts Adam the most, but the team is able to save him and Adam & Malcolm confess their love to each other (Cold Cold Man/Me and My Husband).

Lyrics & Song Analysis

brutal by Olivia Rodrigo
“And I'm so sick of 17. Where's my fucking teenage dream? If someone tells me one more time, ‘Enjoy your youth,’ I'm gonna cry. And I don't stick up for myself. I'm anxious and nothing can help. And I wish I'd done this before, and I wish people liked me more.”

Feeling Good by Michael Buble
“Stars when you shine, you know how I feel. Scent of the pine, you know how I feel. Oh, freedom is mine, and I know how I feel. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life.”

The Bidding by Tally Hall
“I've been in like a thousand times, dated every woman in the atmosphere. I've been to every continent, broken all the hearts in every hemisphere, and if I'm not the type of guy you like to circumvent, kust remember not to love me when I disa– I graduated at the top. I like to take advantage of the bourgeoisie, so if you have a fantasy of being a queen, maybe you should blow a couple bucks on me.”

There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of It Yet by Panic! At The Disco
“I'm the new cancer, never looked better, you can't stand it, because you say so under your breath. You're reading lips, when did he get all confident? Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer. Never looked better and you can't stand it.”

Bubblegum Bitch by MARINA
“I'll chew you up and I'll spit you out 'cause that's what young love is all about, so pull me closer and kiss me hard. I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart. I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor, liquor lips. Hit me with your sweet love, steal me with a kiss. I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor, liquor lips. I'm gonna be your bubblegum bitch.”

I/Me/Myself by Will Wood
“It's been a point of contention between myself and this body that they stuck me in. The privilege of being born to be a man. And now you got me thinking I wish I could be a girl, and that way you'd wish I could be your girlfriend, boyfriend. Am I pretty enough to lie to? I wish I could be a girl, and that way you'd wish I could be your girlfriend, boyfriend. Just little old me in a big, big world. Little old me in a big world.”

Verbatim by Mother Mother
“I wear women's underwear and then I go to strike a pose in my full length mirror. I cross my legs just like a queer, but my libido is strong when a lady is near, ya. What defines a straight man's straight? Is it the boxer in the briefs or a 12 ounce steak? I tell you what a women loves most: it's a man who can slap but can also stroke.”

Victoria by Jukebox The Ghost
“But you are certainly my poison of choice, sigh, and I know you've had your fair share of boys. But you are certainly my poison of choice, and when I drink you down, my heart makes a sound like this.”

fan behavior by Isaac Dunbar
“It's funny how the tables have turned. I know it's crazy but I love it, so for now in return, I guess I've got myself a fan. It's fan behavior, you're a fan as a result of my cold demeanour. Hey, I just wanna say ‘hey’ to let you know your blow, and all you did was feed my ego. And baby even in the end I tried to make amends. I guess 'til then, I've got myself a…”

Angeleyes by ABBA
“Look into his angel eyes. One look and you're hypnotized. He'll take your heart and you must pay the price. Look into his angel eyes. You'll think you're in paradise, and one day you'll find out he wears a disguise. Don't look too deep into those angel eyes.”

Dark Red by Steve Lacy
“Something bad is 'bout to happen to me. Why I feel this way, I don't know, baby. I think of her so much, it drives me crazy. I just don't want her to leave me. Don't you give me up, please don't give up. Honey, I belong with you and only you, baby.”

Puppy Princess by Hot Freaks
“Kiss me, kiss me with your eyes closed. Whisper that your heart shows. All I want is you. Yeah, you. Come on now, hold me. Hold me, I'm your bunny. Tell me I'm not funny, tell me I'm legit, 'cause I feel weak in your hands and your feet. A precious end, I'll never feel your touch.”

Sexy Drug by Falling In Reverse
“Sexy girl, come and lay with me. I'm frustrated, and it's sexually. Like OMG, you make me com-com-complete. I'm just being honest, I'm creeping and crawling. I’m kissing the top of your head. We're rocking and rolling, we're touching and moaning and making a mess of your bed. Can someone help? She shot me dead. I can't be saved, yeah.”

Emo Boy by Ayesha Erotica
“Saw this boy at the mall last week. Got the kind of look to make me freak. That long ass hair with the tightest jeans. My Chemical Romance on his tee. He looks so sick like he was dyin'. If I said he wasn't hot then I'd be lyin'. Please, handsome, don't be coy. Come on, fuck me, emo boy.”

Cpr by cupcakKe
[I’d rather not but just know it’s here. Emo Boy was uncomfy enough for me to copy/paste. :)]

Stalker’s Tango by Autoheart
“Love me, love me, love me, love me more than you possibly can, it’s not that complicated. No matter what they say, you’ll never meet another me. It’s not that difficult to get your head around. You’ll never meet another me.”

Meant to be Yours from Heathers (West End)
“I was meant to be yours. We were meant to be one. I can’t make this alone! Finish what we’ve begun! You were meant to be mine! I am all that you need! You carved open my heart, can’t just leave me to bleed!”

The Red Means I Love You by Madds Buckley
“‘Cause my insides are red, and yours are too, and the red on my face is matching you, and goodness you’re bleeding. What a wonderful feeling. You’re down and you’re pleading, my head is just reeling. The red means I love you.”

Cold Cold Man by Saint Motel
“But baby don't you go overanalyze, no need to theorize, I can put your doubts to rest. You're the only one worth seeing, the only place worth being. The only bed worth sleeping's the one right next to you.”

Me and My Husband by Mitski
“But me and my husband, we're doing better. It's always been just him and me together. So I bet all I have on that furrowed brow and at least in this lifetime, we're sticking together. Me and my husband, we're sticking together.”

chat Incorrect Quotes
Incorrect Quotes

Malcolm: I’ve been dropping him the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. No response.
Adam: Wow. He sounds stupid.
Malcolm: But he’s not. He’s really smart actually, just dense as hell.
Adam: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don’t know… “Hey! I love you!”
Malcolm: I guess you’re right. Hey Adam, I love you.
Adam: See, just say that!
Malcolm: Holy fucking shit.
Adam: If that flies over his head, then, sorry Mal, but he’s too dumb for you.
Malcolm: A d a m.

Malcolm: I have to admit. I am not living la vida loca.

Malcolm: What the fuck are daddy issues?
Malcolm: Just traumatize your father back.

Malcolm: Do you ever wanna talk about your emotions, Bella?
Melody: I do!
Malcolm: I know, Melody.
Melody: I’m sad.
Malcolm: I know, Melody.

Beck: I only have 5 moods.
Beck: Fuck this.
Beck: Fuck that.
Beck: Fuck you.
Beck: Fuck me.
Beck: Fuck it.
Malcolm: I empathize, but you’re forgetting some.
Malcolm: Fuck yeah.
Malcolm: Fuck no.
Malcolm: Fuck everything.
Malcolm; Fuck my life.
Thea: Don’t forget the inevitable;
Thea: Fucketh.
Crystal: And for those of us who have just given up;
Crystal: Fuck.

Malcolm: I told Crystal her ears flush when she lies.
Bella: Why?
Malcolm: Look.
Malcolm: Hey Crystal, do you love us?
Crystal, covering her ears: NO!

Malcolm: Studies show that I am in fact in a perpetual state of givin’ em the ole razzle-dazzle.

Adam: I don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate, or malewife our way out of it this time.
Malcolm: cracks his knuckles Manslaughter it is.

Adam: Excuse me, why I am considered the responsible one?
Crystal: Malcolm once picked up a kettle while it was still hot because he realized his reflection could be seen in it.
Beck: Once, Crystal ate ice cream with a knife because she refused to acknowledge that it was her turn to do the dishes.
Malcolm: Yesterday, Beck almost crashed our one car because they saw a dog on the sidewalk.
Adam: I’ll never question it again.

Melody: Why are people so obsessed with top and bottom? Honestly, I’d just be excited to have a bunk bed.
Malcolm: I’m gonna tell her.
Adam: Don’t you fucking dare.

Crystal: Why is blood so hard to wash off your hands?
Crystal: I just realized how bad this sounds. For the record, I had a nose bleed. I’m not a serial killer.
Beck: But we both know that’s not quite true.
Malcolm: Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood, just fyi.
Kylie: Do you think if you gave someone a huge shot of hydrogen peroxide straight into their bloodstrea, it would kill them?
Adam: Jesus, this building is filled with murderers.

Crystal: Mal hasn’t been answering his phone all morning.
Adam: Let me try.
Crystal: We’ve been trying all morning, what makes—
Malcolm on the phone: Hey babe, what’s up?

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