info Overview
Name - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s full name?

Simon Jensen Marsden

Role - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s role in your story?


Age - How old is Simon Jensen Marsden?


Gender - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s gender?

genderfluid (they/he)



Other names - What other aliases does Simon Jensen Marsden go by?

Their hero name is Trailblazer, due to their speed and the fact that their queerness is making waves in the superhero community.

The team as a whole usually defaults to calling them Si, since it's easier to yell.
Sarah calls them kiddo because she's the mom friend.
Chloe makes it a point to call them various shades of the color red (i.e. Scarlet, Crimson, etc.)
CJ, Dean, and Henry all have their different pet names for them. CJ's is Sparky, Dean's is babe, and Henry's is the very excessive "my darling monarch".

face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Simon Jensen Marsden have?


Hair Style - How does Simon Jensen Marsden style their hair?

asymmetrical & chin-length with an undercut all the way around

Hair Color - What color is Simon Jensen Marsden’s hair?

half red, half brown

Eye Color - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s eye color?


Height - How tall is Simon Jensen Marsden?

5'3", 5'4" on a good day

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

a few moles and freckles on their shoulders, arms, and legs; gold scar through their right eye (left to onlookers)


They have a septum piercing, both ears pierced, and a bunch of little tattoos because the rest of their partners were getting tattoos & they felt left out. They have a couple of little frogs & mushrooms, a set of sunflowers, and some little cartoony crayons on their wrist.

Body Type

pear-shaped, relatively in shape but not perfectly toned

Skin Tone


Race - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s race?

Metahuman - mostly human species born with a recessive gene that, when activated, gives them superpowers in their adolescence. People may be carriers of the metahuman gene without it being active, but in this case, Simon has an active metahuman gene that activated when he was 19.

fingerprint Nature
Prejudices - What prejudices does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

He's very anti-racism, anti-misogyny, and anti-queerphobia, and he's also 100% for gun control. He does understand it's a little weird that he preaches gun control when he's dating Dean, whose whole thing is guns. Dean, however, went through background checks and has a license for all of his firearms, as well as actually being a decent human being and understanding the risks and responsibilities that come with owning weapons of that caliber.

From Q&A: Do you hate guns or something?
A: Uh, I kinda hate guns? I mean that's Dean's whole shtick, but also gun control is important and I'm not good with loud noises anyway. It's a weird relationship.


He has anxiety and some casual abandonment issues. He's also lactose intolerant, which is extremely frustrating, but he's one of those people that just kinda goes "screw this" and eats dairy anyway.

From Q&A: How badly does your lactose intolerance affect you when you consume dairy?
A: Lactose intolerance is not fun, but I usually have pretty bad stomach pain for maybe an hour if I don't take lactase That combined with having to eat a lot for my metabolism is really not fun, so we always have lactaid pills stocked.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

They crack their knuckles when they get stressed and/or bored, they bite their nails (they are trying to stop doing that), and they keep fidget toys in their pockets almost all the time.

Motivations - What motivates Simon Jensen Marsden most?

His team, especially CJ, Dean, and Henry.

Talents - What talents does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

He has super speed, which he can use to do pretty much anything quickly, as well as phasing through solid matter and time travel.
From Q&A:
Q: What was your first time time-traveling with your super speed?
A: Time-traveling for the first time was terrifying. I'd already gotten used to my powers, so I was probably 20-21ish. I went out with my friends one night and decided, "hey you know what would be fun? trying to go faster." and all of a sudden, I was in the 1970s. I panicked for a moment and luckily I was able to get back as fast as I left because I think if I stayed any longer, I would have been stuck there.
Q: Did you ever get stuck while trying to phase through something?
A: Surprisingly no! I've gotten close and I've lost bits of jackets and shoelaces from phasing, but I personally have never gotten stuck. Thank god.

Flaws - What flaws does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

They're kind of awkward for being the leader of a well-known superhero team, so if you catch them off-guard, they will panic. They also hyper-plan everything and are terrible at working on their feet.

The drawback of super speed is their accelerated metabolism. If they don't consume enough calories to support this metabolism, they'll pass out, so they have to be careful running long distances after battles or overworking themself.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

They like to draw, write, and sing, but they can't dance.

Personality type - What personality type is Simon Jensen Marsden?

ISFJ & Chaotic Neutral

Similar Characters

Michael Mell (Be More Chill), Denki Kaminari (BNHA), Gary Green (DC's Legends of Tomorrow), Haruhi Fujioka (OHSHC)

groups Social
Favorite food - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s favorite food?

It sounds like a cop-out, but they do really like pizza. Although it's half because they genuinely enjoy it and half because it's the easiest food for the team since everyone likes it.

Favorite animal - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s favorite weapon?

Their powers and Dean's guns.

Favorite possession - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s favorite possession?

His sketchbook and his iPad.

Favorite color - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s favorite color?

Dark red & mustard yellow.

Occupation - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s occupation?

Superhero, although they do sell writing and art commission online.

Politics - What politics does Simon Jensen Marsden have?

Extremely liberal.

Religion - What religion does Simon Jensen Marsden practice?

He doesn't really follow anything now, but he was raised Catholic.

From Q&A: Why did you leave Catholicism?
A: I left Catholicism 'cause I grew up Catholic and it was just really jarring when the church community I grew up in suddenly hated me when I came out. Bad vibes all around.

Assorted Facts/Headcanons

From Q&A:
Q: What is your biggest regret?
A: Not telling my parents about this whole superheroing gig before they passed. I wished they knew. My dad would have totally been the kind of dude to go, "that's my kid!" when he saw us on the news.

Q: Pineapple on pizza or no?
A: Not particularly? Mostly because I just don't like pineapple.

Q: What's your greatest achievement?
A: Greatest achievement is definitely getting this team together. I'm so proud of each and every one of us.

Q: Where do y'all see yourselves in like, 20 or 30 years?
A: I'd like to settle down at some point & have kids, so maybe retired from superheroing and just hanging out with my kiddos.

info History
Birthday - When is Simon Jensen Marsden’s birthday?

April 28

Background - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s background?

He was the last of the main ten characters to discover his powers, at 19, and he hated them when he first discovered them. After learning how they worked and finding out that Lucas was also a speedster, they were able to better enjoy their abilities.

More explanation on their backstory and starting the League in their playlist analysis.

Education - What is Simon Jensen Marsden’s level of education?

They have a high-school diploma and they graduated college with a degree in Gender Studies.

From Q&A: What made you go for a Gender Studies degree?
A: I went for a Gender Studies degree genuinely because I'm queer and I thought it'd be interesting, but also because I had no clue where I wanted to go with my life and gender studies opened a bunch of doors!

emoji_events Heroics & Villainy
Team Affiliation

He's the team leader & founder of the League.

Public Appreciation

They're not entirely favored by the public, especially after they came out in a press conference.

accessibility Style
General Style

Their wardrobe consists of maybe five pieces with a shit ton of variations on a theme. They know exactly what brand and style of jeans work, which T-shirts are the most comfortable, and which jackets fit the best, so they buy several of the same thing in a bunch of different colors and patterns. They've stuck with a rotation of solid color/patterned T-shirts, flannels, short-sleeved button ups, crewneck sweaters, high-waisted jeans, pleather jackets, combat boots, and casual sneakers for a while now.

Formal Wear

He has a bunch of formal wear options because he'll never know how he feels about his gender expression until maybe the hour before the event. He has a couple of suits, some more classy and some with slightly crazy patterns, a couple of really nice dresses, and a couple of jumpsuits.

device_hub Family
Familial Relations

Both of their parents died of natural causes within the past couple of years, but Simon had a relatively good relationship with them. They also have two brothers: one older (Anthony) & one younger (Jesse), who occasionally visit the base.

library_music Playlist Analysis
Voice Claim

Average - Sushi Soucy


Their playlist covers when they first enter college at 18 to the present story.

30/90 starts the playlist with a bang, and, combined with Change, goes over the majority of their mindset from 17-19. They definitely weren't doing well in their late teens, but they turned mostly to self-isolation and copious amounts of caffeine in an attempt to avoid drugs and alcohol. As they continued into college, their mental status dipped even further (Look Who's Inside Again) and they started doubting their abilities even more (Average).

The friends he'd had since high school started bearing down on him and he was putting way more into his friendships than he was getting out (Touch-Tone Telephone). He made the terrifying decision to cut himself off from them in pursuit of better friends, which hurt him much more than he expected it to without hurting them much at all. (Last Young Renegade & This Bird Has Flown)

This of course hurt their mental health even more, although they knew it would help them in the long run (Francis Forever), but slowly they get back on their feet (I'm Still Standing) and start getting used to their superpowers.

He got together with new friends to form their own superhero team, called The League, which started off a bit rocky (Nobody Likes The Opening Band), but they managed. Unfortunately, he took too much responsibility too fast and immediately worked himself into the ground (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger). Unlike his old friends, his new teammates helped him out of his burnout and the team began to grow and thrive.

CJ, Dean, and Henry were exactly what they needed in life, even if they knew that the three of them would become their greatest weaknesses (Love Runs Out), but they were still immensely grateful for the support that they provided and they're never let them go for anything. With their help, they were finally able to regain their footing and figure out what this team needed to do and where they could go with the powers they had (Damn Good Times). Present day, Simon's still kicking ass with his fantastic team and they can take anything that the world throws at them (How Lucky Am I).

Lyrics & Song Analysis

30/90 from tick, tick… BOOM!
“Don't panic, don't jump ship. Can't fight it, like taxes. At least it happens only once in your life. They're singing, ‘Happy Birthday’, you just wanna lay down and cry. Not just another birthday, it's 30/90. Why can't you stay 29; hell, you still feel like you're 22. Turn thirty, 1990. Bang! You're dead, what can you do?”

Change by DJO
"In a conversation, but my mind is out the back door. Watching this unfold like I am floating right above it. Jake is on his phone and I'll admit that I don't love it. I just said that when my friends moved here I'd interact more. Who am I to judge? I just detach, that might be harder. Harder not to tell you man, what's really going on. In a conversation and I'm looking right down on it, then you pull my body back and whisper in my ear."

I’m Not Okay by Weathers
“I talk to myself, self. I think I need help, help. So what if I'm na-na-na not okay? I'm na-na-na not okay. I'm bad for my health, health. My head's on a shelf, shelf So what if I'm na-na-na not okay? I'm na-na-na not okay.”

summer depression by girl in red
“I don't care, I'm feeling down. I wanna stay home, never go outside. Summer depression comes every year. I just want to disappear.”

Look Who’s Inside Again by Bo Burnham
“Well, well, look who's inside again. Went out to look for a reason to hide again. Well, well, buddy, you found it. Now come out with your hands up, we've got you surrounded.”

Average by Sushi Soucy
“God, it’s so hard to be good for your age, when you know that your work’s not good enough for the stage. You got the skills of an idiot who got too much praise, and your whole damn career just turns into a phase, and the fire in your heart is beginning to fade.”

Kissaphobic by Make Out Monday
“I'm kissaphobic. Don't wanna get too close to you. Your mouth is a hurricane, something sweet before the pain. I'm kissaphobic. That body don't wanna hold it, no: you'll loosen your dress, you'll pull at my neck, and we'll break what can't be broken.”

She Wants Me (To Be Loved) by The Happy Fits
“One day you'll love me before we grow old. All of your wishes to have and to hold. I'll do your dishes and ask for no kisses, so, I'll tell you what I want if you tell me what you want is. Quit movin', quit dancin'. Why can't you love me here tonight?”

Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon
“I try to call you every day, I'm rehearsing what to say when the truth comes out of my very own mouth. I've been working on a unified theory. If I make it through tonight, everybody's gonna hear me out.”

Out Like a Light by The Honeysticks
“Did your mother always seem to hate me? I'm sicker every day and now I'm terrified of talking to my friends only to stay still dreaming of our first born and your hair covered in popcorn. You never leave, you never leave, you never leave, you leave me up tight strung up like a kite. Dumb, wicked, and white. Love me in spite. If I betray our lonely nights spent out like a light with no kiss goodnight. Would we ever fight when I'm away?”

Last Young Renegade by All Time Low
“You said you're sick and tired of it, it. But I need you morning, night, and day. I miss you every single way-ay-ay. We said forever but forever wouldn't wait for us. You were my last young renegade heartache. It only took one night. Caught in the eye of a hurricane, darling, we had to say goodbye.”

Lent by Autoheart
“I'll pack it in, pack it in. Never smoke anything, never eat anything that will compromise my health, and, baby that means you, too. That means you.”

This Bird Has Flown by The Ghost Club
“So let these fools run free to be the ones they want to be. These chains, they're falling off all over me. My friends, I hope you get to see that I don't need your pleas and empty, cold apologies. Your friends just haven't been real friends to me. It's time for me to spread my wings.”

Francis Forever by Mitski
“I don't know what to do without you. I don't know where to put my hands. I've been trying to lay my head down, but I'm writing this at three AM. I don't need the world to see that I've been the best I can be, but I don't think I could stand to be where you don't see me.”

Smokey Eyes by Lincoln
“Sticky thighs, are you wild now or just a memory? Some people want to be your friend. Some people just want to be free, and the worst thing about me is that I’m somewhere in between. I might miss you, but I’m still trying to get clean. So help me make amends with all my friends. Most other people are just dead ends. There’s nothing worse than making friends.

My Life by Billy Joel
“I don't need you to worry for me 'cause I'm alright. I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home. I don't care what you say anymore this is my life. Go ahead with your own life leave me alone.”

I’m Still Standing by Elton John
“Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid. I’m still standing after all this time. Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind.”

Good Rhymes for Bad Times by Bears In Trees
“I've never had satisfaction in the chemical reactions that happen in my head. There are faults in these cracks; they send volts then relax then realize the wrong message was sent. It's disillusion, and confusion, this illusion of me. Through solemn seclusion (and my neurons' delusion), I've come to this conclusion that I'll never fully be.”

Nobody Likes The Opening Band by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME
“Nobody likes the opening band. Their set time's far too early and I've never heard of them and chances are they won't go far. Career is sure to end ‘cause no one likes an opening band.”

Here’s the Thing by Sports Team
“Here's the thing, if you smile enough then everybody smiles. Here's the thing, if you work a little harder, you'll get by. Here's the thing, or you can trust a man who wears a suit and tie. It's all just lies, lies, lies, lies. Here's the thing, if your parents worked to earn it, then it's yours. Here's the thing, if you're barely getting by, then that's your fault. Here's the thing, everything in life is fair and that's the rules. It's all just lies, lies, lies, lies.”

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk
“Work it harder. Make it better. Do it faster. Makes us stronger.”

Chase It! by Set It Off
“This is a race that I will not lose; I’ll chase it ‘til my legs give out.”

Run Boy Run by Woodkid
“Run boy run! The sun will be guiding you. Run boy run! They're dying to stop you. Run boy run! This race is a prophecy. Run boy run! Break out from society.”

Lo-Fi Children by Wild Party
“Guaranteed chemistry. I'm not lying, only dying, spending time without you's cheap. Nothing's free If we meet someday, we'll never need to change the beat of growing streets, no place can urbanize our lives. It'd make my night to get to know your way around the block. I'll leave it up to you.”

Caught in the Middle by Paramore
“And I'm just a little bit caught in the middle. I try to keep going but it's not that simple. I think I'm a little bit caught in the middle. Gotta keep going or they'll call me a quitter. Yeah, I'm caught in the middle. No, I don't need no help, I can sabotage me by myself. I don't need no one else, I can sabotage me by myself.”

A Good Song Never Dies by Saint Motel
“'Cause a good song never dies. It just reminds you of where you were the first time it made you cry, the first time you felt alive. No, a good song never…no, a good song never… The first time it made you cry, the first time you felt alive. No, a good song never dies.”

Love Runs Out by OneRepublic
“I got my mind made up and I can't let go. I'm killing every second 'til it sees my soul. I'll be running, I'll be running ‘til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.”

Damn Good Times by They Might Be Giants
“I know a girl who's a natural dancer. With a cape and a hat she's a natural dancer. She coughs and she laughs and she makes a lot of calls, and all of the people applaud as she leaves the store.”

Tongue Tied by Grouplove
“Take me to your best friend's house. I loved you then and I love you now. Don't take me tongue tied. Don't wave no goodbye.”

Kids In America by Kim Wilde
“Hotshot, give me no problems. Much later, baby, you'll be saying nevermind. You know life is cruel, life is never kind. Don't make a new story, don't grab any glory. We're the kids in America, whoa.”

Everyone Is Gay by A Great Big World
“And we're all here in it together. We're one step closer to breaking down the walls.”

Born2Run by Penelope Scott
“Are you really gonna save the world like that with your tits half out on Instagram? I mean yeah motherfucker that was always the plan, I'm gonna wear this shit to congress, man. So hop off my dick 'cause this whole thing makes me feel sick. And you're mean to kids, why can’t you just quit picking on them?”

Wrecking Ball by Mother Mother
“You gotta want to be the drummer in the band. You gotta want to be a battering ram. You gotta see the artistry in tearing the place apart with me, baby. I am unruly in the stands, I am a rock on top of the sand, I am a fist amidst the hands, and I break it just because I can.”

Variations on a Cloud by Miracle Musical
“It's a little bit of magic to end the world, but I thought you knew me truly. Something different than we started with in the world. Does it even matter to me? Miracle worker, I saw you begin it. Walking the water, so soft on the rain. See what you see in the surface, a limit. Ladies and gentlemen, please, why don't we keep it coming back and coming back and coming back. Why don't we keep it coming back and coming back. Join if you wish.”

How Lucky Am I? by The Toxhards
“How lucky am I that I can afford to be alive? How lucky am I that I'm living through the end of times? Giving up everything I wanted has brought be peace of mind. Got nothing to do today, but still I think I'm doing fine. Autumn leaves, something calling me. My younger self, are you proud of me?”

Artist Sharing

Bears In Trees (Trailblazer & Vanish)
Unintentional but not unwelcome! The vibes of Bears In Trees does fit both Simon and Logan and even their separate songs still share similar themes, so it kinda serves as a similarity of their mindsets.

Lemon Demon (Trailblazer & Lucifer) - Same Album
Unintentional but not unwelcome! This is another opposition comparison, although their songs are very similar and they’re on the same album. It also shows that both of them could have gone down very different paths if they’d been raised and grew up differently.

Mother Mother (Trailblazer & Venom)
Unintentional, but that’s mainly because these two songs and their meanings to the characters are extremely different. Simon’s showcases their power and their team’s strength, while Peter’s showcases his weaknesses and his pain in terms of the abuse he’s suffered from Madeline.

NOAHFINNCE (Trailblazer & Vanish)
Another unintentional, but like Bears In Trees, the music fits both of them very well and I’m glad they have similar music tastes. Both of these songs also showcase their personal weaknesses, which can help them grow together.

OneRepublic (Trailblazer & Chaos)
Unintentional, but I’m so glad they have similarities. These characters, especially after James settles into his new character, are scarily similar; they just came from different backgrounds, with Simon gaining more confidence and James learning to slow down a little.

chat Incorrect Quotes
Incorrect Quotes

Simon: We’re screwed.
CJ: Hey now. I don’t wanna hear that attitude! I wanna hear some positivity!
Simon with a smile: We’re screwed!

Simon: Keep an eye on Jack today. CJ said he’s going to say something to the wrong person and get punched.
Chloe: Sure, I’d love to see Jack get punched.
Simon: Try again.
Chloe: I will stop Jack from getting punched.

Simon: What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?
Jack: Well first of all, his name is Peter, and secondly, he doesn’t like being called a thing.

Simon: Dean I love you, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.
Dean: I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to you?
Simon: yep
Dean: ...I’m sorry

Simon: My boyfriend is too tall to kiss.
CJ: Punch him in the stomach then when he leans over in pain, kiss him.
Henry: Tackle him.
Chloe: Dump him.
Jules: Kick him in the shin.

Simon: it’s kinda cold
Dean, handing them his flannel: here
Henry: it’s kinda cold

Simon: Don't you ever want to talk about your feelings, Saundra?
Saundra: Nope
CJ: I do
Simon: i know CJ
CJ: I’m sad
Simon: I know CJ
Simon: going from “today is a good day” to “I hate my life” takes me approximately 2.6 seconds

Simon: why is your back all scratched up?
Dean: (flashes back to when he chased a raccoon after Simon told him not to)
Dean: I’m having an affair

CJ: I had three rice krispie treats and a tic tac for breakfast
Simon: in no way is that healthy

Simon: We should stop worrying about Logan and let him lead his own life
CJ: Do you want to follow him or should I?
Simon: Let’s both do it

Marie: So lemme get this straight
Sarah: more like let me run this bi you
CJ: Let’s just see how this pans out
Ava: Let’s ace-ess the situation
Simon: In fluid motions
Jack: I’m gay
Peter: unintelligible screaming

Simon: Are you alright? You didn’t sleep at all last night.
CJ: I got a solid eight minutes.
CJ: Not consecutively, but it’s fine. You’re not even that blurry.

[at disney world, in the teacups]
Sarah, Logan, Henry: spinning a little and talking
Simon, Chloe, CJ, Lucas, Dean: flying past them spinning as fast as they can while screaming at the tops of their lungs

Simon: 80% exhaustion, 10% sarcasm, 20% don’t care
Dean: that’s 110%
Simon: 20% don’t care
Dean: should’ve seen that coming

CJ: Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?
Simon: I’m a knife.
Dean from across the room: They’re a little spoon.

Chloe: If Pinocchio said “my nose will grow right now”, what would happen?
Sarah: The word “nun” is just the letter n doing a cartwheel
Lucas: Surgery is just stabbing someone into life instead of death
Simon: If you sweat in a sweater, aren’t you the sweater?
CJ: if you wear cowboy clothes, are you ranch dressing?
Dean: I hate all of you

Peter: walks into a room
Simon: Buckle up, buttercup, you just flipped my bitch switch.

Simon: I wish I could block people in real life.
CJ: A restraining order.
Dean: Murder.

Simon: Don’t let another person ruin your day.
Simon: Ruin your own damn day.

Sarah: Learn how to be the bigger person.
Simon: I’m 5’3”, I’m never the bigger person!

Sarah: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
Simon: What if the Legion’s out again?
Sarah: Fine. Other than that. And no laptop.
Simon: My laptop’s broken.
Sarah: Then I’ll take your phone.
Simon: I might need my phone if the Legion captures me.
Sarah: Then no...uh…
Sarah: glances at Dean No Dean.
Simon: What? No Dean?
Sarah: NO DEAN!

Simon: How did you even find me?
Dean: I thought “Where are they?” And then I saw the explosion.

Henry: quietly to CJ I’m going to kill you
CJ: W-What?
Henry: Isn’t that what people say when they care about each other?
CJ: No! Who showed you that?
Henry: Well, I-
Simon: randomly running in WHERE’S DEAN!? I'M GONNA KILL HIM
CJ: Nevermind

Sarah: You know what I need?
Simon: To be accepted
Saundra: To be listened too
CJ: To be allowed to be sad
Sarah: …
Sarah: I was gonna say a back massage and maybe a nap are you guys ok?

Simon: You were hurt, what do you remember?
Dean: Just the ambulance ride.
Simon: We didn’t take an ambulance, Sarah drove us.
Dean: But I heard a siren.
Sarah: That was CJ.
CJ: I was panICKING.

Dean: We have fun, don’t we Simon?
Simon: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life.

Simon: CJ has zero self preservation or survival skills. Sometimes I think she was just born without them.
Sarah: I’m sure that’s not true everyone ha-
Simon: Watch this. Hey CJ I’ll race you downstairs!
CJ: jumps out a two story window

CJ: Henry and I do not have nicknames for each other.
Simon: Uh huh...hey, you know what bees make, right?
CJ: Honey?
Henry, from the other room: Yes darling?
Simon: Don’t lie to my face ever again.

Simon: Listen up you little shits.
Simon: Except you Logan.
Simon: You’re an angel and we’re thrilled to have you.

Henry: CJ, I’m so happy. I could kiss you!
CJ: ...neat.
CJ: I can’t believe I said neat.
Simon: Don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes.
Simon: Remember what happened when Dean first said he loved me?
CJ: Didn’t you thank him?
Simon: I thanked him.

Madeline: My team’s diet is entirely organic.
Simon: That’s cool. My team eats candy off the floor.

CJ: Hey Simon? Can I get some dating advice?
Simon: Just ‘cause I’m with Dean doesn’t mean I know how I did it.

Dean: I hate you.
Simon: I hate me too.
Dean: Babe no we talked about this.

Simon and CJ: watching the neighborhood kids play
CJ: Look at them having fun, they’re so happy.
Simon: Yeah.
Simon: How long until they lose the will to live?
CJ: I don’t remember ever having one
Simon: Me neither, those kids are doomed

Dean: accidentally hits Simon in the face
Dean's Mind: debating whether or not to say “I’m so fucking sorry” And “Are you ok”
Simon: *confused and injured

Sarah: Goodbye Simon!
Sarah: And goodbye Simon’s-boyfriend!
Simon: She knows your name, I swear.

Ava: Would you stop accusing me of having a favorite league member?
Ava: I like Simon and all you non-Simons equally

Simon: Did Dean just tell me he loved me for the first time?
CJ: Yup.
Simon: And did I just do finger guns back?
CJ: Yeah you did.

Simon: Is something burning..?
Dean: leaning seductively against the counter Just my desire for you.
Simon: Dean the toaster is on fire.

Simon: on a hunt with Dean
Dean: salting and burning bones
Dean: silent
Simon: Get roasty toasty, Mr. McGhosty.

Simon: at 2 am I should bake a cake.

CJ & Henry: Date someone who will drag you outside at 3 am to look at the stars.
Simon & Dean: If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, wakes me up at 3 am to look at the damn sky they will be removed indefinitely from my life.

Simon: crying while watching a movie
CJ: yeets the TV out the window
CJ: Do you feel better?

Simon: I don’t really like people, but you’re okay I guess.
Dean: …
Dean: We’re married.

Simon: laughs at something
Simon: Okay, back to suffering.

Simon: Hey CJ, when was the last time you slept?
CJ: Sometime in Decembruary.
Simon, extremely concerned: what

Simon, pointing at Dean: dis a hunter
Simon, pointing at Sarah: dis a friendo
Simon, pointing at CJ: dis a lovely
Simon, pointing at Henry: dis a fabulous
Simon, pointing at themself: disappointment

Dean on a hunt: Holy shit, a hellhound!
Simon: Dean, what did we say about language?
Dean: Holy shit, a heckhound!

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Their Speed Dial:
1. Dean; he's the panic call, although CJ's a very close second. Dean's just usually more available and Simon feels more comfortable calling him at 3am.
2. CJ; they're the backup Dean and they will slap a bitch if necessary, so while they might not be first, they're still up there for a reason.
3. Sarah; she's the backup team leader so if there's any Legion-specific issues, they call her first.
4. Their brother, Anthony; he was always the advice man, so if they ever don't feel comfy talking with their team, they'll call him up.
5. Henry; he's always the last of the speed dials. He's important enough, they promise, he's just not necessarily the first or second person they'd call.

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