info Overview
Name - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s full name?

Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry

Role - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s role in your story?

Side Character

Age - How old is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry?


Gender - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s gender?

female (she/her)



Other names - What other aliases does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry go by?

Her hero name is Mysteria because it's a mystery as to what her power is. (ooooo spooky!)

Most everyone calls her Asia because it's short & sweet.

face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?


Hair Style - How does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry style their hair?

Very long and wavy, usually a mess. It goes down to about her midback.

Hair Color - What color is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s hair?

dark brown with a light purple strand in the front

Eye Color - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s eye color?

light blue

Height - How tall is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry?


Weight - How much does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry weigh?

135 lbs

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

She has freckles, but she also usually has stickers all over her body.


She has both ears pierced and some artsy stuff tattooed as a sleeve on her left arm.

Body Type

very slim

Skin Tone


Race - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s race?

Metahuman - mostly human species born with a recessive gene that, when activated, gives them superpowers in their adolescence. People may be carriers of the metahuman gene without it being active, but for this case, Asia has an active metahuman gene that activated when she was 14.

fingerprint Nature
Prejudices - What prejudices does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

None really, she does fight against racism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism, however.


She’s allergic to bees.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

Very soft and fluid, she looks around a lot when she talks

Motivations - What motivates Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry most?

Her friends and the League as a whole.

Talents - What talents does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

She can borrow her teammates' powers without draining them, so she essentially becomes a second version of them. She's very versatile.

Flaws - What flaws does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

She can only borrow one power at a time and if she uses it too much at once, it drains her energy extremely fast. Also, if she holds onto someones power for a prolonged amount of time, they start to get weaker.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

Drawing, animating, and painting. She also dabbles in baking.

Personality type - What personality type is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry?

Chaotic Good

Similar Characters

Kara Danvers (Supergirl), Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

groups Social
Favorite food - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s favorite food?

Chocolate covered strawberries

Favorite animal - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s favorite weapon?

Her powers

Favorite possession - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s favorite possession?

Her drawing tablet and Apple Pencil

Favorite color - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s occupation?


Politics - What politics does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

Mostly liberal

Religion - What religion does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry practice?

She doesn’t actively practice a religion

Job - What job does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

While she's not superheroing, she works on the official League comic book series.

info History
Birthday - When is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s birthday?

March 22nd

Background - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s background?

She was born in Seattle, Washington, and grew up there for most of her life. She ended up going to school for art. She has two older sisters who both went to school for forms of art, one going for theater and the other going for photography. Both her parents are really cool and pretty laid back all things considered. They don't know exactly what their daughter is doing in New Jersey but she talks to them frequently so they know she's alright.

Education - What is Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry’s level of education?

She graduated college with a degree in media design and animation. She had a job making children's books for a while and only quit when she found out about the superhero team that she eventually joined.

device_hub Family
Familial Relations

She, her parents and her sisters still have great relationships. Her parents still live in Seattle so she don't ever see them but her sisters are both scattered throughout the country. She talks to them pretty frequently

Pets - What pets does Anastasia "Asia" Olivia Berry have?

Her family had two cats when she was younger but she doesn't currently have any pets

emoji_events Heroics & Villainy
Team Affiliation

Member of the league

Heroic/Villainous Acts

She really doesn't go out to fight very much. She may be incredibly powerful, but she really doesn't want to go against Madeline, Jason and possibly Xavier. This is especially because none of them know how powerful she is and the league wants to keep it this way.

Public Appreciation

People always like her. It's hard not to like her sense of humor and the way she acts in general. The public isn't super fond of her because of her involvement in the league but no one actively singles her out

accessibility Style
General Style

Her general style is still pretty nice. She tends to wear skirts and loose shirts pretty often. She loves wearing fashionable hats and jewelry. Everything she wears is pastel and pretty, and she always looks like she's going somewhere important

Formal Wear

Long, flowy dresses. She also loves peasant sleeves and chiffon fabrics.

library_music Playlist Analysis
Voice Claim

Remember That Night? by Sara Kays

chat Incorrect Quotes
Incorrect Quotes

Simon: We're screwed.
Asia: Hey now! I don't wanna hear that attitude! I wanna hear some positivity!
Simon, with a smile: We're screwed!

Asia: How do Cas and Henry get out of these messes?
Dean: They don't. They just create bigger messes that cancel out the first one.

Simon: My boyfriend is too tall to kiss.
Asia: Punch him in the stomach, then when he leans over in pain, kiss him.
Lucas: Tackle him.
Chloe: Dump him.
Sarah: Kick him in the shin.

Simon: Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
CJ: looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you
Peter: Looks like he could kill you, could actually kill you
Logan: Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll
Asia: Probably stole someone’s Cinnamon rolls once

Asia: sneezes
CJ: Bless you.
Simon: sneezes
CJ: Si? Are you sick? Let me wrap you in blankets and get you warm soup!
Jack: sneezes
CJ: Oh my god, shut the fuck up.

CJ: Are you awake?
Henry: Yeah, what's up?
Asia: You guys! Shh!
Simon: What is the meaning of life?
Chloe: Dude, shut up!
Sarah: Quiet, guys, my mom's gonna hear us!
Jason, from the shadows: you kids wanna buy some drugs

CJ, buried in the sand: I am the Simon guardian, guardian of the Simon.
Asia: Poseidon quivers before them!
CJ, @ Jack: Fuck off!

Asia: You're being really nice to Cas lately.
Henry: So? I'm just a lovely human being, Asia. I'm sunshine and daisies and I spread joy and hope everyone feels happy...
Asia: You're in love with them, aren't you?
Henry: Oh yeah, 100%

Henry, standing outside CJ's house with a board that says "Date Tonight?"
Asia: Oh my god! Yes!
Henry: No! Tell Cas!
Asia: Cas! I'm going on a date with your boyfriend!

Asia: I'm calling Cas.
Henry: No wait

[someone flirts with Simon or Henry]
Asia: two are really quiet today.
Dean: No one plans murder out loud.
CJ: Stupid.

Simon: Are you okay?
Asia: Yeah, why?
Simon: I mean, I just watched you slip down a couple stairs, lay on the floor for a minute, and then start singing Baby Shark.
Asia: Your point?

Asia: In French, you don't say "I miss you", you say "tu me manques", which means "you are missing from me", and I think that's beautiful.
CJ: In the U.S., you don't say "you all", you say "y'all" which means "you all", unless there's more people, then you say "all y'all", which means "all you all", and I think that's beautiful.

CJ and Asia, attempting to sneak a lifesize cardboard cutout of Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel into the base
Sarah: What'cha go there?
Asia: ...a smoothie.

Henry: Who needs drugs? I'm high on life.
Lucas: Who needs life? I'm high on drugs.
CJ: Who needs high? I'm drug on life.
Asia: Who drugs high? I'm life on needs!
Chloe: Hi, I'm drugs, who— bursts out laughing
Simon with their finger guns: Life on needs.
Jason in the corner: Who needs drugs? Me.

Asia: Look. We both have ADHD and no patience, we can't help it.

Asia: Silly goose moment.

Asia: I'm tired of being a woman.

Asia: My boobs were not secure.

Asia: Dean, have you ever seen the Strawberry Shortcake episode on manners?

Chloe: Pass the salt.
Asia: What's the magic word?
Chloe: Or else.
Asia: That's two, but point taken.

Asia: The League. A lot of weird stuff happens there regularly, and today was no exception. I thought I was going to have a normal, casual time, but then the whole Legion came online, and things went crazy.

Asia: I am in Spain without the A

Asia: For you, Logan, the world.

CJ: My life is a little too much Panic and not enough Disco.
Simon: My life is a little too much Fall and not enough Boy.
Logan: My life is a little too much Chemical and not enough Romance.
Asia: My life is a little too much Imagination and not nearly enough Dragons.

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