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Name - What is Henry James Morgan’s full name?

Henry James Morgan

Role - What is Henry James Morgan’s role in your story?


Age - How old is Henry James Morgan?


Gender - What is Henry James Morgan’s gender?

cis male



Other names - What other aliases does Henry James Morgan go by?

His hero name is Celestial because he has celestial magic and he thought it sounded fancy.

Simon, CJ, and Dean all have their different pet names for him. Simon's is Apollo, CJ's is Princey, and Dean's is Sunshine, but almost always said condescendingly.

face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Henry James Morgan have?


Hair Style - How does Henry James Morgan style their hair?

Kind of a pompadour but with large bangs. It's very fluffy.

Hair Color - What color is Henry James Morgan’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Henry James Morgan’s eye color?


Height - How tall is Henry James Morgan?


Weight - How much does Henry James Morgan weigh?

About 160 lbs

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Henry James Morgan have?

a few freckles across his nose


Both ears are pierced, and he also has an industrial piercing in his left ear and two helix piercings in his right. He also got nipple piercings post canon. He has a fall of Icarus tattoo on his back down his spine. He also has an ornate broken sword on his right forearm along with three tattoos for his deities: two on one shoulder and one on the other. He ALSO has a crayon box tattoo that is three arrows crossing, one arrow for each partner.

Body Type

relatively thin and in shape

Skin Tone


Race - What is Henry James Morgan’s race?

Metahuman - mostly human species born with a recessive gene that activates gives them superpowers in their adolescence. People may be carriers of the metahuman gene without it being active, but for this case, Henry has an active metahuman gene that activated when he was 16.

fingerprint Nature
Prejudices - What prejudices does Henry James Morgan have?

All for human rights, civil liberties, gun control, and other liberal platforms.


He has social anxiety.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Henry James Morgan have?

He's extremely expressive, especially with his hands, like CJ. He has hit people accidentally on many occasions.

Motivations - What motivates Henry James Morgan most?

His team.

Talents - What talents does Henry James Morgan have?

He possesses celestial magic, which he can do a scary amount with. Even he doesn't know everything that he can do.

Flaws - What flaws does Henry James Morgan have?

He is quite a bit much.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Henry James Morgan have?

He likes to cook and bake, and he's trying to teach both Simon and Dean how to dance.

Personality type - What personality type is Henry James Morgan?

ESFJ & Lawful Neutral

From Q&A: What's it like being an ESFJ (that doesn't have depression like me)?
A: I never cared much about my Myers-Briggs, I'm much more of a zodiac and Hogwarts House kind of guy, so I guess I'm alright?

Similar Characters

Amity Blight (The Owl House), Roman Sanders (Sanders Sides), Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things), Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo)

groups Social
Favorite food - What is Henry James Morgan’s favorite food?

Sour-sweet candy and blueberries.

Favorite animal - What is Henry James Morgan’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Henry James Morgan’s favorite weapon?

His powers.

Favorite possession - What is Henry James Morgan’s favorite possession?

His camera.

Favorite color - What is Henry James Morgan’s favorite color?

Light yellow.

Occupation - What is Henry James Morgan’s occupation?

Superhero, but he does work at the bar down the street because he likes making drinks.

Politics - What politics does Henry James Morgan have?

Fairly liberal.

Religion - What religion does Henry James Morgan practice?

Pagan! He worships Hades, Apollo, & Athena.

Job - What job does Henry James Morgan have?


Assorted Facts/Headcanons

From Q&A:

Q: What's your biggest regret?
A: I sure wish I'd found this family sooner. I really care for them and especially during college, they would have been extremely helpful.

Q:Does Henry have a favorite musical?
A: I have a few, but currently I'm really into Phantom of the Opera again. It's such a classic and the music's fantastic. I also have a soft spot for Hello Dolly! since that was my favorite show that I did in high school.

Q: What's your favourite meme (assuming you have one)?
A: I'm particularly fond of the English dub of Ghost Stories, which is a meme in of itself.

Q: Pineapple on pizza or no?
A: Yes, because I really like pineapple.

Q: What's your greatest achievement?
A: Greatest achievement for me is getting my face on the front of TIME magazine. It was the whole team, but like…I'm still on there.

Q: Where do y'all see yourselves in like, 20 or 30 years?
A: Still kicking supervillain ass. I'm not giving this up until I'm old and gray.

info History
Birthday - When is Henry James Morgan’s birthday?

January 22

Background - What is Henry James Morgan’s background?

He was 16 when he discovered his powers. While onstage during a school play, he blew out one of the spotlights when he got overemotional. However, he didn’t realize the true extent of his powers until much later.

From Q&A: If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?
A: If I could change my past, it'd probably be to care a little less about myself in high school. I was extremely self-absorbed for a while and I screwed over a couple of friendships that I wish I could've fixed.

Education - What is Henry James Morgan’s level of education?

He has a high-school education and he graduated college with degrees in Theater and Finance, because he wanted to be excessive but still be able to support himself.

emoji_events Heroics & Villainy
Team Affiliation

He joined the League in mid-2020.

Heroic/Villainous Acts

His heroics usually take place during battles

Public Appreciation

He's one of the least liked members of the League because he's loud and boastful, but he's trying desperately to get them to like him more.

accessibility Style
General Style

He's very determined to make his wardrobe aesthetically pleasing, so he has a very strict color scheme: pastel yellows, light blues & denims, and whites. He also really likes sunflowers, so they accent everything.

Formal Wear

This man is extra as hell. White tuxedos and gold accents.

device_hub Family
Familial Relations

He has the best relationship with his family of the entire League because he actually talks to them! They have not met the entire team, but they have met the rest of Crayon Box.

Pets - What pets does Henry James Morgan have?


library_music Playlist Analysis
Lyrics & Song Analysis

Seventeen by Peach Pit
“On the high school lot, you’d kiss me so long, but lessons don't last when I'm playing you so fast. There's something dark hangin' over my head. I'm seventeen, don't hold your breath.”

Celestial by Tori Kelly
“This celestial glow is blinding. I'll dive in the sky, oh the water's alive. I'll float down to soak in the stars. Swim away from the night, I'm swallowed by light.”

Lemon Boy by Cavetown
“Lemon Boy and me started to get along together. I helped him plant his seeds and we'd mow the lawn in bad weather. It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him, so I got myself a citrus friend.”

Brazil by Declan McKenna
“Oh, Lord! What have I become? I'm the face of God, I'm my father's son. I'm not what you think you see. I know you can't eat leather, but you can't stop me. Why would you lie, why would you lie about how you feel? I've got a mission and my mission is real, because you've had your chances, yeah you've had enough. I'm gonna burn your house down to spread peace and love, and it gets me down. Oh, Lord, how it gets me down.”

Sunflower by Rex Orange County
“Tryna keep my mind at bay. Sunflower still grows at night. Waitin' for a minute 'til the sun's seen through my eyes.”

Asymptotic by Louie Zong
“We're asymptotic. We're on it ‘til the end of linear time. Asymptotic. Divided by the smallest, slimmest line. Asymptotic. Obliquely, here's the point of this speech: as close as we could ever get, you'll be just out of reach.”

Come Along by Cosmo Sheldrake
Come, come, come, come, come along now. Run away from the hum-drum. We'll go to a place that is safe from greed, anger, and boredom. We'll dance and sing 'til sundown and feast with abandon. We'll sleep when the morning comes and we'll rise by the sound of the birdsongs.”

Hidden In the Sand by Tally Hall
“We were playing in the sand, and you found a little band. You told me you fell in love with it. Hadn't gone as I planned.”

Send Me A Peach from Over The Garden Wall
“I never dreamed that there'd come a day when I'd find myself far from your arms. Now that I am, I can hardly stand not to be near your sweet southern charms. Send me a peach from ole Georgia, down where the Savannah flows. If I could have one bite of Georgia, I would feel right here at home.”

Unopened Windows by Set It Off
“My favorite movies are tales never filmed. That I dream of living out. A private screening played out in a field but I’m trapped inside this house.”

Putting a Spin on Build Me Up Buttercup by Egg
“Why do you build me up, buttercup, baby, just to let me down and mess me around, and then worst of all, you never call, baby when you say you will, but I love you still. I need you more than anyone darling, you know that I have from the start. So build me up, buttercup, don't break my heart.”

Falling for U by Peachy!, mxmtoon
“But I can't help it, I'm falling for you, and I can't quit it ‘cause I'm stuck on you. And it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical, but I just want to be with you. Please tell me, boy, can you get a clue? Or come through 'cause I just want to be with you.”

your text by Sundial
“Hey pretty stranger, I think you look cute. Can I get your number? I wanna know you.”

Dontmakemefallinlove by Cuco
“I don't think I'm meant to be with you. I don't wanna make you sad, all the time just feeling bad. Girl, don't make me fall in love with you. I don't think I'm right for you. I'm just disappointing you.”

i think you’re really cool by guardin
“I packed my bags last week. Sunrise and I’m on my feet. Let’s skip town and chase our dreams ‘cause this place ain’t what it seems.”

La Da Dee by Cody Simpson
“There's no way to say this song's about someone else. Every time you're not in my arms, I start to lose myself. Someone please pass me my shades, don’t let 'em see me down. You have taken over my days, so tonight I'm going out, yet I'm feeling like there is no better place than right by your side. I had a little taste and I'll hold this for ya at the party anyway ‘cauze all the girls are looking fine, but you're the only one on my mind.”

Sweet Boi by Chevy
“Hey. You got a smile so bright, your pearls be making me so blind. Oh, you sugar coat your words just to make sure that I don't get hurt. You make me higher than a sire, treat me like royalty. Do me a favor and just take me away.”

Smile by Nohidea
“I’m wandering alone to places that I’ve never been. I’m putting my mind in the sky, letting the whole world in. My personality is ninety-two or ninety-three. Let’s get lost up in the past, why don’t you spend this day with me?”

Buttercup by Jack Stauber
“Electrify my heart. Electrify my heart. Yeah, surprise, I'm in the same time, beneath the same sun. Oh man, you cut me to size, my little buttercup.”

Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar
“Look at you go, I just adore you. I wish that I knew what makes you think I'm so special. If I could begin to do something that does right by you, I would do about anything. I would even learn how to love.”

Stalemate by love-sadKID & mochi
“I can't imagine life without you, so I write a love song or two. Yeah, we fight, argue, and walk up that staircase, but when it comes to love, me and you stay at stalemate, oh. Won't you just pick me up, dust me off, see whassup, give me all of you, 'cause I see more than what meets the eye, oh.”

Airplane Mode by Limbo
'Cause I've been dreaming about you, ooh. I've been wishing that I was next to you, ooh. I've been dreaming of us, ooh. I've been thinking that this is not a need or a must, but.”

Make You Mine by PUBLIC
“Put your hand in mine. You know that I want to be with you all the time. You know that I won’t stop until I make you mine.”

you’re my world by atlas
“And with a smile like an ocean wave you catapult around the sun. And meet me at the other side to tell me that you've found it fun. Swimmin' in the UV rays you shinin' like the sound of thunder. Boomin through my stupid shades and shook all of the ground undone.”

Portland by Bowling Shoes
“Haven't you seen my bad habits as of lately? Maybe it's not a pleasantry. Let's go soon and get there nice and early. What's one long drive?”

Boy Bi by Mad Tsai
“When my friends ask me 'bout my sexuality, I choke up and joke that the answer's not easy. Like, I'm watchin' a Disney movie and the couple gets it on, but who should I look at, is it Shang or Mulan? I like boys and girls but I still don't know why I couldn't get either one if I really try. I'm switchin' my preference like an on-and-off switch. If I had a dime for every crush I've had I'd be rich. Like boy bye, girl hi. New guy, I'm bi? I cry every time I try to decide.”

The King by Conan Gray
“You see me as your lifeline. Other boys and girls never really made you feel right, and you can't explain why I'm always running your mind. Don't you see the answer's right in front of your eyes?”

Sunflower Vol. 6 by Harry Styles
“I couldn't want you anymore. Kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor. I couldn't want you anymore tonight ,tonight, tonight.”

Strawberry Kisses by Olivia Herdt & Luv.Ly
“Floating kisses busting by the river. I've been missing your strawberry kiss 'cause nothing's that sweet. The taste still drives me crazy.”

Sunkissed by khai dreams
“Cuz' you're so lovely, you're so lovely. I can't help but fall for you, love, when you love me, it's so lovely loving you.”

Artist Sharing

Cavetown (Vanish & Celestial)
Neither intentional nor not intentional. Cavetown was one of my bases for Henry’s vibes, but I wanted “This Is Home” specifically on Logan’s playlist because it’s the “trans guy” song.

Egg (Vanish & Celestial)
Unintentional! Their Egg songs are very different, with Logans’ being an original song and Henry’s just being a variant of a popular song, but they have similar vibes. Most of their overlaps are more music taste related than personality related.

Jack Stauber (Vanish & Celestial)
Unintentional but I’m glad they matched up! I never expected Logan and Henry to line up this well, but I actually love it. Their music tastes are very similar, although Henry’s choices are much more optimistic than Logan’s.

Tally Hall (Celestial & Lucifer)
Very unintentional. Henry’s song is a very weird song for Tally Hall and it’s such an outlier in their music, so it’s clearly not supposed to be like Xavier’s in any way. They could sort of be oppositions, but because Henry’s is just the odd one out, there’s not many comparisons to make.

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His Speed Dial:
1. Simon; they're the fastest and if it's a real emergency, they can get there first.
2. CJ; they will slap a bitch if necessary, so while they might not be first, they're still up there for a reason.
3. Dean; he's the heavy hitter and casually freaks out when he doesn't know things.
4. Della; she kinda serves as a sister figure, and she can do a shit ton with her powers, so she's a heavy hitter as well.
5. Sarah; she's the mom, she needs to know things.

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