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Name - What is Logan Evan Williams’s full name?

Logan Evan Williams

Role - What is Logan Evan Williams’s role in your story?


Age - How old is Logan Evan Williams?


Gender - What is Logan Evan Williams’s gender?

trans male (he/him)



Other names - What other aliases does Logan Evan Williams go by?

His hero name is Vanish, and he used it as his villain alias as well, because he quite literally makes stuff disappear.

Most of the rest of the team shortened his name to Lo because they feel the need to shorten everything.
Simon, Sarah, and CJ all call him kiddo but Simon's trying their best to stop because they think they're babying him.

face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Logan Evan Williams have?

He has a little bit of stubble that he wanted to grow, but he doesn't like it, especially because he thinks Dean looks good with his beard and Logan doesn't think he could pull it off.

From Q&A: If you don't like a beard, do you think you could handle mutton chops or a soul patch or a mustache or even a goatee?
A: Um, maybe a mustache? I don't know, I just don't think I'd look good with facial hair, and I'm always worried I'll look like a kid with like, those prosthetics they use in high school theatre programs.

Hair Style - How does Logan Evan Williams style their hair?

short with bangs that swoop in front of his face.

Hair Color - What color is Logan Evan Williams’s hair?

light brown

Eye Color - What is Logan Evan Williams’s eye color?

pale blue

Height - How tall is Logan Evan Williams?


Weight - How much does Logan Evan Williams weigh?

165 lbs

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Logan Evan Williams have?

He has a scar across his right eye (looking at him, it's the left) from where Samantha slashed him with one of her knives. She didn't mean to. He's now blind in that eye.


He has both ears pierced but he only ever wears studs. He had a black heart tattooed on his neck but he burned it off with a curling iron (which is very dangerous, do not try this at home). After that, he got a Medusa tattoo on his upper back, a knife going through a few pink hearts, and Madeline’s name crossed off with ‘shit happens’ underneath it. At some point, he had his septum pierced, but it closed up a while ago because Madeline said he looked like a bull.

Body Type

scarily slim and definitely needs to eat more.

Skin Tone

paler than the average white guy

Race - What is Logan Evan Williams’s race?

Metahuman - mostly human species born with a recessive gene that, when activated, gives them superpowers in their adolescence. People may be carriers of the metahuman gene without it being active, but for this case, Logan has an active metahuman gene that activated when he was 11.

fingerprint Nature
Prejudices - What prejudices does Logan Evan Williams have?

He's very for human rights, especially queer rights, and gun control. He's also extremely for the Me Too movement.

From Q&A: If you want your freedom, why are you all for gun control?
A: I was never a gun kind of person, my parents weren't gun people, so I never really considered having a gun as being part of my freedom. Guns also casually terrify me.


He has intense anxiety and PTSD in addition to his gender dysphoria.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Logan Evan Williams have?

He keeps his body very close to himself, so he's always very tense. He's also very quiet and although the League is very open and friendly, he still hates speaking out of line.

Motivations - What motivates Logan Evan Williams most?

His team and his freedom.

Talents - What talents does Logan Evan Williams have?

He can touch things and make them disappear without a trace, so he wears gloves as to not accidentally make things disappear. He does not know where they go.

Flaws - What flaws does Logan Evan Williams have?

He's very hesitant in battle, which makes him an odd superhero. Madeline controlled him in early Legion battles, so he never learned how to fight on his own, although he does have some muscle memory. Dean's helping to train him.

He can't ever turn off his powers, so he has to wear special gloves so nothing accidentally disintegrates.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Logan Evan Williams have?

He likes plants and he has a scary amount of succulents in his room.

Personality type - What personality type is Logan Evan Williams?

INFJ & True Neutral

Similar Characters

Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)

groups Social
Favorite food - What is Logan Evan Williams’s favorite food?

He doesn't eat much, but he likes ramen a slightly unhealthy amount.

Favorite animal - What is Logan Evan Williams’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Logan Evan Williams’s favorite weapon?

His powers, but he really doesn't like to fight.

Favorite possession - What is Logan Evan Williams’s favorite possession?

His binder.

Favorite color - What is Logan Evan Williams’s favorite color?

Dark green and light blue.

Occupation - What is Logan Evan Williams’s occupation?


Politics - What politics does Logan Evan Williams have?


Religion - What religion does Logan Evan Williams practice?


Job - What job does Logan Evan Williams have?


Assorted Facts/Headcanons

From Q&A:

Q: What is your biggest regret?
A: Coming out to Madeline. I don't really want to talk about it.

Q: Pineapple on pizza or no?
A: No pineapple, sorry.

Q: What is your greatest achievement?
A: Personally, not sure if this counts as an achievement, but getting away from Madeline and becoming a part of this family.

Q: Where do y'all see yourselves in like, 20 or 30 years?
A: Finally comfortable in my own body, maybe with a partner. I don't particularly want kids, but maybe we'd have a cat.

info History
Birthday - When is Logan Evan Williams’s birthday?

January 21

Background - What is Logan Evan Williams’s background?

He discovered his powers when he was 11 and he figured out he was trans around the same time. After an extremely abusive relationship with Madeline, the League broke him out of the Legion base and helped him through his healing process.

Education - What is Logan Evan Williams’s level of education?

He has a high-school diploma and he was planning to go to med school, but after the first couple of years, he came across Madeline and his life path was screwed over.

emoji_events Heroics & Villainy
Team Affiliation

He was one of the founding members of the Legion against his own will, but he eventually joined the League after Peter was kicked out.

Heroic/Villainous Acts

basically none

Public Appreciation

While the rest of the League isn't entirely favored, he's less favored from the rest because he was technically a villain first.

accessibility Style
General Style

Like most non-cisgender people, he thrives on layers. He has a rotation of button-ups, dad sweaters, and light jackets that he wears with Converse or nicer shoes.

Formal Wear

He owns a couple of suits from his time with Madeline, since she liked to dress him up like her personal Ken doll, but he doesn't go to many formal events, so they kinda just waste away in his closet.

device_hub Family
Familial Relations

He was cut off from his parents when he came out, so his only family left is the League and his friends from the Legion.

Pets - What pets does Logan Evan Williams have?

none but he wants a dog

library_music Playlist Analysis

His playlist covers when he first joined the Legion alongside Madeline to the present story.

TW // s/xual assault, s/icidal thoughts

Body Terror Song through Melancholy Deja Vu kick it off with massive imposter syndrome and separation anxiety. Now that he's with Madeline, he immediately sees her turn more into a villain than when he knew her. She was kind to him, and she'd never used her powers on him before, to his knowledge. She wasn't a bad person...right?

After realizing that she doesn't love him anymore, he fades into the shadows and does his best to do the least amount possible in this ambiguous as all hell team (the saddest bop u'v EVER heard). Unfortunately, Madeline realizes and traumatized him for life by forcing herself on him and brainwashing him in the process (No Control).

One night, he gets a clear mind and tries to kill himself before Julianna finds him and talks him down (Downhill). She explains that she did something similar with Ava and that she'll help him out, she just needs to make a few phone calls. He starts to think of how wonderful a life could be without having to bow to Madeline's every whim (Never Meant to Know & Goodbye). The only problem with this is that the Legion is his only family and he doesn't know what to do outside of them (a conversation about identity** through I Scared All My Friends Away).

Julianna promises him a better life and works with CJ to get him a spot on the League after Peter was kicked out. Logan doesn't do well with the transition, especially with the remnants of the brainwashing, the suicidal thoughts, and the constant nightmares. Slowly but surely, however, he finds his home in the League (thrifted youth).

He still continues to have nightmares almost every night, getting little to no sleep, and Simon did their best to help, getting them both coffee in the middle of the night and talking over their anxiety (Burnt Espresso & Honey Moon).

Eventually, with the help of the whole team, he was able to realize how terrible Madeline truly was and that he was his own person with his own thoughts (Sad Forever & Deserve Me). He's so glad he found them.

Lyrics & Song Analysis

Body Terror Song by AJJ
“I'm so sorry that you have to have a body. I'm so sorry that you have to have a body, oh yeah. I'm very sorry that you have to have a body. One that will hurt you, and be the subject of so much of your fear. It will betray you, be used against you, then it'll fail on you my dear. But before that, you'll be a doormat, for every vicious narcissist in the world. Oh how they'll screw you, all up and over, then feed you silence for dessert.”

Bugbear by chloe moriondo
“And oh, whoa, I just want you to know I feel so brain dead next to you. It's not like you intended to hurt me or make me feel that way, and I'm not tryin' to complain but it just sucks to try and explain why I feel like this every day.”

I DONT TRUST U ANYMORE by Left at London
“And I guess it's inflation, but damn, it's hard to value my two cents. As a kid, I was idolizing millionaires and all the presidents, but. I don’t trust them anymore. No way, no way, no, not again. And I may never trust at all, no way, no way, I’m over them.”

Asthma Attack by NOAHFINNCE
“Don't ask me all these bloody questions, I'll get arsey; you think I know myself, well, you'd be mostly wrong. It's taken way too long for me to sing my song, old me is dead and gone. If lying was a crime then I'd be doing time, and I don't mean to whine but just imagine having to lie to friends, foes, all of those people that should matter most. Living a double life is just as obvious as Pinocchio. I had never thought that life would, would be like this, and now I'm thinking that maybe I should, maybe give life a miss. And if living was the equivalent of breathing, then maybe I should prepare myself for another asthma attack.”

Anxiety Song by Human Petting Zoo
“I can't stand being alone for just a little while. Just a couple hours and I will hate myself. Anxiety has led me to believe the ones I love will leave. They're never coming back to me, and I will die alone.”

Panic Attack in My Local KFC by Ollie MN
“During a panic attack at my local KFC, I'm comforted by the fact that the Wi-Fi’s free, so I can Google ‘what the fuck is wrong with me?’ Why do I struggle with things that should come so naturally? Oh, how do you keep the fear away? Feel it rising in my throat every day. It's hard to explain you're not okay without sounding like the worst tumblr cliche.”

Melancholy Deja Vu by Nico Muhoberac
“Melancholy deja vu. I think that you noticed it too, maybe you didn't after all. Maybe you didn't have a clue. How was I supposed to know if you were lying or not, if you were lying or not? How was I supposed to know if you were for real or not, if you were for real or not?”

Dead Weight by Jack Stauber
“Oh, what the hell can I do? To fill the pages? Meet the strangers? Kiss the girl, take it in, feel the ages? A time or two, but it's all so good to let up. Dead weight.”

This Is Home by Cavetown
“Turn off your porcelain face. I can't really think right now in this place, there's too many colors enough to drive all of us insane. Are you dead? Sometimes I think I'm dead 'cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head, but I don't wanna fall asleep just yet.”

Just Someone With A Sweater On by Claire Young
“I don't like myself when I'm feeling down. I don't like myself in general. Tiny inconveniences can make me sad, but I'm just sensitive. My confidence is paper-thin. Put on a sweater. My heart's so cold but I don't know if I'll get warmer. Now I'm just someone with a sweater on.”

the saddest bop u’v EVER heard by Rory Webley
“Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood poltergeist. Nobody ever looks at me twice. I'm used to being see-through, but it feels so bad when it happens with you. Wish you'd see me the way I see you.”

I Knew You Once by Hollie Allen
“You shared your secrets and I shared mine. Silence was comfy without having to try. We swapped our smiles, gifted advice.”

No Control by Set It Off
“Fall to my knees, God I beg you please, show me just a little mercy. Help me, help me! I'm doing all I can. Pretend I'm unaffected, but their pain became my burden. Swear this isn't what I wanted. God, this house is haunted. The way that this could be, if things would remedy, and after all of this we've been through, I wish that we could switch shoes. This life ain't fair for us all.”

Vanilla Curls by Teddy Hyde
“What will it take? Was this a mistake? I'm paying the price for those velvet eyes. In a minute she already put my feelings in their place; I hate vegetables, but I'd put that stringbean on my plate. She caught me by the ear and left me lying here in writhing fear. If I get any deeper, I might need diving gear. Instant kindred inhibition, a kiss then distance. It isn't over; let's call it an infinite intermission.”

Sweet Hibiscus Tea by Penelope Scott
“And I am not your protagonist. I'm not even my own. I don't know anything, I don't even know what I don't know. And if you look outside you'll see disintegrating trees, the artificial way the sunlight bounces off the glitching leaves. My wet heart catches on every thorn. You're already halfway out the door. And I'm so tiny and so old, and God it's never been so cold, and it is 85 degrees. I don't know what I need.”

I Don’t Love You Anymore by The Honeysticks
“I don't love you anymore, and it just dawned on me this morning. I don't feel it anymore. I hope you don't mind me leavin'.”

Downhill by Lincoln
“And you’re the one who taught me to be brave. I’ve never spent a moment loving anyone but you, and maybe that’s just something that people say, but I hope that you know it’s the truth. Because I went downhill at such steep incline that my rearview mirror showed me only the sky, and I laughed about it all night.”

Transient by The Blank Minds
“My mind is reeling, is this right or is this wrong? I question every word I wrote in that song. I should say I'm sorry, it was my fault. I'm sorry it's a little foggy on my front. It's hard to explain what goes on in my mind while it's easy to write. The hard thing I find is being open and honest and telling you the truth because if i told you what goes on all the screws would come loose.”

Never Meant To Know by Tally Hall
“Having enjoyed all the meat from the bone is perfectly equal to being alone. It was even, but you breathe and I turn to stone. Everything suddenly looks like a sign easy to see from the outermost clime. I believe in what I leave in the way behind. And all the parts combine to one, and all of us around the sun. Everything will fall away to order from the disarray. See the sun, the shadows cast from all the times I floated past. See the ocean spinning out with all the hope and all the doubt.”

Goodbye by The Altogether
“Needless to say, we've taken time and used it to make our smiles align, but still your emotions changed on a dime. Our love was red, the world was blue. Love was impatient, now we're through. There's only one thing left to say this time, I hope you're fine, goodbye.”

a conversation about identity by tea
“I’m breathing in fresh air on my grandparents' front porch while you're laying in the grass, or you're staring at the floor and anxious like I am. I'm panicking again 'cause I'm losing touch with all the people I call friends.”

Angel Eyes and Basketball by Foot Ox
“There are flowers growing all around a massive animal inside of me. And it's so ugly, and I'm so broken. And I'm so ugly, and it's so broken. I am calling all of my friends to pull me out from this hole, but they're so caught up in their own shit, and I'm so caught up in my own shit. Worlds collapsing all inward, and the drones are piercing through its own skin, but I think we should live together. Yeah I think we should live together.”

I Scared All My Friends Away by beard
“I scared all my friends away. I wished they would stay, but they were too far gone. I tried my best to explain but it was too late; they'd already moved on.”

Ramblings of a Lunatic by Bears In Trees
“Would anyone listen to this, the ramblings of a lunatic? My mind does play an awful trick, the ramblings of a lunatic. Would anyone listen to this? I'm running from my emptiness. My brain is tired, my stomach sick, the ramblings of a lunatic.”

Deep Breaths by Sushi Soucy
“This is the story of a kid who never did learn how to breathe, and strangely enough, other than that, he was normal. He did everything else other kids did, like playing or read. There was something wrong with him.”

thrifted youth by dalynn
“'Cause we're just laughing 'cause we feel like crying, pretend we don't care but we're all lying. They say we're all self-obsessed 'cause we're in love with loneliness. Who knew fear could be so unifying?”

Sorry Haha I Fell Asleep by Egg
“Sorry, I didn't respond for a week, I was in class, and then I fell asleep. Woke up late for work, and left my phone at home. I didn't mean to leave you hanging there all alone. Sorry, I left you unread for the day, I couldn't think of anything worthwhile to say. I don't know just yet who you take me to be, and I don't wanna spoil your impression of me. Oh, this is just what I do: pushing you away though I wanna be close to you.”

Hungover in the City of Dust by Autoheart
“Insolent and out of character, we’ve changed so much. I barely recognize our formative lives hidden deep, deep, deep underground. And they won’t come back. They won’t come back no more. We’re hungover in the city of dust. Let our hearts run round in circles while we fall apart. We’re hungover in the city of dust. Let our minds run round in circles while we figure it all out.”

My Heart Is Buried In Venice by Ricky Montgomery
“Come rest your bones next to me and toss all your thoughts to the sea. I'll pull up each of our anchors so we can get lost, you and me. My heart is buried in Venice hidden beneath all my worries and doubts. My heart is buried in Venice, waiting for someone to take it home.”

Burnt Espresso by Sidney Amos & Barnes Blvd.
“Say you seem the type who knows just what to do, and I'll say back to you that it takes one to know one and I'd liked to get to know one, so if you'd to drink shitty coffee down a couple streets at the northbound side of me, I'd love to stay there and think of what to say there, yeah. If you'd like to go somewhere I know, we could both smell like burnt espresso.”

Honey Moon by Birds in the Airport
“Water damaged memories are floating down my street. Most of my duct taped dreams died screaming 'cause I guess I sprung just one too many leaks. My world was corroding, didn't know what to do. You made that decade of amnesia wake up to the glow of a honey moon.”

Fine! by Mal Blum
“You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be tip-top shape and tapping toes and fly. You're gonna act awesome and self-assured. We're gonna seem contemplative, nonchalant and bored.”

Forever & the Stars by The Lone Ghosts
“I'm so happy with myself, and I feel like someone else. You've helped me through the dark. I've left my mark. Now we're stuck together, but i'm so happy for myself. I'm so happy for myself.”

Sad Forever by Anthomy Amorim
“Oh, this is where I'm at. This is what I dress like. This is how I act. You cannot make me feel like it is now or never. I don't want to be sad forever. Oh‚ this is who I am. You say you don't like it, I don't give a damn. You cannot make me feel like it is now or never. I'm not gonna be sad forever.”

Deserve Me by Bug Hunter
“A cross to my shoulder, a jab to my chest, a kick to my ego, a lack of defense. As though in slow motion, you wind up again. What do I deserve? I'm finally ready to admit this wasn't my fault to learn that love does not exist when I feel this small. And I can count on one hand the times you made me feel worthy; now I can count on one finger to say: you don't deserve me.”

Artist Sharing

Bears In Trees (Trailblazer & Vanish)
Unintentional but not unwelcome! The vibes of Bears In Trees does fit both Simon and Logan and even their separate songs still share similar themes, so it kinda serves as a similarity of their mindsets.

Cavetown (Vanish & Celestial)
Neither intentional nor not intentional. Cavetown was one of my bases for Henry’s vibes, but I wanted “This Is Home” specifically on Logan’s playlist because it’s the “trans guy” song.

Egg (Vanish & Celestial)
Unintentional! Their Egg songs are very different, with Logans’ being an original song and Henry’s just being a variant of a popular song, but they have similar vibes. Most of their overlaps are more music taste related than personality related.

Jack Stauber (Vanish & Celestial)
Unintentional but I’m glad they matched up! I never expected Logan and Henry to line up this well, but I actually love it. Their music tastes are very similar, although Henry’s choices are much more optimistic than Logan’s.

NOAHFINNCE (Trailblazer & Vanish)
Another unintentional, but like Bears In Trees, the music fits both of them very well and I’m glad they have similar music tastes. Both of these songs also showcase their personal weaknesses, which can help them grow together.

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His Speed Dial:
1. Simon; they're the fastest and if it's a real emergency, they can get there first.
2. CJ; they've usually got their shit together and they will slap a bitch if necessary.
3. Dean; he's the heavy hitter and he's naturally protective of Logan, so he will also slap a bitch if necessary.
4. Julianna; she's one of his only remaining ties to the Legion and she's such a great 3am FaceTime call.
5. Ava; she's one of the other only remaining ties to the Legion and she likes to tell him what he's missing on the anti-hero sides of things.

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