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Name - What is this universe's name?

Time is Broken

Description - How would you describe Time is Broken?

time shattered and crashed together, breaking reality a bit. now, all parts of history, what we know today, and all of the future, have been shoved together in one big mess. as for the broken reality bit, how's your knowledge on mythology?

Genre - What genre best describes Time is Broken?

fantasy, sci-fi, idk???
it's a lot of things

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History - What is Time is Broken’s history?

Time shattered long ago during a mysterious event known only as 'The Shattering' no one knows exactly what happened since it was so long ago, but now time has mixed. old and new collide, myth is now truth, and war happens everyday. new groups arise constantly, either offering solutions to peace and how to fix time, or corrupting the world even further.
Nothing is the cause for the shattering, a long forgotten deity who wanted for nothing more than to never be alone. it did what it had to do. well, that's what it believes anyway.

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Technology - What is the level of technology like in Time is Broken?

depends on where you are. some places it's super advanced, in others it's not so much.

Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Time is Broken?

relatively normal, a few things here and there that don't make sense.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Time is Broken?

anything that exists in history or stories.

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This universe contains...
38 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Alasdair Archibald Tod serial killer / works for Death
group Vorex Mourdon science experiment hybrid
group Hazel Jones hacker
group Neo scientist's A.I.
group Miko Nomura ( or surname first: Nomura Miko ) serial killer / works for Death
group Livana Leventi serial killer / worker for Death
group Switch scientist's A.I.
group Claudia Agosti protagonist
group Brad Parker protagonist
group Zavis Mourdon king of Vraekar kingdom
group Apophis Lonestel science experiment hybrid (works for antagonists)
group Saraia Embroden scientist
group Carmen Friesen protagonist
group Takeo Katsuki assassin/stealth dude in the military
group Friend scientist's A.I.
group Death well I mean,,, he's death,,,,
group Noah Kornelson [hero] military engineer/hacker
group Life a protagonist
group Dagiia a deity
group Space
group Nothing "in the beginning, Nothing existed..."
group (Iidake - temporary name)
group Cedrix Cyrus Claustem antagonist
group Austin Friesen
group Adonis Friesen deceased husband
group Loki Volodar mage
group Tyler Génial [hero/neutral] bounty hunter
group Yaedin Mourdon Prince and heir to Vraekar kingdom
group Hannah Penner protagonist
group Emma Shepard protagonist
group Akito Katsuki protagonist
group Nomius Wheytraft science experiment
group Time important
group Tenebris
group Tatius Agosti sniper and dark magic user
group Natt Mourdon personification of the night / queen of Vraekar kingdom
group Silvius Friesen
group Justin La Fleur [neutral] Tyler's sidekick

7 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Nulka region the exact North of this world
terrain Vraekar Kingdom (West Kingdom) night time all the time everytime
terrain Haeza islands islands off the coast of Vraekar
terrain Troxa plains a place of perpetual sunset/sunrise
terrain Iteoka region the exact south of the world
terrain Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom) day all day everyday
terrain The Silk Slayers two lady killers

4 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Foireann Naofa ( holy staff ) made of gold and silver and decorated with many gems
emoji_events Hikari No Sutaffu 'tis Life's magic staff
emoji_events Mörkets Blad 'tis death's scythe
emoji_events تميمة الوقت ( Tamimat Alwaqt ) a time amulet, helps time take care of time

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