info Overview
Name - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s full name?

Yaedin Mourdon

Gender - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s gender?


Role - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s role in your story?

Prince and heir to Vraekar kingdom

Age - How old is Yaedin Mourdon?


face Looks
Hair Color - What color is Yaedin Mourdon’s hair?

black, with white specks

Body Type

muscular and thin???

Skin Tone

Pale white

Race - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s race?

human / half celestial being

Eye Color - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s eye color?

dark purple

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Yaedin Mourdon have?


Hair Style - How does Yaedin Mourdon style their hair?

medium length, in a low ponytail

fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Yaedin Mourdon have?

very posh and polite

Motivations - What motivates Yaedin Mourdon most?

to become a good king like his father

Flaws - What flaws does Yaedin Mourdon have?

sometimes overthinks problems

Hobbies - What hobbies does Yaedin Mourdon have?

reading, writing, painting

Personality type - What personality type is Yaedin Mourdon?

strict and serious

groups Social
Favorite animal - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s favorite animal?

sun sprytes

Favorite weapon - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s favorite weapon?

really nice sword

Favorite color - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s occupation?


Religion - What religion does Yaedin Mourdon practice?

celestial being stuffs

info History
Education - What is Yaedin Mourdon’s level of education?

very smart

Birthday - When is Yaedin Mourdon’s birthday?

December 3rd

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