TiB "basic" outline

okok imma start simple first bc otherwise i will go on a tangent about some weird plot point and never come back-
but if ya got more questions still, i don't mind answering 'em ^^ it just helps me organize my story a bit more tbh XD

so basic plot/story is:
-Nothing is the first deity, it doesn't like being alone and creates the world (the one we recognize !!)
-Nothing creates some more deities, being: Time, Space, Life, and Death !!
-Nothing realizes that no matter what, the world will end one day and it'll be alone again. so it ~~murders~~ shatters Time to just,,, stop that
-because of that a whole fack ton of time periods crashed together, breaking the delicate wall between reality and myth
-also, time as a construct still exists, just very loosely and unbalanced, so people are aware of how long it's been since everything crashed together
-the whole myth thing is pretty important, it's why there are now fUnKy things like human-avians, and minotaurs and stuff just walking around
-you could be in a medieval village but travel an hour to come to a very futuristic city, everything do b a huge mess
-people give up on Time ever being fixed as everyhting stays broken for a LONG time
-so then in the place where it is always night bc of the whole 'broken time' thing, Vraekar kingdom now exists. 
-and where it is always day, Enyth kingdom stands
-some funky dude wants to create gods from people and just,,, starts wreaking havoc by kidnapping children and experimenting on them :/
-which is kinda important as a whole military group formed just to stop that mans (it's the bird military we lov them-)

!! SHORT INTERMISSION for deity family trees bc that's lowkey v v important 'nd i forgot i-

Time: he has no kids, but he very much likes Death, he hella gay for him, he never got to tell him tho bc now he technically dead :/

Space: someone stop him he has so many kids i- the most noteworthy ones are Dagiia and Natt tho. Dagiia, his child with Life, is the deity of day, and Natt, his child with Death, is the deity of night

Life: besides Dagiia, she also had Carmen, who doesn't know she is a child of Life and the deity of peace. 

Death: besides Natt, he also spooted out Tatius and then Claudia, who he couldn't take care of, so he left them both to a mortal couple who couldn't have kids. Tatius is the deity of war. Claudia is not a deity, but she later becomes the new deity of war just so Tatius can live a life without all that trauma and suffering.

Natt: surprisingly, Death has grandchildren from Natt while Life no longer has grandchildren- Yaedin, the oldest sibling, is heir to Vraekar kingdom. and Vorex, the youngest, was kidnapped as a baby to be experimented on

!! SHORT INTERMISSION is over now it was kinda long maybe idk anymore what is that meaning of life i-

more plot
-Life and Death have been working together to try and fix Time, it's chaos
-the deity no one remembers, and the one even Nothing will never acknowledge it made, Afterlife, has decided that they want to be noticed. but only Death can see/hear them :/
-Tatius "dies" and "Tenebris" suddenly exists wow i wonder if there's any correlation- wink wonk
-Nothing finally decided it wanted to be widely acknowledged and has the mortals start a cult with Tenebris as the leader
-chaos ensues
-Vorex and his friends, aka Nomius and Apophis, escape the lab of which they were experimented on
-Natt disappeared, why? bc she wanted to help Life and Death with the whole Time thing but her husbando Zavis now thinks she might be dead and gets the big sad.
-Tyler decides he can hunt dragon boy Vorex bc he's a good boi and a good hunter + Vorex accidentally hurt his friend >:(
-[a ~~few~~ LOT of vague undecided plot points]
-Claudia is now deity, and Tatius has amnesia, which is probably best for him tbh
-bird squad can break up and leave military, big sad, but they still lov each other <3
-Tyler will accidentally unlock the secrets to the universe that Cedrix the experimenting man wanted
-closure for a hecc ton of characters prolly
-Time may or may not get fixed that's still undecided tbh

'nd oh gosh that's longre than i tohught i-
i think that's it tho !!! (T▽T)