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Name - What is Nothing’s full name?


Gender - What is Nothing’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Nothing go by?

The Ether
The Void
The Darkness
The Creator

Role - What is Nothing’s role in your story?

"in the beginning, Nothing existed..."

Age - How old is Nothing?

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Nothing have?

a neutral force, seemingly very gentle, quiet

Motivations - What motivates Nothing most?

to never be alone again

Flaws - What flaws does Nothing have?

doesn't understand the fragility of any living thing, tends to accidentally drive things insane

Hobbies - What hobbies does Nothing have?

interacting with it's creation

Personality type - What personality type is Nothing?

can sometimes be good, and sometimes evil
it has no understanding of the difference
it just simply is, and it will have a personality that suits it in that moment

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Favorite possession - What is Nothing’s favorite possession?

all of it's creation

Job - What job does Nothing have?

the creator of all

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in the beginning, Nothing existed, and Nothing was alone. Nothing decided to create our known universe, filled with tales of other gods who take credit for it's creation. it doesn't care, why should it? Nothing never wanted to be alone again, and so it did whatever it could to keep the world from destroying itself. but the future had only one outcome regardless. Nothing took matters into it's own grasp, and shattered Time, it's first creation, to save the rest of it's creation. this only resulted in creating more chaos, but Nothing is not alone, and that's all that matters to it.

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