info Overview
Name - What is Death’s full name?


Gender - What is Death’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Death go by?

The Grim Reaper

Role - What is Death’s role in your story?

well I mean,,, he's death,,,,

Age - How old is Death?


face Looks
Height - How tall is Death?


Hair Color - What color is Death’s hair?

it's black

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Death have?

his deer skull face
(might be a mask- who knows?)
it's a mask

Body Type

an average body?

Skin Tone

no one knows

Race - What is Death’s race?

celestial being

Eye Color - What is Death’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Death style their hair?

it's a whole ass mess

fingerprint Nature
Talents - What talents does Death have?

reaping souls, disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Death have?

VERY energetic, can sometimes be very chill, a meme, childish, all over the place
(sometimes very serious, intimidating, and scary, but that happens rarely in front of people)

Motivations - What motivates Death most?

his job, and also fun things

Flaws - What flaws does Death have?

too meme, not serious
(he doesn't like to acknowledge that people fear him)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Death have?

creative killing?
(hanging out with kids, he's an 'imaginary friend' as far as they're concerned)

Personality type - What personality type is Death?

a child
(just a sad, kinda lonely deity who wants to be loved and not feared really-)

groups Social
Favorite animal - What is Death’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Death’s favorite weapon?

his scythe

Favorite possession - What is Death’s favorite possession?

his scythe
(actually a wilted flower crown from one of his daughters)

Favorite food - What is Death’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Death’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Death’s occupation?

d e a t h

info History
Background - What is Death’s background?

death was the fourth and last of the first deities to be created.

(i'll add more later i swear- )

Education - What is Death’s level of education?


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