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Name - What is Brad Parker’s full name?

Brad Parker

Gender - What is Brad Parker’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Brad Parker go by?


Role - What is Brad Parker’s role in your story?


Age - How old is Brad Parker?


face Looks
Height - How tall is Brad Parker?


Hair Color - What color is Brad Parker’s hair?

brown with white bangs

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Brad Parker have?

his oddly colored hair, and his eagle wings

Body Type

muscular and tall

Skin Tone


Race - What is Brad Parker’s race?


Eye Color - What is Brad Parker’s eye color?

clear yellow

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Brad Parker have?

light stubble on his chin

Hair Style - How does Brad Parker style their hair?

mostly short, but towards the front it gets a bit longer, and he likes to spike it up

Weight - How much does Brad Parker weigh?

180 lbs

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Talents - What talents does Brad Parker have?

stealth surprisingly, cheering people up, a whole bunch of sports

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Brad Parker have?

pretty loud sometimes, tends to sit perfectly still by habit (he looks like a dang statue), he also walks very quietly and accidentally sneaks up on people

Motivations - What motivates Brad Parker most?

he still wants to make his father proud

Flaws - What flaws does Brad Parker have?

he often tries to do things on his own and tries to protect everyone else, he isn't very trusting of most people outside of the bird squad, he likes to talk about himself a bit much sometimes

Hobbies - What hobbies does Brad Parker have?

carving wood, just,,,, sitting quietly thinking or watching, talking about himself, telling jokes or over-exaggerated stories

Personality type - What personality type is Brad Parker?

very jock-like, but friendly. extroverted.

groups Social
Favorite animal - What is Brad Parker’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Brad Parker’s favorite weapon?

throwing knives

Favorite possession - What is Brad Parker’s favorite possession?

a scout drone he named 'Rover'

Favorite food - What is Brad Parker’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Brad Parker’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Brad Parker’s occupation?

military scout

Religion - What religion does Brad Parker practice?

his family are believers of Time but he follows the Space religion

Job - What job does Brad Parker have?


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Background - What is Brad Parker’s background?

his father was well known in the military and he was expected to do well too, although he found he was better at stealth and scout work rather than the brute fighting strength that his father had. he worked hard to get placed on one of the best squads after he graduated the training, but still his father doesn't seem to care, only because he's a scout, rather than a strong fighter like him.

Education - What is Brad Parker’s level of education?

a fully military-based education

Birthday - When is Brad Parker’s birthday?

July 4th

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he likes to spike his hair up because he thinks it looks really cool, and he convinced Hannah to spike her hair too
(he also really likes to spike her hair for her cause it's fun!)

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