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Name - What is Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)’s full name?

Enyth Kingdom
(East Kingdom)

Description - Describe Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom).

day all day everyday

Type - What type of location is Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)?

Daylight kingdom

face Culture
Motto - What is Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)’s motto?

give light and people will find the way

Language - What languages are spoken in Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)?

all of them

Population - What is Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)’s population?


Currency - What currencies are used in Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)?


Laws - What are the laws in Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)?

  • do not kill

  • do not steal

  • do not pillage

Sports - What sports are played in Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)?

  • Pegasus races

  • Phoenix fights

  • gladiator fighting

  • magic competitions

  • bounty hunting

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map Geography
Area - What kind of area is Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom) in?


Crops - What crops does Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom) produce?

wheat, other golden things

Located at - Where is Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom) located?

far east

Climate - What is the climate like in Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom)?

warm, with cold breezes

book History
Notable Wars - What notable wars has Enyth Kingdom (East Kingdom) been involved in?

the war

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