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Name - What is [[Character-762937]] 's name?


Description - How would you describe [[Character-762937]] ?

nothing to see here-

Other Names - What other names is [[Character-762937]] known by?

Void, Everything

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thumbs_up_down Symbolism
Symbols - What symbols are commonly associated with [[Character-762937]] ?

smoke and fog, often represented by a 'banner' of monochrome ribbons, loose swirls

Elements - What elements are commonly associated with [[Character-762937]] ?

darkness ig?

grade Powers
Strengths - What are [[Character-762937]] 's strengths?

creation/destruction, ability over the mind, power over all of reality really-

Weaknesses - What are [[Character-762937]] 's weaknesses?

none are known for sure, but it's theorized that loneliness will eventually kill it, which would explain it's desperation to always have the company of it's creation

import_contacts Rituals
Prayers - What prayers are commonly associated with [[Character-762937]] ? How do followers pray?

prayers of many types, usually begins with something like "void of everything and nothing" - before the prayer is continued. ends with things similar to "we thank the many and the few for listening to our prayer"

Rituals - What rituals are commonly associated with [[Character-762937]] ? How do they work?

rituals that have to do with "cleansing" the mind, or repairing of mental states are most common. usually you have to grant it full access to every part of your mind through a dream or something similar

Human Interaction - How often does [[Character-762937]] interact with their followers? In what ways?

it interacts with it's creation as much as possible- either by peaceful means to protect them, or in violent ways to keep them in line. it never means to destroy anything though.

date_range History
Notable Events - What notable events throughout history has [[Character-762937]] been a part of?

it created Time, Space, Life, and Death- it shattered Time- it did a lot of things actually

Family History - What is [[Character-762937]] 's family history?

it was alone, and then it created it's four 'children' Time, Space, Life, and Death. those gods have some of their own kids, so Nothing's family has grown, but it doesn't acknowledge anyone as such other than the four it created

Life Story - What is [[Character-762937]] 's life story?

Nothing was alone, but it created the universe so it wouldn't have to be. from there it interacted with it's creation, usually behind the scenes, to guide it to always exist, and never leave it alone. it shattered one of it's own 'children' in a desperate attempt to keep it's creation from ceasing to exist. from there it continues it's life trying to protect it's creation.

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in the beginning, Nothing existed, and Nothing was alone. Nothing decided to create our known universe, filled with tales of other gods who take credit for it's creation. it doesn't care, why should it? Nothing never wanted to be alone again, and so it did whatever it could to keep the world from destroying itself. but the future had only one outcome regardless. Nothing took matters into it's own grasp, and shattered Time, it's first creation, to save the rest of it's creation. this only resulted in creating more chaos, but Nothing is not alone, and that's all that matters to it.

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