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There is a major trigger warning for substance abuse/addiction, as hardcore drugs will be mentioned. There are also s**cidal themes, mentions of intercourse, physical and mental abuse, and explicit themes regarding those things.
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A quick summary

Hey! I'm Andre Jaxxson! Though some call me Apollo, it's a nickname I got after I told them I had a little brother called Artemy.
My job is mainly to kill Nexus' targets by poisoning them, we work for the government, taking out those that are considered dangerous, or well, anyone they want gone.

For fun I like to draw, I've been drawing even before I could ever write. I put those skills into being a tattoo artist, I also have a lot of tattoos myself, like this coyote skull with horns, it has little flowers coming out of it, I've got others in other places too...I just can't show you those, unless you want to sleep around and find out.
I'm not sure if this counts but I love dancing! Getting up on stage and showing people everything you've got, it's so much fun. I guess I like the attention but in this line of work, who doesn't? I do get stalkers a lot because of it...but I deal with them the best I can, I try to be friendly but some of them just don't seem to understand.

Most of the time I'm not even sure what I'm doing, I just go with whatever I'm told to do, I mean, why wouldn't why I? I don't exactly have a family outside of Apotheosis except for Artemy. I think it's okay as long as I have somewhere to stay, I don't mind it much. Rules have never been a problem for me as long as I get to do fun things.

info Overview
Name - What is Andre Damian Jaxxson’s full name?

Andre Damian Jaxxson

Other names - What other aliases does Andre Damian Jaxxson go by?

Jax, "Apollo" (his gang nickname)

Age - How old is Andre Damian Jaxxson?


Gender - What is Andre Damian Jaxxson’s gender?

Cis Male



Romantic Orientation/Sexuality


remove_red_eye Looks
Eye Color/Shape/Look

Andre has brown-green eyes in what is called central heterochromia, the brown taking the center near the pupil with a very barely visible gold "ring" connecting the brown to the green which takes up the rest of the space in the iris. The green and yellow in question, however, are very dull and muddled to the point where they almost blend into each other. On top of the central heterochromia, he has eye freckles that look a lot like golden glitter, some of the circles larger or smaller and very much irregular.
And finally, on the outer edge encasing all the colors is a thin deeper forest green hue in contrast to the jade (green) and olive (brown) colors.
Andre's eyes are almond-shaped, or at least this is true for the bottom half, the tops of his eyelids looking rounder than the bottom, and the edges of his eyes permanently tilted in a downturned angle, making him look sad at times even when he isn't.

Andre's eyes give off a soft yet mischievous aura. Even though he's a giant flirt, it's very telling when he feels certain emotions. He's not good at hiding how he feels or even lying in general and it's usually pretty easy to read his eyes, being a huge indicator of his emotions even when he tries to be tougher- or more appropriately, "indifferent" than he actually is.

While Andre doesn't mind makeup and on the contrary, loves creating new looks, he doesn't wear it on a daily basis. Outside of work he casually wears a bit of eyeshadow on the softer lighter side of things, like a lavender purple or a salmon pink with some eyeliner.
On the days when he does work, he does a full face, the colors usually a blend of bolder purples and pinks, however still not bold enough where it looks tacky. Andre is a big fan of face gems which he scatters around the outer corner of his eyes once he's done with the eye portion of the makeup. Sometimes, if there's an event at the club, he'll do more elaborate gems that also take up space on the upper part of his cheeks.
Andre's makeup, no matter how "bold" he goes, seems to be more of a softer glam compared to Jake’s. Whereas Jake has a minimalist type of eyeshadow, mascara, and small wings- lipgloss at times, Andre almost always uses a lot of products to make his skin look "flawless" and "glass-like". There's a shimmery dewy look to him, a more Asian appeal to the point where you can't quite tell that he has makeup on, his makeup skills on the level where customers think it's his bare skin.
Bright or deep-colored lipsticks are not his style, keeping true to his "soft" brand. His lips will almost always take on a gradient of a muted pastel color with lipgloss over top.

Tacky or cakey are not words his customers use to describe him, even in the sense of his personality, and some think it's the reason why so many keep coming back to book him.

Facial Structure/Other Decorations

Very bright and hopeful eyes, yet slightly droopy which makes him look a little sad sometimes. Has thick eyebrows but he plucks them and shapes them to look a little neater and thinner. The arch of his nose is a bit concave, with the tip being slightly pointed but softened to a rounded curve. His lips are on the fuller side, but not exaggeratedly so. They are slightly wide yet rounded, but not rounded by a lot. Andre has a mix of diamond and square face shapes, being more of a diamond shape.

Hair Style/Texture/Color

Andre's hair is black with blonde highlights, almost looking like only the tips of his hair are dyed, but that isn't the case. He gets his hair done every month, to keep up his appearance. Looks are everything to him because of the nature of his job, and also because he likes looking good.
He has wavy/curly hair, the length being about neck length. He does them in semi-long dreadlocks sometimes and puts them into a ponytail, usually done with fluffy bangs on the left also done in dreadlocks, the side pieces being longer than the pieces in the front.
When it's not in dreadlocks, it sits on his head in fluffy curls, making him look younger than he actually is.
His hair is very shiny as he likes to keep it nice and healthy, though sometimes when he touches it up, it loses some of that brightness.


H: 5'9"
W: 146 lbs

Race/Skin Tone/Body Type

Human; African-American/Chinese
"A twink" as described by a friend of mine as we made this character together. He has just enough muscle to carry out his hobbies, a mesomorph type of body, though very light muscle to him. He has milk-chocolate dark skin, with light freckles covering his body, not necessarily his face, but shoulders, back, and some of his arms and thighs. He's at kind of a healthy weight but fluctuates a lot since he skips meals regularly due to his addiction.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Andre Damian Jaxxson have?

One thing that stands out about Andre the most when you first look at him is the makeup on his face, mostly on the eyes where he uses pigmented colors and glitter to decorate himself, usually based on the outfit he's wearing that day. He doesn't use heavy makeup anywhere else other than his eyelids and sometimes on his lips, though he'll go for a shade lighter than the actual color of his lips for the bottom lip and a shade darker for the top one.

Andre has a lot of tattoos. A scar that's on his ribs is covered up with a tattoo of a drawer with flowers growing out of it. There's a "game over" tattooed on his fingers, lungs with flowers growing out of them on his forearms, a coyote skull with antlers and a syringe behind it with ferns coming out of it to creep around his neck, a circle of cartoony knives around his ankle, and aesthetic flowers and ferns on his hip/thigh, though he doesn't have any roses tattoed on him.

Casual Clothes/Formal Attire

Andre's casual clothes consist of shirts that are from expensive brands, oversized jackets, and slim-fit pants. His shoes are whatever he's in the mood for that day, but it's usually also from designer brands he could never afford if it weren't for his customers. He has different outfits for different occasions and they all differ extremely from each other.

For his work, his clothes are a little different than what he would usually wear. He loves wearing long sleeve body suits made of mesh. It's kind of a see-through material that covers his upper body except for the shoulders and part of his sides/hips. His pants will either be nonexistent, only covering up the parts that need to be covered up or he'll go for tight leather pants that have a shiny look to them. Most of his shoes for work are pleaser shoes and very high heels.

Andre isn't known to wear formal attire, but when he does he goes all out, wearing the most ridiculous thing that actually makes him seem like a serious individual. Suits and formal pants just like the others, except he adds a twist to his, making it seem like he's way more important than he actually is. And it's never in black.

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pan_tool Nature
Hobbies - What hobbies does Andre Damian Jaxxson have?

Drawing, he likes using his art to cover up graffiti out in the streets, sometimes taking his days off to do that as it's something therapeutic for him. He also uses his skills for tattoo designs and books appointments at a small tattoo shop he works at.

Partying, he loves the chaotic feel of everything, the drugs, the guys, the loud music, and the seductive atmosphere in clubs. He loves anything that will get his mind off of his thoughts, focusing on something else even if it's only temporary.

Taking care of plants. Andre absolutely loves plants and flowers and seeing them flourish. He regularly buys flowers for the person he loves the most and sometimes other members of Apotheosis like Jen and Rae.

Dancing, mostly as a stripper. He loves the way it makes him feel like he could do anything. It gives him a lot of confidence when he dances for others, the praises and the money are what he lives for.


Andre has frequent depressive episodes, states of mania, paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia. This is all due to the drugs he takes, and while he used to have depression even before he started taking drugs, the depression had been amplified over the years.
He is undiagnosed, but it is believed that he would have had a bipolar disorder, but it's hard to tell since he didn't get a diagnosis before he started with all the drugs.
He's also starting to develop liver failure because of so much that goes into his system that isn't good for him. He gets check-ups regularly but he hasn't taken the doctors too seriously.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Andre Damian Jaxxson have?

When he feels guilty or ashamed of something he'll focus on his hands, looking down and avoiding eye contact.
Does a lot of gestures with his hands in a very animated fashion, especially when he's excited.
Frequently messes with his hair, constantly touching it and fixing it when he feels like it's gotten messy. He also touches up his makeup, looking into a mirror, especially at parties and when he's on the job.
Is very touchy with members of Apotheosis, not in an inappropriate manner, simply because he likes to make everyone feel like they belong.
Doesn't like eating around others for the fear of being called out since he eats very little.
Is always touching his arms, rubbing them sometimes, he just does it out of habit since the wounds hurt and he sometimes picks at the little bumps of imperfection caused by the needles.
Always carries a gun on him since he's been assaulted and beaten before outside the club he works at, so it's a layer of protection he keeps on him at all times.
He's flustered very easily so he blushes a lot, either out of embarrassment or flattery.

Motivations - What motivates Andre Damian Jaxxson most?

He lives for the chaotic life with everything that's detrimental to him. Meaning, he doesn't have any type of motivation, just that he knows that he gets to feel really good at the end of the day, feeling like it's heaven on earth.
At one point he decided to get his life together for Jake because he wanted to be with him, but that didn't last long as Jake rejected him and he went back to his old ways.
One would think that his brother Artemy would be somewhat of a motivation but Andre can't live without the drugs and the high life so he puts that first, completely forgetting at times that he has a kid brother.
The other members of Apotheosis are always there for Andre too, but even with the people who have been kind to him, he doesn't take any advice or does anything for anyone in the sense of helping himself, which is something everyone in that group wants to see.

Flaws - What flaws does Andre Damian Jaxxson have?

Has reckless behavior when intoxicated on either drinks or drugs. Is very impulsive, has a hard time saying no, pushes people away, says really hurtful things to others when they fight, has an addiction, can be and is a very jealous person, is obsessed with how he looks half the time, is a selfish and messy person.

Andre is very dishonest, going as far as doing things behind the authority and his friend's backs.

Talents - What talents does Andre Damian Jaxxson have?

Is a good communicator when it comes to his job and is very good in social situations. Has creative talent that he uses to get information out of people with targets on their backs. Is a very good actor and can be very convincing when he lies, so others find it hard to not believe him.
Can manipulate poisons and mix them together precisely to get the desired effect for someone, leading to either a very slow or very quick painful or painless death, sometimes just paralyzing his victim.

Personality type - What personality type is Andre Damian Jaxxson?

Andre is a very laid-back person, even more so relaxed when he's on certain drugs. He doesn't mind many things and if you wanna go somewhere at any time he's always down. He's also a sensitive soul, falling too quickly for others and taking kind gestures as a sign that someone likes him, even if that may not be the case. That also means he gets angry and hurt very quickly as well, never unprovoked, but when triggered into one of these states he can be a complete mess, going from yelling and crying to apologizing when he believes someone will leave him or he's gone too far. Andre's not unpredictable when it comes to his emotions, you can usually tell when he's going to react a certain way, but his emotions do come in extremes, he just doesn't show them, internalizing them.

Andre's constant state is being open with everyone, very chatty and flirty with people he finds attractive. He seduces people a lot as he loves when someone sweet-talks him. He falls for lies, which is ironic because he lies a lot himself so he should know what to look out for but he's very naive and words have a big impact on him.
Andre is also very chaotic, being the life of the party and the center of attention because he's willing to take on dares if they seem fun enough. You'll most likely always see him high out of his mind, laughing and bubbly, stumbling all over the place on nights when work isn't required.
Just as he can be soft and sweet and kind, he can be the opposite of those too, what's curious is that even if he gets angry or hurt he shows it in a passive-aggressive way, never getting violent. The only time where he will snap is when things pile on top of one another and he can't handle it anymore, but he has a pretty high tolerance for people and it takes a lot to get him really shaken up.

Andre struggles a lot with relationships even though he can form good connections, but when it comes to more intimate ones he finds himself gravitating towards the more toxic ones, not because he believes he should be treated poorly but because he genuinely fell for the person. Andre is willing to be anything for the other person to accept him, even if it costs him his life. He tries his best to be upbeat and keep a positive attitude even when things are going shit and he's being beaten down.
Although Andre can be a sensitive person, he's also very tough, everyone in Apotheosis is tough in their own way, they had to be with everything thrown at them.

groups Social
Occupation - What is Andre Damian Jaxxson’s occupation?

Poisoner. Andre's job is to talk to people and get information about them or others for N.E.X.U.S. If he cannot get information by simply having a conversation with them, he'll try to seduce them and bring them to a motel and get information that way. If all else fails, he'll go on to more drastic measures, like poisoning or paralyzing the target by either wearing poisonous lipstick or getting his nails specially made to contain the poison.
The latter is especially dangerous not only for the target but for Andre too because he has to be careful with his every move. As a precaution though, he does carry around an antidote.
Sometimes Andre will leave the interrogation up to the other members of Apotheosis like Jake and Niveus or Casimir, but other times he's allowed to proceed with questions, being allowed to use several drugs and torture methods to get the person to talk. It's not really his specialty- the torture, that's more Jake's turf, but Andre knows a thing or two since Jake has shown him some ways to get someone to talk.

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Maybe I should just add a basic note to every character page explaining the art isn't mine, but,, I don't really do art and I think it's kind of obvious.

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“i’ve never experienced love!! and no matter how much i am loved now, it will never be enough!” -Said during a mental breakdown.
"i'm sorry, love destroys."

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Q: Describe a scenario in which Andre feels most comfortable.

Q: Describe a scenario in which Andre feels most uncomfortable.

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Q: Does Andre remember names or faces easier?

Q: What is Andre's biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for him before?

Q: In what way does Andre compare himself to others? Does he do this for self-validation or self-criticism?

Q: What does Andre find repulsive or disgusting?

Q: In the face of criticism, is Andre defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve?

Q: Is Andre more likely to keep trying a solution/method that didn't work the first time, or immediately move on to a different solution/method?

Q: Does Andre feel that he deserves to have what he wants, whether it be material or abstract, or does he feel he must earn it first?

Q: Has Andre ever had a parental figure that was not related to him?

Q: How easy or difficult is it for Andre to say "I love you."? Can he say it without meaning it?

Q: What does Andre believe will happen to him after he dies? Does this belief scare him?


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Q: Is Andre more preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?

Q: How quick is Andre to trust someone else?

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Q: What did Andre dream of being or doing as a child? Did that dream come true?

Q: Is Andre more concerned with defending his honor or protecting his status?

Q: Is Andre more likely to remove a problem/threat, or remove himself from a problem/threat?


Q: What was Andre's favorite toy as a child?

Q: In what situation was Andre the most scared he's ever been?

Q: Is Andre more likely to admire wisdom or ambition in others?

Q: If something tragic or negative happens to Andre, does he believe he may have caused or deserved it, or is he quick to blame others?

Q: What does Andre like/dislike about other people?

Q: Which does Andre idealize most; happiness or success?

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Q: How does Andre treat people in service jobs?

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