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Name - What is Xiomara Alderage’s full name?

Xiomara Alderage

Other names - What other aliases does Xiomara Alderage go by?

Xio - Called that by her friend, Jeremy
Marie - Her father calls her this

Age - How old is Xiomara Alderage?

18-24 (Depending on story/RP)

Sexuality[ies] and Romantic Orientation(s)


Gender - What is Xiomara Alderage’s gender?


face Looks
Race - What is Xiomara Alderage’s race?


Skin Tone


Body Type

Pear shaped

Identifying Mark(s) - Scars

The two piercings in her bottom lip, a long scar on her left side,

Weight - How much does Xiomara Alderage weigh?


Height - How tall is Xiomara Alderage?


Hair Color(s)

Light brown, dyed highlights.

Hair Style(s)

Mid-length wavy and thick

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Xiomara Alderage have?


Eye Color(s)

Chocolate brown

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Talents - What talents does Xiomara Alderage have?

Can read 5+ books at the same time and can understand each and everyone.
Extremely flexible


Allergic to cat and pretty much any other animal fur

Personality type - What personality type is Xiomara Alderage?


Creative, sociable, enjoys social interaction, curious, enthusiastic and not afraid to express her excitement
Bright, bubbly and loud
Empathetic, good at adapting, perfectionistic, people-pleasing

Hobbies - What hobbies does Xiomara Alderage have?

Creative writing

Flaws - What flaws does Xiomara Alderage have?

Distracted easily, disorganized

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Xiomara Alderage have?

Clicks pens and twirls pencils.
Bites her lip when thinking.

Magical Abilities


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date_range History
Education - What is Xiomara Alderage’s level of education?

High school senior (soon to graduate)


Working for her English degree.

Birthday - When is Xiomara Alderage’s birthday?

March 3rd

Background - What is Xiomara Alderage’s background?

Xiomara was born on a snowy March the 3rd. She was quiet as a child until about ten years of age when she became bubbly and wild. She was always ready for an adventure. Those traits are true up to the present day. By age twelve, she was obsessed with her father’s work, hanging around him always to study his books and writings. Soon, she picked up that trait of writing and became a hardcore fan of literature and creative writing.

By her fifteenth birthday, Xiomara’s parents decided to file for divorce. Three months later, they separated, leaving Xiomara broken and unsure what to do. She turned to writing to help heal her. Eventually, the day came when Xiomara had to chose who she would live with. She chose her father, afraid her mother’s cigarette problem would worsen. Fortunately, it disappeared completely.

Xiomara continued her schooling during these events but she struggled to keep friends and good grades. Eventually, her only friend was Jeremy who enjoyed her sci-fi novels and kind nature. By age seventeen, she had somewhat recovered and became boy crazy.

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Pets - What pets does Xiomara Alderage have?

A dwarf American Curl (full-grown cat) with gray fur. His name is Milo.

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