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Name - What is Chernobyl Melanie Lovette’s full name?

Chernobyl Melanie Lovette

Other names - What other aliases does Chernobyl Melanie Lovette go by?

Cherry, Cerese, Mels, Love

Age - How old is Chernobyl Melanie Lovette?


Gender - What is Chernobyl Melanie Lovette’s gender?

Cis Female



Romantic Orientation/Sexuality


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Character Form

Name: Chernobyl Melanie Lovette
Nickname: Cherry, Cerese, Mels, Love
Age: 21
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/They
Sexuality: Androsexual
Race: Hispanic, Spaniard/Caucasian

Appearance: Cherry has big round hazel eyes, chestnut brown taking up most of the space in her eyes towards the middle but mixing with the deeper green on the outside. She has dark eyebags underneath and no matter how much she sleeps they never seem to go away, makeup not being able to save her nowadays.
Cherry's hair is styled in a shoulder-length shaggy mullet that's fluffy with soft bangs. Their hair color is a dark brown that is naturally fluffy and thick, getting tangled a lot more easily. If she doesn't brush it often or washes it, it clumps together making it a tangled mess- oddly taking on a wavy and even slightly curly texture.

Cherry has a square-shaped yet sort of button nose. Her face also takes on a bit of a combination of two shapes, a fusion between heart and square shapes, some parts of her features looking sharp while others take on a softer look. She doesn't have freckles per se, but more so several beauty marks on her face, the right side having the majority of them, about three or four, while her left side has only two. There are a few more dots scattered about but those are lighter than the other ones which are more noticeable and darker. All of them are positioned by the outer corner of her eyes, decorating the top half of her face, mostly the cheek area.

Cherry's mouth is what can only be described as very "pouty", her top lip a more rounded shape instead of Cupid's bow, though, it isn't fully round, just barely having an M shape. She has full lips, the bottom half only slightly bigger than the top.

Her body type is mesomorph, a bit of muscle to her but mostly on the thinner side, her body taking on an almost hourglass shape. She naturally has a bit of extra fat on her stomach area even though she's a fit and active person, not being flat-stomached like most toned and athletic people. The best way she can be described is having a "relaxed" body shape with soft curves.
Cherry's skin tone is a lot lighter than most people who are considered Hispanic. She has a rose beige skin color, with a few small yet faint moles doting her back and the rest of her body.

At some point when she was a teen, she got top surgery, it being on her list of things to prepare herself for what should have been college. Cherry also has several tattoos, all of them being a micro realistic style with lots of geometrical lines and shapes, none of them really connecting and instead being spread out, yet looking like the whole thing goes together, like a large art piece that took years to do. One of them is a "XV" tattooed on her wrist and a verse of a Sanskrit hymn on her other arm.

Her type of dressing style is mainly huge t-shirts over skirts with bell bottoms, the skirts having a bit of a flare to them. She wears what would be considered a "corset" over her shirts to give her clothes a "cleaner fitted look" but they're not exactly corsets, just another clothing piece that loosely sits on top as a decoration.
(Example of what she wears: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/83/0f/99/830f9915fe9e45529d2d97e81dc1978c.jpg)

Cherry is also known for wearing coin jewelry- things like silver coin earrings, and necklaces. Hoop bracelets and thinner flat "bracelets" (more so cuffs) on the upper part of her forearms. She's got an odd combination of minimalistic Egyptian and dark academia rockstar going on, her helix piercings being a testament to that (and winged eyeliner, but not for this rp).

(I also do have a picture for her. It's the closest thing I could find. https://s3.amazonaws.com/notebook-content-uploads/content/uploads/original/3b2d5fc4-198a-470e-8db3-5c9242c09b4f.jpg?1650410126)

Personality: Cherry is generally a very kind and soft person, often worrying about other's well-being, be that emotionally, mentally, or physically.
Although she is kind and soft, these things do not mean she is meek and quiet, in fact, it's the opposite. She's very energetic and gets excited easily, a very loud personality to be around, almost intoxicatingly so, but for that same reason she has a soft spot in her heart for those who match her energy and can put up with her.

Cherry's got a huge heart which can be taken advantage of at times, but she does well in standing up for herself. There'll be times when she's more inclined to not say anything and let things happen in favor of not starting anything, but even Cherry has her limits and is not above decking someone in the face and starting a fight. However, one thing about her is that she is very much a person who works through problems until she solves them, looking at them from all angles and only resorting to extreme measures when she absolutely has to.

While her outer nature is along the lines of being "catastrophically aware of herself and everyone around her", the truth is she's a much sadder person than she lets on, a melancholic air about her once you get to know her on more than a surface level.
Even now, she still likes indulging in love poems and letters, picking up romantic philosophical books when she can find them, secretly carrying around a book or two on her person at all times but never anything more than that.

She's not at all strong as her determination and willpower to keep going makes her look, her physique often overlooked and not considered much of a threat, but what she lacks in strength she makes up with being attentive to detail and taking deadly risks- even if she cracks just a little more under the pressure every day.
Cherry may be a bit more impatient nowadays due to the circumstances and is a lot quicker to snap, but she means well, trying her best to not take things personally, even if they are meant personally.

Backstory: Cherry comes from a very well-off family who immigrated from Spain to America when she was a kid. While no specific event sticks out to Cherry as being "tragic" or having it bad, there were a series of lows during the moving period to a new country, mostly common things almost everyone feels at some point during really stressful times.
Her parents separating or fighting was not something Cherry ever had to worry about, her mother and father loving each other dearly and sharing that love with her too, nothing being held back from her.

From a young age, she was encouraged to be herself and they never scolded her for "being too much", never treating her as an actual kid at times either, knowing that even though she was a small human being, she was very capable of intellectual conversations, this also helping her be firm in her decisions as she grew up.
Cherry's parents pretty much let her wander to her heart's content but gently corrected her and reeled her back in when she did something wrong, letting her find her footing while also being there to catch her if she did fall.

Ever since Cherry could remember, she's had the best of the best, her father Alvaro a talented artist, picking up watercolor and acrylic oils as his medium for painting when he was younger. He was arguably the gentlest towards her while Cherry's mother would have been considered the more "fiery" person, oftentimes snapping her fingers as she rounded the two to go out for an appointment, "Vamonos! Vamonos!" a common phrase in the household as both Alvaro and Cherry took forever to get ready.

Other: https://pin.it/3Ic8y7F

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This character was created by Daiz Tadhg on Notebook.ai.

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