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Apotheosis [Generation I]

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A group of eight kids who were selected by Nexus to be their weapon and shield.

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The main goal of Apotheosis is to keep the population “safe”, or as safe as they can. They hunt down Nexus’ failed experiments who have escaped Theosophus. Most of the time they are ordered to bring them back, but on rare occasions, they are killed.

Theosophus is usually very heavily guarded so these “accidents” don’t happen, but where there is a will, there is a way and these creatures while contained, are very strong and it isn’t hard to escape their captivity if Nexus doesn’t keep an eye on them.
Over the years, there haven’t been many to escape but on occasion they will in groups, since just not one can do it alone. What makes these “monsters” dangerous is that they have the intelligence and capacity of a human being on steroids.

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