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My name is Aaron Lunde Calvert and my job is to eliminate threats that pose a risk to Nexus. Apotheosis, the name given to us by the government, is responsible for capturing certain individuals while killing others. We are contracted by the government to carry out these tasks until we are trained enough to get put on the battlefield. Not for war practices, but for something that went wrong in society.
I am next in line to run the "underground business" my father inherited once he can no longer do his job.
I enjoy things such as spending time in the library, even though I don't have enough time for it. I love books and reading something new and intriguing, it helps me get a better grasp of the world around me and it's something important that I was told to take note of. If I knew nothing, I would be useless in my job as a politician.

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Name - What is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s full name?

Aaron Lunde Calvert

Other names - What other aliases does Aaron Lunde Calvert go by?


Age - How old is Aaron Lunde Calvert?


Gender - What is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s gender?

Cis Male



Romantic Orientation/Sexuality


Role - What is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s role in your story?

"Don't play games with me. Don't ever, ever think you're capable of that."

remove_red_eye Looks
Eye Color/Shape/Look

Aaron's got chartreuse green eyes, a mix of vibrant hazel and jade pigments. His eyes are almond-shaped while also being hooded. He’s the type who doesn’t take lightly to hard subjects and his eyes tell you when you’ve messed up or taken things too far. They’re scolding and cold in a sense. His eyes mostly show disapproval of everyone around him, an air of arrogance as he looks down on others.

Facial Structure/Other Decorations

Has green calm threatening eyes with short eyelashes. The bridge of his nose is straight with a slight dip in it, but nothing extreme- the base of the nose is also straight. It is a medium size overall so not too large. His lips are more of a bow shape, slightly wide, they are somewhat pale but he does wear chapstick to keep them from getting dehydrated.
Aaron has a square-shaped face with a strong jawline, so much so that you can see the muscles move when he grits his teeth. Since his face is also slim, this contributes to his features looking sharper.

Hair Style/Texture/Color

Aaron's got blonde hair that will seem very yellow in pigment, other times it seems pale almost like white, but not quite. His hair is in an overgrown messy crew cut that's brushed up and combed back. It's very thick and straight, and he uses a lot of products to keep his hair in place, almost in a rich professional manner. You’ll never catch him with messy hair unless it’s intentional or he's recently come back from a job. He developed this type of hairstyle after he came back from a trip that his parents sent him on to “fix his problematic personality”.


H: 6'2"
W: 215 lbs

Race/Skin Tone/Body Type

Human; Russian/French
Aaron's got a normal build, slightly fit but nothing too impressive. He leans more towards mesomorph, as his job needs him to be fit. He does a lot of exercises to build his body, but nothing like a bodybuilder. His skin is a mix between rose beige and ivory, with a pale complexion, but slightly tanned from being out in the sun at the place his father sent him when he was a teenager.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

The way he dresses says it all. He comes from a rich family, one of the top five richest families and he dresses the part. His classy style is a dead giveaway of who he is. Basically, the way he presents himself, from the way he styles his hair to the small accessories he wears, everything is done with intention, he's learned to not have it any other way.
Another thing you notice right away from him is the wedge-shaped scar that goes from his jaw to his cheek on the right side of his face, it looks clean which indicated that it was done briskly and on purpose. This was done when he got into a fight with a gang member, the other wielding a pocket knife and using it to attack Aaron.

Casual Clothes/Formal Attire

Aaron doesn't like messy clothes and tends to clean up very nicely. He'll usually aim for a more casual and formal vibe like a black or white t-shirt underneath a slim-fit black suit blazer. For pants, he'll usually wear jeans if he's not going anywhere important. His goto shoes are oxford-inspired sneakers, keeping true to his casual yet formal vibe.
Aaron has two silver cuff hoop earrings on his left ear and a single black one on his right, usually, one of his classy watches decorates his wrist, and sunglass will be resting on his head when he goes out in the summer and he doesn't have anywhere to be.

When it's time to get into the business side of things, you'll see him wearing more presentable clothing, oftentimes liking to wear classic suits with matching suit pants, formal button-ups, and casual shoes.
Most of the time he'll be wearing a black long trench overcoat that sits on his shoulders, almost giving him a mafia-style look, which is what Aaron's family is considered.

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Hobbies - What hobbies does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

Aaron doesn't have much time for hobbies as his work demands a lot from him, but one of the things he does indulge in are books and poetry. He loves reading when he can as he cannot stand not being in know about certain things.

From time to time he gets involved in high-stakes poker, he's decent at it, but he's far from being a professional.

Jigsaw puzzles, he likes how therapeutic it can be from all the stressful work he carries out, it's a different change of pace.

The last one is visiting the places his father owns to see that everything is going smoothly, he likes doing this because sometimes there's a huge power imbalance, some of the people in higher positions take advantage of the workers and Aaron loves putting the higher-ups in their place.

Took on drumming lessons very early on in his teenage years and practices when he can.


Aaron has narcissistic traits, but he hasn't been diagnosed with a personality disorder. He seems to resemble some of the narcissistic qualities, but it is on the lower end of the spectrum.
He has a lot of insecurities he rarely talks about and hides behind a mask of "being the best" because that's how he was raised to be. He can be cruel at times but can be equally as kind, very hot and cold.
Aaron also suffers from very mild depression which seems to be a common theme among the Apotheosis members. Sometimes he feels hopeless because he has his life planned to a T and he can't change it. He also feels very guilty about his existence because of the way his father treats him.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

Tilts his head forward slightly while narrowing his eyes when he picks up on some bullshit another person said.
Snaps his fingers when he thinks of an idea or has a eureka moment.
Almost always has his hands in his pockets when walking, a mannerism from his rebellious years.
Rolls his eyes when he disagrees with someone.
When he's taking a long journey somewhere, he'll cross his arms and have his eyes closed, trying to rest as he gets very little of that.
Grits his teeth more often than not when someone tells him something he doesn't want to hear.
Always has a "die" look on his face, until you engage with him.
Blinks a lot when someone says something confusing.
Lets out breaths of frustration when things don't go his way.

Flexes his hands a lot or cracks his knuckles out of habit.

Motivations - What motivates Aaron Lunde Calvert most?

The pressure of his father to be the best helps motivate him to do his work. The last thing he wants is to make him angry again and so he takes whatever is thrown at him. He also knows that if he does not own up to being what his father wants to be, it falls on his younger sister and he does not want to put that on her. He doesn't get a say in what his job is as it was chosen at a very young age, preparing him for his future in the black market business and as an Apotheosis member.

Flaws - What flaws does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

Disregards others if he believes they are unworthy of his attention, basically looking down on others. Is very violent when provoked. Doesn't like and won't take criticism. Thinks he can do no wrong and when proved wrong blames it on others. He shames others when they do something wrong because he believes they could have done better. Is very bad at relationships because of the lack of communication. Gets ahead of himself sometimes, ignoring orders when they could get him killed.

Talents - What talents does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

Is very good at negotiating and networking. He's also very good at making calculated moves to reduce the damage that could possible be done to him.
Public speaking comes easily to him along with entrepreneurialism.
Money management was more of a learned skill for him from a very early age which is why it comes so naturally to him. Also is very resilient and good with time management.

Can play the drums as it was something- and is still something that he's very passionate about.

Personality type - What personality type is Aaron Lunde Calvert?

Aaron wears a pretty sullen expression all the time. He's strict sometimes, but casual with his friends, everyone except Jake. He doesn't take nonsense from people, shooting back facts of the other's shortcomings when he's accused of doing something wrong. Even though he's pretty nonchalant about things he won't make personal connections easily, half of it has to do with the fact that he comes from a very important family and people will easily take advantage of him if he's not careful enough. The other part of this is the way he was raised, he's not too keen on making friends because he knows that very few people will tolerate him even if he's nice at first. It saves him the disappointment. He's very cautious to a fault because it's been ingrained in his head that he mustn't trust right away.

Aaron gets very angry when it comes to one of the members of Apotheosis, Jake. He's the only one who can provoke such a huge and negative reaction out of Aaron because of certain events that went down in the past. Otherwise, he mostly can control his emotions and keeps a professional demeanor. He's got a passive-aggressive personality when it comes to protecting the people he cares about, a bit on the tough side.
Aaron has no problems with his current friends, but he does come off as serious and very work driven. Because he's always on the job you won't see much of Aaron's other sides. Just because Aaron takes his work very seriously doesn't mean he's a heartless person, in fact, he cares very deeply about the other members of Apotheosis, he just shows it in very different ways than others would.

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Favorite Possession/The Meaning

A gold 41mm Royal Oak self-winding chronograph watch with a green dial.
It was gifted to him for his sixteenth birthday by his mother who passed away two years later. She might not have been the best but for Aaron that's all he had and the watch represents her way of showing him love.

Favorite Weapon(s)

He mainly uses hand-to-hand combat and guns, but his favorite thing to wield are brass knuckles nine times out of ten, sometimes with sharp ends to pack a mean punch.

His go to gun though is a semi-automatic Glock 18.
Slightly modified for him and made by Nexus. He designed some parts of it to fit some of the ideas he had about developing weaponry. He was allowed to experiment with different types of machinery till he found one he liked.

Favorite Color/Aesthetic

Arctic/Cerulean Blue.
His aesthetic is royalcore, more so with the colors black and gold. If his family had a theme, this would be it.

Favorite Food(s)

Spicy kebab with vegetables or any other spicy meal. He beats everyone in Apotheosis when it comes to eating really spicy stuff.
His favorite drink is Arizona Green Tea.

Favorite Animal/Insect

Birds, specifically, pigeons and green conures.
He likes how domestic they are and easy to care for. He had a green conure once and it was very playful with him, though, absolutely despised his father. The two grew an inseparable bond until it passed away.

Occupation - What is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s occupation?

Aaron fights alongside Apotheosis, carrying out jobs with them. He also manages the finances and equipment of the group.
He's mostly into politics and running some of his father's businesses, but most of his time is consumed by classes to cram as much information into him as they can. He balances advanced classes and training while scheduling things for Jen and Apotheosis. He'll do things like remind them of the meetings they need to attend, when Nexus wants them to show up for training sessions, and plans for the next mission which are then handed off mainly to Jen who takes everything else from there.

Job - What job does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

Black market handler and dealer. He's one of the top members. He's a recognizable face in the underground when it comes to selling illegal goods as his family has the means to do so. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and in order so that no one violates the rules and when they do, he takes care of them by either killing them off or turning them in to the police. The government, as he is a part of Apotheosis, is in on this so Aaron can freely do what he wants as long as he reports everything he's doing, he cannot do things on his own, or else it is considered a threat against the country, as he has enough power and connections to take down the government. Which is why he is heavily monitored.

Not only is his work done in the underground, but he also delves into the many businesses his father has open. Taking on the role of being the head and in control of the ones connected to the government. He constantly makes deals both with the black market and the government, persuading them to let Apotheosis do certain things and calling in favors when he needs them.

Politics - What politics does Aaron Lunde Calvert have?

Social Democracy. A political movement advocating a gradual and peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means. The ideology, named after democracy where people have a say in government actions, supports a competitive economy with money while also helping people whose jobs don't pay a lot.
Socialism Definition: It's a way to organize a society. It deals mostly with the economy or the part of a society that creates wealth. The goal of socialism is to spread wealth more evenly and to treat all people fairly.

Religion - What religion does Aaron Lunde Calvert practice?

Agnostic. He believes that no one can really know if a god truly exists or not and until proven otherwise, he does not believe in a set god.

date_range History
Education - What is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s level of education?

Graduated high school early, and continued to go to college, though not a public college, a private one as deemed necessary by his father.

Background - What is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s background?

Aaron comes from an insanely rich family, meaning there are a lot of targets on his back, not only from the number of possessions but because of the line of work they delve into too.
From a young age, Aaron was taught to be a certain way, and hold certain values. He was educated in the world around him, very rarely treated as a child, and held to higher standards. This caused a lot of stress and turbulence in Aaron as he struggled to keep up with everything that was expected of him. Despite having so many responsibilities as a kid, his parents never punished Aaron unreasonably and his mother actually defended him when he got into trouble with his father.
Growing up, Aaron was an only child, but that changed when he was seven, his mother would get pregnant with Lisette, his younger sister.
During this time Aaron's father also had an affair with Aristide's wife, Sienna, who then bore Aster, who would be Aaron's half-sister.

As a teenager, Aaron was very prideful but also very reckless, something his parents greatly disapproved of. He got into fights and associated himself with the "wrong" people which would lead him astray from his father's main goal and wishes. Truth be told, what was considered the norm for Aaron's family was something Aaron was not interested in. They were patrons of the black market, people heavily involved with the market and government alike. Aaron didn't like the idea of being given over to the government to work for them, but Aaron's father assured him that this was something he must do, so he continued to work for them until he had enough, tired of all the heavy training and scheduling/assigning others in what to do with certain tasks. His family tried to keep a tight leash on Aaron by giving him everything he wanted as a kid and teenager, basically bribing him to stay in the group which was Apotheosis. Aaron would have none of it as the last straw was when his mother and father tried to arrange his perfect life with an equally rich girl. He refused.

Aaron left soon after at age sixteen, staying with one of his friends at the time. Aaron wanted to start a life where he was happy and had some semblance of normalcy.
That little adventure of his would soon come to an end though when he was caught trying to sneak out of the country to avoid his parents who were actively searching for him the entire time he was gone.
Eventually, he was caught and brought to jail, given two choices, continue to work for the government, Apotheosis, or forced to be sent away to a boot camp for the rest of his teenage years. Aaron once again refused and was sent to a military boot camp where they broke his rebellious personality. Two years later they asked him the same question and eager to get out of the place he was in, he was moved over to Apotheosis once again. At the same time, his mother passed away from Leukemia when he turned eighteen, it seeming to shake his world as equally as his family's. He resented his father who had sent him away for those two years, missing the chance to spend that time with his mother.
But Aaron did not get to make a fuss about it, getting scolded by his father severely and pinning the blame on him for not being better.
So at age eighteen, he regained connections with his father's friends and even made a few of his own. This time though, more than ever, he gave into the whims of his father and took his job very seriously, getting involved a lot in the politics of the government and leading the family business with great success.

Aaron got married to an equally rich girl who soon divorced him after they had their first kid together, Eden, but his love for Andre never disappeared, and shortly after the divorce he got together with him.

Birthday - When is Aaron Lunde Calvert’s birthday?

June 9

edit Notes

Once again, the art is not mine, just a collection of different people/other characters to give you an idea of what he may look like.

Pinterest Board: https://pin.it/16zFje0

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What is something unique to this character?

•Although Aaron is very tough physically, he has a very low pain tolerance because he's not used to getting hurt. Even when he starts working at Apotheosis, it seems that this fact about him does not change which is why he does everything in his power to make near to no mistakes when fighting.

assignment Day to Day Tasks
What does a day off look like for them?

Because Aaron has such a high-paced life, getting things crammed into him left and right from the overwhelming amount of school work and the jobs Apotheosis carries out, he enjoys peace and quiet. One place you'll always see him at when he doesn't have anything to do (which is rare) is in the library. Aaron will read for a good while before slipping off into sleep, usually sitting down with the book still in his hand. Casimir, his best friend and someone who's like a brother to him, usually carried him back to bed and gets everything in order for him.
Hypothetically, if he had a day all to himself, he probably wouldn't know what to do with it. This wasn't true when he was younger during his teenage years. Aaron used to be full of rebellious personality that was soon taken from him after he got sent to a military camp when he was sixteen.
At age eighteen he became very serious in his studies and turned down anything that he might enjoy to please his father's wishes, leading him to only drown himself in work.
If anything, he wouldn't want to do anything on his day off, unless it involved Apotheosis. They've taken vacations before together- things like road trips, traveling to a different city, or flying out of the country. He likes getting out and doing things they wouldn't do on a typical day-to-day basis even if it's just one day he gets off- anything but exercise. Aaron seems to enjoy those a lot, especially the company of everyone even though he sounds like he doesn't want to be there at times.

What do they do on a busy day?

Aaron's day is usually packed tight with things he needs to do, things are scheduled beforehand, not by anyone else, but by himself specifically since his father taught him how to coordinate events he needed to attend. Even though they could hire someone to do these things for them, Aaron's father thought it important to teach his kids to fend for themselves whether that be in combat or in everyday life.

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Q: Does Aaron have recurring themes in his dreams/nightmares?

Q: Does Aaron remember names or faces easier?

Q: What is Aaron's biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for him before?

Q: In what way does Aaron compare himself to others? Does he do this for self-validation or self-criticism?

Q: What does Aaron find repulsive or disgusting?

Q: In the face of criticism, is Aaron defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve?

Q: Is Aaron more likely to keep trying a solution/method that didn't work the first time, or immediately move on to a different solution/method?

Q: Does Aaron feel that he deserves to have what he wants, whether it be material or abstract, or does he feel he must earn it first?

Q: Has Aaron ever had a parental figure that was not related to him?

Q: How easy or difficult is it for Aaron to say "I love you."? Can he say it without meaning it?

Q: What does Aaron believe will happen to him after he dies? Does this belief scare him?


Q: Is Aaron's current socioeconomic status different then it was when he was growing up?

Q: Is Aaron more preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?

Q: How quick is Aaron to trust someone else?

Q: How quick is Aaron to suspect someone else? Does this change if he is close with that person?

Q: What did Aaron dream of being or doing as a child? Did that dream come true?

Q: Is Aaron more concerned with defending his honor or protecting his status?

Q: Is Aaron more likely to remove a problem/threat, or remove himself from a problem/threat?


Q: What was Aaron's favorite toy as a child?

Q: In what situation was Aaron the most scared he's ever been?

Q: Is Aaron more likely to admire wisdom or ambition in others?

Q: If something tragic or negative happens to Aaron, does he believe he may have caused or deserved it, or is he quick to blame others?

Q: What does Aaron like/dislike about other people?

Q: Which does Aaron idealize most; happiness or success?

Q: How does Aaron behave around children?

Q: How does Aaron deal with confrontation?

Q: How quick or slow is Aaron to resort to physical violence in confrontation?

Q: How does Aaron behave around people he likes?

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Q: How does Aaron treat people in service jobs?

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