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info Overview
Name - What is Marcus Teague’s full name?

Marcus Teague

Other names - What other aliases does Marcus Teague go by?

Lighter - his gang nickname

Age - How old is Marcus Teague?




Sexuality[ies] and Romantic Orientation(s)

Homosexual (Gay)

Gender - What is Marcus Teague’s gender?


Blood Type



"Can't we just burn it all down? It's easier..."

Role - What is Marcus Teague’s role in your story?

Main Character

face Looks
Race - What is Marcus Teague’s race?


In Abnormality AU - Human Witch

Skin Tone

Cool and pink undertoned, fair, and freckled.

Body Type

Lithe - narrow shouldered, athletic, and thin. Malnourished.

Identifying Mark(s) - Scars

A large burn scar across the left side of his torso and side.
Self-harm burns and cuts on his arms.

Peircing(s) and Body Modification(s) - Tattoos

None, though he'd like some

Abnormality AU -
A scattering of many different runes across his body so he can quickly create rune circles for magic use.

Weight - How much does Marcus Teague weigh?


Height - How tall is Marcus Teague?


Hair Color(s)

Dark ginger

Hair Style(s)

Falling to about mid-ear, it is unruly and curly, longer in the back than it is in the front, like he at one point had a mullet and decided to grow it out.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Marcus Teague have?


Eye Color(s)

Bottle Green

General Clothing(s)

Marcus always wears a brown beaten leather jacket. It was his grandfather's, a gift from his mother when he was little.
Under that brown jacket, you'll usually find a baggy, dark-colored, and faded band shirt or a comfortable tank top.
He usually wears torn and faded jeans two or three sizes too big for his body and held up by worn belts.
His shoes of choice are heavy boots or worn tennis shoes.
It is rare to see him in anything nicer than a plain white t-shirt.

fingerprint Nature
Talents - What talents does Marcus Teague have?

Mastered the butterfly knife during his time in the gang.
Can hit a moving target with his pistol from 95 yards away.
Can throw a mean punch.
Great at shanking people with a kitchen knife
Leaves almost no trace after he 'takes care of business' for Marx (the gang leader).
He's incredibly good at violin though undersells himself as he truly believes he's mediocre.


He has undiagnosed Major Depressive Disorder. It's too expensive to have himself diagnosed with anything.
Marcus suffers from (undiagnosed) C-PTSD as a result of the abuse he went through and the trauma of gang violence.
He's also heavily suicidal and self-harms on the regular.

Personality type - What personality type is Marcus Teague?


Introverted and anti-social to a point, Marcus prefers quiet places where he can be on his own or with a small group of people he trusts. This usually ends up being Wynn.
He tries hard to down-to-earth but it often times makes him seem cold or uncreative. He's always waiting and watching for things to happen and tends to react to them happening rather than working to prevent them from happening.
He tries to focus on rational thought but is often led away by his own emotions.
He can adapt quickly to changing situations and tends to be anxiously awaiting things to turn for the worse.
He's very easily stressed and is very perfectionistic. Everything has to feel right before he can go through with anything willingly.
He's prone to depressive episodes and anxious spiraling.
Despite this he is a good person to have in an emergency as he's very good at quick thinking and deals with crisis situations often.
He isn't afraid of death in the least which tends to make him reckless (He's also suicidal so that adds to that recklessness).

Hobbies - What hobbies does Marcus Teague have?

Marcus is a violinist, he enjoys making up his own melodies and practicing.
He is a bit of a pyromaniac and enjoys lighting things on fire.
When he's not alone, he prefers to spend time with his friend Wynn and enjoys going out to small bakeries and cafes to chat.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Marcus Teague have?

Marcus often misjudges kindness for manipulation. He believes everyone has something to gain from being kind and they will exploit that against you.

Flaws - What flaws does Marcus Teague have?

Marcus is very implusive and tends to jump into situations that have the potential to being dangerous.
He's very vindicitive and may hold a grudge against someone for a long time before he even considers looking at what they've done in a new light.
He's a very untrusting, suspicious, and paranoid person and may lash out against anyone he percieves as a threat.
He's also a mild alcoholic.

Motivations - What motivates Marcus Teague most?

Marcus has very little motivation, relying purely on the base instinct to live. He finds this very annoying, as it won't let him actively die.
Once he's in a better headspace, Marcus finds that he seeks more control in his life.
He also wants to be happy in the same that others are.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Marcus Teague have?

When he's embarrassed, Marcus will try to cover his face or avoid eye contact.
He picks at his fingernails constantly causing lots of hangnails and bleeding.
He tends to go quiet when thinking too deeply about things and will often just forget about the world outside of his thoughts.
Marcus has a bad habit of pulling on his clothes when stressed.
He'll keep his head on a swivel constantly as he's paranoid about something bad happening always.

Magical Abilities

Witchcraft. Marcus is a practicing witch whose frequencies resonate with fire and ward spells.

groups Social
Occupation - What is Marcus Teague’s occupation?

Gang member

Job - What job does Marcus Teague have?

Right hand man

Languages Spoken



(If we're getting technical, Irish-American though he identifies more as American.)

Religion - What religion does Marcus Teague practice?


Politics - What politics does Marcus Teague have?

Dislikes the current system

Relationship Status(s)

It's complicated (at first) with Marx.

Later in the story he's happily taken by Jake Grey Satori


Marx De Veaux


His father




Wynn Lyons
Xiomara Alderage

Best Friend(s)

Wynn Lyons

Favorite Color(s)


Favorite Food(s)

Sugar wafers (in particular strawberry)

Favorite Possession(s)

His silver Zippo lighter

Favorite/Preferred Weapon(s)

Pocket knife

Favorite Animal(s)



Fire, nighttime, alcohol, cigarettes, cats


Authority, Marx, mushrooms, mice (they're creepy with their little hands and blank eyes)

date_range History
Education - What is Marcus Teague’s level of education?

High school drop out.
He completed his Junior year and started his senior year before dropping out.

Birthday - When is Marcus Teague’s birthday?

September 5



Background - What is Marcus Teague’s background?

Born in America to an Irish man and an American mother, Marcus Teague started off life with a series of unfortunate events.
He was a NICU baby, born prematurely as the result of an alcoholic and smoker mother. His long-standing time in the NICU was a sore area of financial strain and general stress for his small family.
As he grew, his family experienced financial and general hardship, nearly ending up homeless a few times as his mother struggled to fight her addiction to alcohol, falling more into her smoking habits to try and combat the cravings. At first, this was blamed on awful job security and jobs that didn't pay much but over the years, Marcus's father began to shift his blame on the heavy medical bills that were a result of Marcus's time in the NICU.
These worsened when Marcus was about nine years old when his mother was diagnosed with stage four Leukemia. Without the funds for proper medical care, his mother's condition slowly worsened and she began to deteriorate as the cancer multiplied within her body.
She died within the next two years.
Her death shook the entire Teague family at its core. Shortly after her funeral, Marcus's father began to blame the entire incident on Marcus's birth, claiming that had he been 'born normal' they would have had plenty of funds to save her. He turned to heavy alcoholism to cope, becoming increasingly violent towards Marcus and his brother. It wasn't until nearly high school did his father start to raise his hand against him.
As the abuse turned physical, Marcus found himself falling behind in school. It wasn't long before he himself turned to alcohol and drugs to distract his mind.

Marx was the first of the gang members to find him when Marcus lit a small fire in the boy's bathroom to get out of class. Marx seemed to take pity on Marcus's situation, offering him comfort and cigarettes and chatting idly about things that didn't pertain to school or home.
Marcus quickly grew to enjoy Marx's company and felt as if he could trust the older boy so the moment Marx asked if Marcus wanted to join the gang, he agreed right away. It was only a matter of time before Marcus started dating Marx behind his father's back.
It didn't take long for Marcus to realize his mistake but by the time he came to his senses, it was too late to leave. He experienced a new kind of abuse at the hands of Marx, one more humiliating than the physical, emotional, and verbal abuse his father put him through. Though, Marcus doesn't consider what happens to him 'abuse', he believes the idea that Marx's advances just mean that he's loved and feels bad about when 'he makes Marx force himself onto him' thinking it's the mark of a bad boyfriend not to comply.

Unfortunately for Marcus, after a botched gang run, his father found out about it all in one fell swoop after having to come to bail Marcus out of jail.
The abuse doubled after that, the majority of his father's rage was directed at him rather than at his brother, Lucas. Lucas became the golden child, the 'only good egg in the house' and a 'promising soul' and was thus mostly spared from it.

Marcus decided he had enough of his home life after that and ran off to join Marx and the gang full-time, trading one abuse for another he found preferable.

He never tries to hide his abuse, he wears the scars, cuts, and bruises openly.

device_hub Family

Thomas Teague - STATUS: Alive
- Abusive
- 42 years old
- "No cigarettes in the house"
- Loses temper fast
- Alcoholic
- Likes to cook
- Large-shouldered and thin (6'3 in height)
- Green eyes and auburn hair


Audrey Velsper - STATUS: Deceased
- "Oh dear..."
- Patient
- Cursed a lot
- 36 years old at death
- Smoker since age 13
- Enjoyed movies
- Lanky and fair (5'5 in height)
- Brown hair and brown eyes


Lucas Teague - STATUS: Alive
- Hot-headed like his grandfather
- "You're ruining this family! ...or what's left of it at least."
- Afraid of bees
- 22 years old
- Still living with his parent
- "Cigarettes can kill you, y'know?"
- Book worm
- Lanky and pale (6'1 in height)
- Dark brown hair and brown eyes
- Wears glasses

Love interest(s)

Marx De Veaux
At first seems sweet and kind, quickly becomes aggressive and possessive over Marcus.

Jake Grey Satori
Jake, someone just as traumatized as him and about twenty times more attractive


Eventually his partner becomes Jake Grey Satori


In some storylines:

Pets - What pets does Marcus Teague have?

None, unless the random strays he feeds count.

shopping_basket Inventory

A silver zippo lighter he never leaves behind.


Butterfly knife

Abnormality AU-
Fire magic





history Changelog
edit Notes

Happy ending with Jake orrrrr depressive ending with death???

Timeline is a little off, gotta work that out


Started off with a birth defect that twisted the bone in his leg but that was tossed in favor of the NICU addiction baby backstory.

His story was intertwined with Dayzed's characters after a few rp's.

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