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A metropolis filled to the brim with huge buildings and blazing lights that reach the sky. Its seemingly rich history, is home to the Enforcers, a powerful military force in terms of power and numbers. It's rumoured that the high ranking Enforcers reign over the city from colossal skyscrapers. While the immensely wealthy people live above, the lower class struggle to make life a bit bearable.

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Kreigspfad's climate is generally very cold and humid, and even more so in the lower sectors of the city. Due to the contamination and large buildings/skyscrapers, it is difficult to tell what the weather is. In summer, it is constantly rainy and in winter, it is unbearably cold.

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Kreigspfad was founded long before Zenpatlan under the rule of the Curator of Order, Zertrag. Built on top of a mountain, the city was humble and organized until the death of Zertrag, who was rumoured to be assassinated by power-hungry humans. After his death, Kreigspfad was split and disorder began. As the city turned into a metropolis, the people were segregated due to their wealth, as those with none were deemed useless.

Similarly to Zenpatlan, there exists three sectors otherwise known as "Levels".
The lowest level, called the Slums, is where the poor reside. Because of little law enforcement, the people of the Slums were forced to resort to petty crime. It is possible to gather enough money to move to a higher level, however it is said to be a nearly impossible feat to accomplish.
The middle level, also known as the Square, is where those of average wealth reside, basically being middle class income. Despite the Enforcers being relatively active within the Square, some crimes still happen. The citizens remark that while they struggle in making a living, the Square is a safe place to reside in.
The higher level is where the richest of the rich reside. It also serves as an entertainment district because of their casinos and theatres. The Enforcers' headquarters are at th very top and oversee the city from afar.

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Unspecified, approximately 500 years ago following the aftermath of the Great Calamity

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  • Kreigspfad and Zenpatlan's class system tells a lot of what is to be known about it.

  • Zenpatlan's sectors are all in a same level, symbolizing that the people are of equal value, while Kreigspfad's level system symbolizes classism.

  • Protests against the Enforcers are a frequent ocurrence. The protesters are mostly survivors of the Kreigspfad-Maat War and former soldiers.

  • High-ranking Enforcers are named after a weapon they specialize.

  • Seven years ago, Enforcers were being brutally murdered by an unknown serial killer who appeared to only target them. Because the murders having no witnesses and little evidence, the killer was never found. The public started to call the unnamed serial killer the "Ghost Reaper" due to the killer vanish from days at a time. The killings stopped eventually, although the Enforcer always lived in fear from that point on.

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