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A fantastic planetary system of 22 worlds that date back to the beginning of time.

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Science fantasy

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Gmoot follows laws of physics consistent with ours.

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Gmoot has several forms of magic: Cosmic, Ethereal, Arcane, and Blood.

Cosmic Magic is the most powerful, but requires the most resources to perform. Cosmic abilities often affect things at a macro scale, like affecting planetary geography or the passage of time. Beings with the ability to perform Cosmic abilities are able to perform all lower types of magic, although they often refrain from acts of Blood magic.

Ethereal Magic consists of powerful offensive, protective, and restorative spells. Offensive Ethereal abilities are described as apocalyptic, while protective and restorative spells can make the target effectively immortal for a brief period of time.

Arcane Magic is the most common, and what most of us think of when we imagine magical abilities. Fireballs, teleportation, and shields are the most common spells in this class. Practitioners of Arcane Magic are also most likely to use magical weapons (e.g. staves, wands) to augment their abilities.

Blood Magic is effectively "dark" Arcane Magic, fueled by sacrifice. When practitioners of Blood Magic slay a magic foe, they are temporarily imbued with their power. How it exactly works is unknown, but scholars suspect the practice originated in ancient times when Titans first encountered High Priests.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Gmoot?

Different societies have different levels of technology, based on the primary Classes and Clans present. There are many instances of "futuristic" technology present in transportation and military applications, but the majority of the planetary system would be considered "basic" in terms of their utilization of digital systems.


The four major Clans of Gmoot are byproducts of the four main classes of thought across the planetary system. The common theme among the major Philosophies is seeking and identifying the source of, and path to, power.

Vortex Society believes that individual power important, but true power is the sum of the powers of those you control. Influence is the key to the universe.

Solar Dynasty believes Magic will ultimately dictate the governance of the universe. Cosmic abilities are seen as equivalent to miracles, and Trees and Deities are worshipped.

Meta Tribe believes that science, technology, and observation is how societies will eventually master the natural forces around them. Everything in the universe subscribes to a system, and understanding those systems is conquering nature itself.

Degen Clan believes there will never be a true order or governance in the universe. The universe bows to no one, and even the Deities are flaws. There is no such thing as perfection, and there is no natural order. We're all on our own.

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This universe contains...
23 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Alara The largest O-Class planet in the Gmoot system. Rumored to be the origin of Deities. Located in Orbital Ring Be.
terrain Zorix A C-Class planet on Orbital Ring H.
terrain Varth A V-Class planet once on Orbital Ring H. It was destroyed in the ancient battle against Droth.
terrain Sorilia An N-Class planet on Orbital Ring Li.
terrain Roalia An N-Class planet in Orbital Ring Be.
terrain Ogora A D-Class planet in Orbital Ring Li.
terrain Einor A D-Class planet located in Orbital Ring Li.
terrain Droth A V-Class planet that was once located in Orbital Ring H. Destroyed in the ancient battle against Varth.
terrain Cruna A D-Class planet located in Orbital Ring He.
terrain Celea An N-Class planet located in Orbital Ring Be.
terrain Graevis A C-Class planet located in Orbital Ring H. Home to the largest prison in the planetary system.
terrain Iter A D-Class planet in Orbital Ring Be.
terrain Thalnides An N-Class planet on Orbital Ring He.
terrain Huziyama An N-Class planet in Orbital Ring Li.
terrain Crogirius A V-Class planet located in Orbital Ring He.
terrain Putryke A C-Class planet in Orbital Ring H.
terrain Trippe An N-Class planet on Orbital Ring Be.
terrain Giutis A C-Class planet located in Orbital Ring H.
terrain Amorth A large V-Class planet located in Orbital Ring He.
terrain Miniope An elusive O-Class planet in Orbital Ring Be. Extremely difficult to detect and few genuinely believe it exists.
terrain Tevis An N-Class planet on Orbital Ring Li.
terrain Oatis A V-Class planet in Orbital Ring He.
terrain Kophus A V-Class planet in Orbital Ring He.

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pets Creatures close
pets Webling An aggressive, four-legged arachnid
pets Giant Slug A large slug-like creature with several

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location_on Landmarks close
location_on The Graevis Prison A universally known prison system located on Graevis. Between brutal geography, Ethereally imbued non-Euclidean architecture, and a pair of savage Titans patrolling the perimeter, The Graevis Priso...

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flash_on Magics close
flash_on Blood Incantations centered around manipulation and control.
flash_on Arcane Traditional spellcasting for offensive and defensive abilities.
flash_on Cosmic Mysterious, ancient, and powerful incantations.

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face Races close
face High Priest Powerful Ethereal healers created by the Deities.
face Chad A brutally powerful humanoid created in the Titans' own image.
face Deity Ancient ethereal beings, acting as diving watchers, healers, and powerful battle mages across the universe.
face Tree Ancient cosmic beings with synergistic relationships with the planets they're rooted on.
face Titan Titans are ancient humanoid beings, brought into existence to balance the forces in the universe.

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