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Name - What is Titan named?


Description - How would you describe Titan's people?

Titans are ancient humanoid beings, brought into existence to balance the forces in the universe.

Other names - What other names do Titan have?


face Looks
Body shape - What does the average Titan body shape look like?

Most Titans are humanoid, but many possess extraneous limbs or deformities that assist them in combat.

Skin colors - What skin color(s) are common on the Titan race?

Various shades of desaturated colors, based on their natural environment.

General height - How tall is the average Titan?

50-100 feet (15-30 meters)

General weight - How heavy is the average Titan?

100-200 tons (90-180 thousand kilograms)

Notable features - What physical features on a Titan are most noticeable?

Incredible physical strength, emphasis on limb and core utility. High tolerance for physical pain and impressive intelligence.

Physical variance - How much variance is there between individuals of the Titan race?

Some Titans possess additional limbs for mobility and combat. Others have extraneous joints for better limb utility. On rare occasion, Titans will be missing familiar humanoid features (e.g. hands, eyes).

Typical clothing - What kind of clothing is common with Titan individuals?

Most Titans don minimal battle garb, but rarely with an interest in armor or protection. Most Titan apparel is meant to intimidate or influence.

fingerprint Traits
Strengths - What are the strengths of Titan?

Titans are incredibly strong and natural leaders in combat. They are able to enter and exist a stasis that allows them to survive in the void of space. While most Titans are able to leap impressively far, some are even able to exist the gravitational pull of many planets.

Weaknesses - What are the weaknesses of Titan?

Despite their impressive intelligence, they are susceptible to the effects of Cosmic magic. They generally have a weakness to all forms of magic.

Conditions - What conditions are common with Titan?

Titans' individual mutations are meant to be advantageous on their home planet. When on another planet, Titans may find themselves at great disadvantage in combat.

groups Culture
Traditions - What traditions are common with Titan's individuals?

Titans follow many combat-related philosophies, which shape their leadership style early on. Titans are natural leaders, and when multiple Titans exist on a single planet, there is often ceremonial combat to determine the alpha.

Beliefs - What beliefs are commonly held by the Titan?

Combat, physical strength, strength through numbers, and bloodthirstiness are just a few of the qualities of a great leader. All Titans live to be the ideal leader by their own philosophy, but great battles may ensue when these philosophies conflict with one another.

Titans have no temples or places of worship, and even basic shrines are ignored or discouraged.

Governments - What governments are common with the Titan?

Titans follow a hybrid dictatorship-plutocracy mindset, where the Titan and their strongest warriors are chosen as rulers. The Titan is always second to none, but does not discriminate based on the Class of their followers. Their method of ruling is influenced by their Clan.

Technologies - What kinds of technologies do the Titan societies take advantage of?

Most Titans ignore technology as its a crutch for those who do not possess raw power. Some Titans have historically experimented with technological warfare via the help of Shadowy Supercoders.

Occupations - What occupations are common with Titan individuals?


Economics - What does the economic situation look like for the Titan?

Some Titans have adopted a currency system based on slain foes (i.e. skulls, ears, teeth, hearts), but most use a communal resource pool or bartering economy within their clan.

Favorite foods - What are the most common favorite foods of the Titan?


date_range History
Notable events - What events are most important to the history of Titan?

The twin Titan leaders of Droth and Varth destroyed both planets in a legendary battle caused by conflicting ideals. The twins constantly battled with one another, eventually going their separate ways and establishing themselves on the two planets. Over time, they adopted diverging philosophies on death and suffering. The Titan of Droth believed that suffering was an honorable action, while dying was disrespectful. The Titan of Varth believed the opposite. Eventually, the Titan of Droth developed an incredibly powerful weapon, capable of destroying Varth itself - the ultimate act of disrespect and domination. Having caught wind of their impending destruction, the Titan of Varth enlisted an army of Whisperers to turn the weapon on the Tree of Droth instead. The Titan of Droth, under duress, destroyed the Tree, splitting the planet in two. One half of Droth was thrown into the void of space, while the other half was sent hurdling into Varth, destroying the planet. Neither Titan nor Tree survived conflict.

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