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Name - What is High Priest named?

High Priest

Description - How would you describe High Priest's people?

Powerful Ethereal healers created by the Deities.

Other names - What other names do High Priest have?


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Body shape - What does the average High Priest body shape look like?

High Priests are humanoid with extended limbs and low muscle and fat. While visually frail, their movement and strength implies an inherent magical augmentation to their physical abilities. Their thin ribcage further emphasizes their slender form.

Skin colors - What skin color(s) are common on the High Priest race?

Off-white, with slight discoloration based on environment.

General height - How tall is the average High Priest?

8-12 feet (2.5-3.5 meters)

General weight - How heavy is the average High Priest?

200-500 pounds (90-200 kilograms)

Notable features - What physical features on a High Priest are most noticeable?

Extended, thin limbs. Little body fat or muscle, with a thin ribcage.

Physical variance - How much variance is there between individuals of the High Priest race?

High Priests all look nearly identical, barring slight variation in skin color.

Typical clothing - What kind of clothing is common with High Priest individuals?

White, hooded robes with honor cords corresponding to acts of notable healing, rejuvenation, and altruism.

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Strengths - What are the strengths of High Priest?

High Priests are incredibly well equipped with Ethereal restoration magic. They are resistant to mind control and Blood magic. They can hover and fly limited distances via magical abilities, and can cast effective Spheres of Protection on themselves and others to reflect elemental and weaker magical attacks.

Weaknesses - What are the weaknesses of High Priest?

High Priests are physically weak when not augmented by magic. They do not have effective offensive spells, so they are generally underpowered in solo combat.

Conditions - What conditions are common with High Priest?


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Traditions - What traditions are common with High Priest's individuals?


Beliefs - What beliefs are commonly held by the High Priest?

High Priests believe their role in the universe is simply to balance the chaos and brutality introduced by the Titans. They strive to heal, repair, and augment lower societies as they see fit. They avoid combat, but will act as a battle medic if faced with no other options.

Governments - What governments are common with the High Priest?


Technologies - What kinds of technologies do the High Priest societies take advantage of?


Occupations - What occupations are common with High Priest individuals?

Healer, sage, professor, spiritual leader

Economics - What does the economic situation look like for the High Priest?


Favorite foods - What are the most common favorite foods of the High Priest?


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Notable events - What events are most important to the history of High Priest?


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