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Name - What is Deity named?


Description - How would you describe Deity's people?

Ancient ethereal beings, acting as diving watchers, healers, and powerful battle mages across the universe.

Other names - What other names do Deity have?


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Body shape - What does the average Deity body shape look like?

Deities naturally take many geometric shapes, but when observed, project themselves to mimic the physical form of the observer. When interacting amongst one another, or alone, Deities reportedly assume the form of a hexagonal diamonds.

Skin colors - What skin color(s) are common on the Deity race?

When not projecting an appearance, Deities are naturally a transparent smoky cyan. When projecting an appearance, Deities will often appear with a slight cyan tint or aura, depending on the projection. Deities are able to project an appearance without the discoloration, but it takes active effort on their part.

General height - How tall is the average Deity?

10-10,000 feet (3-3,000 meters)

General weight - How heavy is the average Deity?


Notable features - What physical features on a Deity are most noticeable?

Prismatic, translucent, geometric torso. Occasional auras and appendages that resemble traditional halos or hands in prayer.

Physical variance - How much variance is there between individuals of the Deity race?

Deities have a massive amount of physical variance. Nobody is certain what their natural appearance even is.

Typical clothing - What kind of clothing is common with Deity individuals?

Robes summoned with Cosmic magic when not projecting an appearance.

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Strengths - What are the strengths of Deity?

Deities are ancient, undying, and incredibly powerful in all forms of magic. They primarily utilize Cosmic magic, but will practice Ethereal and Blood magic when necessary, although the latter has no recorded instances. Due to their size and projection abilities, they are also incredibly powerful in combat, although they rarely participate in battle. They have vast knowledge of the universe and many believe there are entire planets only the Deities know about.

Weaknesses - What are the weaknesses of Deity?

Deities are susceptible to physical damage if their magical abilities are suppressed. Powerful beings can see through appearance projections without the Deity knowing.

Conditions - What conditions are common with Deity?


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Traditions - What traditions are common with Deity's individuals?


Beliefs - What beliefs are commonly held by the Deity?

Deities worship no one, expect to be worship by no one, and see other Deities as equals, regardless of power or influence.

Governments - What governments are common with the Deity?

Deities subscribe to to governmental philosophy

Technologies - What kinds of technologies do the Deity societies take advantage of?

Unknown, but it is likely that Deities have little interest in technology

Occupations - What occupations are common with Deity individuals?

Throughout history, Deities have occasionally acted as resident healers and sages for societies they favored. Other than that, Deities have no inherent occupation.

Economics - What does the economic situation look like for the Deity?


Favorite foods - What are the most common favorite foods of the Deity?


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Notable events - What events are most important to the history of Deity?


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