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The Graevis Prison

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A universally known prison system located on Graevis. Between brutal geography, Ethereally imbued non-Euclidean architecture, and a pair of savage Titans patrolling the perimeter, The Graevis Prison is recognized as virtually inescapable.

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Materials - What materials was The Graevis Prison constructed from?

Traditional building materials (e.g. brick, stone, wood) imbued with Ethereal magic to allow them to restructure and self-repair as needed.

Colors - What color(s) is The Graevis Prison?

Shades of orange, brown, and grey.

Symbolism - What could The Graevis Prison potentially be a symbol for?

Eternal Retribution

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Creation story - How did The Graevis Prison originally form?

Graevis is known as the birthplace of the Titans. Legend has it that after the Titans spread across the universe, two remained. These Titans shared the philosophy that a true display of power is not simply victory in combat, but complete and perpetual control of your foes and subordinates. They agreed, against their nature, to collaborate on building a monument to incapacitation and then handle their affairs independently. The initial prison was constructed after many years, and the Titans began their eternal patrol.

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Ongoing - Rumors say the Titans are perpetually designing new additions.

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