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Name - What is Tree named?


Description - How would you describe Tree's people?

Ancient cosmic beings with synergistic relationships with the planets they're rooted on.

Other names - What other names do Tree have?


face Looks
Body shape - What does the average Tree body shape look like?

Trees resemble a range of familiar Earth species, based on the environment of the planet they're rooted on.

General height - How tall is the average Tree?

100-500 feet (50-150 meters)

General weight - How heavy is the average Tree?

Unknown, but estimated to be 500-800 tons (450-730 thousand kilograms)

Notable features - What physical features on a Tree are most noticeable?

A light perpetual glow is constantly emitted from the leaves of a Tree, based on the overall health of the planet it's rooted to. Trees without a living avatar have a human-sized seed pod that incubates the next avatar.

Physical variance - How much variance is there between individuals of the Tree race?

Depending on the environment, Trees may resemble familiar Earth species like Oak, Pine, and Redwood, but others may be more exotic, like Baobabs.

Typical clothing - What kind of clothing is common with Tree individuals?

Neither trees nor their avatars are naturally clothed, but avatars will often wear garments to best fit in with local cultures.

fingerprint Traits
Strengths - What are the strengths of Tree?

Trees possess powerful Cosmic magic, but using any ability takes a substantial amount of energy. Often times, these abilities are used in response to the death of their avatar.

Weaknesses - What are the weaknesses of Tree?

Trees cannot move, and their avatars are physically unremarkable. While Trees are physically strong, they are susceptible to physical damage from magically imbued weapons.

Conditions - What conditions are common with Tree?


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Traditions - What traditions are common with Tree's individuals?


Beliefs - What beliefs are commonly held by the Tree?

Trees, as well as their avatars, are naturally passive.

Governments - What governments are common with the Tree?


Technologies - What kinds of technologies do the Tree societies take advantage of?

Tree avatars typically refrain from using advanced technology, and are considered naturalistic by nature.

Occupations - What occupations are common with Tree individuals?


Economics - What does the economic situation look like for the Tree?


Favorite foods - What are the most common favorite foods of the Tree?

Trees primarily acquire their life force from the health of the planet they're rooted on.

date_range History
Notable events - What events are most important to the history of Tree?

There are only two instances of Trees being killed. During the battle of Varth and Droth, the Titan of Droth destroyed Droth's Tree with a powerful weapon, which split the planet in two. Pieces of Droth collided with Varth, destroying the planet and killing its Tree.

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