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Name - What is Graevis’s full name?


Type - What type of location is Graevis?


Description - Describe Graevis.

A C-Class planet located in Orbital Ring H. Home to the largest prison in the planetary system.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Graevis?


Population - What is Graevis’s population?

Graevis has a small cluster of outposts surrounding the prison. These outposts are home to bounty hunters, criminals, and traffickers waiting to capture or assist escaping prisoners.

Currency - What currencies are used in Graevis?

The Graevis prison has an internal credit system based on behavior and deposit of external funds. Graevis prison credits are worthless outside of the prison system.

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Area - What kind of area is Graevis in?

Graevis is a blistering hot desert with steep mountain ranges breaking through white sands. There is almost no terrestrial water, but some cave systems host underground lakes and rivers.

Crops - What crops does Graevis produce?


Located at - Where is Graevis located?

Orbital Ring H

Climate - What is the climate like in Graevis?

Hot, dry, sunny, cloudless, and perpetually windy. No precipitation, but some larger cave systems host their own microclimates underground.

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Founding Story - How was Graevis founded?

Graevis was founded by its Titan in ancient times, who believed society should be governed by retribution. After building the prison, the Titan left to monitor the rest of Graevis for anyone worthy of imprisonment. Currently the Graevis prison is run by a Chad and a team of Knights, while the Titan is rumored to eternally patrol the surrounding deserts.

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