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Name - What is the name of Blood?


Description - How would you describe Blood?

Incantations centered around manipulation and control.

Type of magic - What type of magic is Blood?


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Visuals - What do the visual effects of Blood look like?

Those casting Blood magic spells often emit a negative glow, as if illuminating the absence of light. Some believe they absorb the fundamental energy of the universe as they cast their spells.

Effects - What effects does Blood have?

Coercion, confusion, induce rage, induce organ failure, cease thought.

Aftereffects - What visual effects persist after Blood?

After casting Blood magic, the spellcaster is substantially weakened for some period of time, making it hard to hide their actions without removing themselves from society. In extreme cases, their blood darkens to near-black and their veins are clearly visible through the skin.

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Positive effects - What positive effects does Blood have?


Neutral effects - What neutral effects does Blood have?


Negative effects - What negative effects does Blood have?


Conditions - What conditions can Blood afflict?


Scale - How does the power level of Blood scale?

Blood magic varies in power, as most incantations are relatively minor while requiring substantial preparation. Most incantations would be considered below Arcane magic, but extreme cases of Blood magic, such as in the battle of Varth and Droth, could be considered comparably powerful to even Cosmic magic.

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Morality - How good or bad is Blood?

Blood magic is almost unquestionably considered to be a negative force in the universe.

Respectability - How respected are users of Blood?

Users of Blood magic are often not known, as they almost exclusively cast incantations in private or among other practitioners.

Element - What element is Blood most closely aligned to?


lock Requirements
Resource costs - What resource costs are required to use Blood?

Blood magic feeds from the life force of others, augmented by their magical attunement. Those being used as a resource for Blood magic are not always killed in the process, but it is a frequent occurance.

Materials required - What materials are required to use Blood?


Skills required - What skills are required to use Blood?


Limitations - What limitations does Blood have? What can't it do?

Blood magic cannot cast restorative or protective spells without some form of negative side effect on the recipient. For instance, a resurrection spell may bring the recipient back to life, but stuck in a perpetual state of wrathful vengeance.

Education - What needs to be learned before Blood can be used?

Blood magic is not formally taught in society, so it must be passed from practitioner to practitioner.

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