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Name - What is Uttara ’s full name?


Type - What type of location is Uttara ?

Monarchy which is passed to the oldest child.

Description - Describe Uttara .

Northern most kingdom. Rivergarden is the capitol and Rivergarden Castle spans across the top of a 800 ft waterfall in the eastern part of Uttara. Stretches from the Zadari Ocean in the west to the Dakkur Bodden mountains in the east. The southern border is the edge of the highlands, the marshes and along the edge of the Emerald forest.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Uttara ?


Population - What is Uttara ’s population?

1.3 million

Currency - What currencies are used in Uttara ?


Motto - What is Uttara ’s motto?

Guztiak jendearentzat, old tongue meaning "all for the people."

Laws - What are the laws in Uttara ?

most laws ensure equality for all.

Sports - What sports are played in Uttara ?

climbing, running, horsemanship, archery

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Area - What kind of area is Uttara in?

This kingdom is divided into West and East by the Highlands. The highlands are defined by an 800-1500 foot tall cliff. The highlands get the most rain at 40% rainy days and two months of snow. The west are the flatlands which have most of the crops. The west gets 65% sun near the cliffs to 75% sun near the ocean in the far west. the far east near the mountain are evergreen forests and there are deciduous forests in the far west.

Crops - What crops does Uttara produce?

Wheat, barley, sheep (both wool and mutton), cattle (dairy and meat), fruit (apples and pears mainly), fish, fur. The only gold mine in the 3 kingdoms is in the far frozen north of Uttara.

Climate - What is the climate like in Uttara ?

Lots of rain through out most of the kingdom, warmer and dryer in the west, but still more rain than the other kingdoms. cold and frozen in the far northeast, with only a three months of frost free ground.

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Uttara founded?

The land had been one kingdom for thousands of years until King Lietus and Queen Lurra ruled and the land was split between their 3 sons, Uttara, Navin and Dakshin over 700 years ago. Each kingdom has it's own source of wealth and they seem unwilling to join the land again.

Established Year - When was Uttara established?

700 years ago

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Uttara been involved in?

The last war started when Dakshin invaded Navin. Uttara's king waited to see a victor before declaring his alliance to one side or the other. Both sides lost so many men that one could not takeover the other and they remain the seprate kingdoms they have been for centuries. There is still an underlying mistrust between the 3 kingdoms even though there is peace.

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