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An ancient civilization which vanished off the face of the earth during the Great Calamity. After the tragedy, some survivors agreed to a mutual alliance and rebuilt the city. It is currently known as

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The following are a list of crimes that Tlentonatlan was against.

Abuse of power
Sexual harassment/assault
Property crimes

A system of courts determined guilty verdicts depending on how serious the crime was.

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Founding Story - How was Tletonatlan founded?

It is unknown how Tletonatlan was established, but from old records as well as folk tales from elderly civilians of
, the city was originally compromised of three small civilizations born from three beasts individually. The first tribe was born from the bones of a jaguar, the second created from the blood of an eagle, and the third from the flesh of a snake. The three tribes fought for control of a major territory which was rumoured to be plenty of resources, and the wars caught the attention of an unknown person (the Dollmaker) who described himself as a scribe. The mysterious person descended upon the tribes and gave every single person a ragdoll, to which he then told them to bury them deep within the earth and wait for 5 days during the sunrise. The tribes, who were perturbed by this mysterious person, nevertheless did as they were told and soon enough after 5 days, plants sprouted bountiful harvests of fruits and vegetables. The tribes thought of the mysterious person as a messenger from the gods to coexist together, and so they reached a mutual agreement to establish a new city and merge themselves into one single civilization. The city was named Tlentonatlan, named that way because the people thought the end of the wars as a "the first sun in a long while".

The Dollmaker, who was in an experimental era, created a beast that was a mix of a jaguar, snake and eagle and later sent it down as a protector of the city. This creature was also worshipped by the people of Tlentonatlan and referred it as Koatl.

During the worst year for Tlentonatlan, where there was a massive wave of drought and disease, Koatl's feathers and scales appeared to lose color, which put the people in a panicked state as they thought the land was dying because of the snake losing its color. As a result, a power struggle for control of the city surged. The final decision was to offer three sacrifices for Koatl; one offering flesh, the second offering blood and the third bones. The sacrifices were carried out every 5 days and comprised of young teenagers as teenagehood was considered the pinnacle of life.

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  • "Tlense" means first, "tonati" means sun. Tlensetonatitlan means "land of the first sun".

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