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Alabaster Crooks Inc.

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an idiot criminal who enjoys causing problems for the government and the police tries to plan an epic heist with their equally idiot friends

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WWIV: WWIV is the prequel to The Six Initiative and focuses on main character Abel Nakamura's parents, Haru Nakamura and Mischa Antonova, during their journey throughout the fourth World War.

Haru and Mischa, along with Mischa's twin brother-- Nikola Antonov-- and three other soldiers: Iseul Lee, Terbish Ganbaatar, and Tao Zhang, are sent on a missio...

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sleepy horrors

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extra-terrestrial/analog horror set in small town oregon somewhere in the early 80s. one by one, people are getting murdered and found in dozens of pieces in the spotty forest set behind acres of farmland. the first victim was cecil johanson - a scientist who worked at a top secret remote facility. the second victim was carly gillenhall - a 17-year-old cheerleader who was looking forward to homecoming with her boy...

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