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Alabaster Crooks Inc.

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an idiot criminal who enjoys causing problems for the government and the police tries to plan an epic heist with their equally idiot friends

last updated 8 months ago

Hawthorne Ridge Big Top

Hawthorne Ridge Big Top close

1890something US. supernatural murders are afoot. the performers of Hawthorne Ridge Circus know it's only a matter of time before the upper class pins the murders on the "freaks of England". They take it upon themselves to solve the murders. good thing they also dabble in the supernatural.

last updated 3 months ago

sleepy horrors

sleepy horrors close

extra-terrestrial/analog horror set in small town oregon somewhere in the early 80s. one by one, people are getting murdered and found in dozens of pieces in the spotty forest set behind acres of farmland. the first victim was cecil johanson - a scientist who worked at a top secret remote facility. the second victim was carly gillenhall - a 17-year-old cheerleader who was looking forward to homecoming with her boy...

last updated 3 months ago

Thaddeus Godchallenger

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A New Earth, filled to the brim with magic and fantastical inventions. A fantasy would with modern elements such as simple machines and steam era vehicles.

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The Six Initiative

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Set 200 years in the future, Angel Donovan, CEO of Donovan Enterprises, is tired of all the blackmail his company has received. In response, Angel passes the Six Initiative, in which six children will be chosen at random and trained to become the world's deadliest assassins.

Ten years after the Six Initiative was put into action, Assassin Number Four--Hysteria--decides she's tired of the killing life and escape...

last updated 3 months ago