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Name - What is Bane Malice ’s full name?

Bane Malice

Name etymology

Bane is a Slavic name that means "glorious defender"

Last lame trivia: The Malice family name was soiled by Cerberus’ killing werewolf packs, witches, and humans. Among the inhuman world, that last name is despicable


  • Death dog

  • Wolf boy

  • Hell dog

  • Darling (By Julian)

  • Danger wolf


August 17, 1985

Age - How old is Bane Malice ?

Chronological age: 34-35

Physical age: 19

He stopped aging at 19 because of genes (Hellhounds don't age). I call it his physical age

Race - What is Bane Malice ’s race?


(Part demon part wolf)

Gender - What is Bane Malice ’s gender?






Role - What is Bane Malice ’s role in your story?

  • Head of security

  • A reminder not all deemed evil is actually evil

face Looks

Hellhounds don’t have ethnicity or race, but he is designed to look like he comes from Latin America. Maybe Peruvian? Who knows.

Weight - How much does Bane Malice weigh?

207 lbs (94 kg)

Height - How tall is Bane Malice ?

6’5 (198.12 cm)

Hair Style - How does Bane Malice style their hair?

Tousled with short bangs that slightly cover his right eye. Some of his hair is combed over. It’s ear-length and short in the back.

His hair is always described as fluffy. It’s like a trap for water.

Hair Color - What color is Bane Malice ’s hair?

Ebony. It has a slight midnight (purple) shine to it, but only if you catch it in the moonlight.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Bane Malice have?


Eye Color - What is Bane Malice ’s eye color?

  • Reddish-brown onyx with amber specks. He has sectoral heterochromia in his right eye. Part of it is light blue.

  • Eyes turn red when extremely mad and on the verge of going fully feral. They also turn red when zeroed on targets.

Facial features

Bane has upturned eyes with sweeping eyelashes. His eyebrows are arched. His nose is a bulb and has a kink in it from a fight. He has a cupid's bow. His face is diamond in shape.

He has long, slender ears. They are a mix of demons and wolves. He has sharp dog-like canines.

Body Type

His body is sturdy and he’s fit. He is defined as lightly muscled meaning in regions like his arms, muscles will be slightly defined. He has broad shoulders. His hands are large but delicate

Skin Tone


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Bane Malice have?

  • Bane’s father had scorn-claw marks across his face. It was to serve as a reminder: he was an oddity, and he'd become soft. He doesn’t like the scars, but he embraces them as a reminder he's strong. They show up as darkish pink.

  • He has a small scar on his neck. It shows up as darkish pink

  • He has a black right triangle-like mark under his left eye. It's a hellhound mark and serves no initial purpose than to recognize a hellhound.

  • Small pink scars on his hands from him digging his own claws into them


  • His smile is contagious (It might not seem like it).

  • His scent of honey covers up his scent of death.

  • Can shapeshift into a big black wolf-creature. His form is tall and huge. It a bigger than an Irish Wolf Hound. He has long fur around the neck, along the back, and by the bottom. They have long tails that are like big, poofy wolf tails. The muzzle is long and the ears sit angled on the head.

  • He has retractable claws underneath his human nailbed. No, it doesn’t hurt, they sheath and unsheath like a cat's nails.

chat Voice and footsteps
Vocal description

His voice is what is called husky. It's deep and strong in an attractive way. It has a lot of grit behind it.

Laugh description

His laugh is often deep and strong. It's the laugh of someone who likes people getting hurt stupidly. Or find amusement in harm and injuries (Not in a villainous way). It's a long burst of "HAHHAHHA". It rings out in big rooms.

Vocal patterns

  • Inflections are important to define his emotions. A low inflection pertains to anger and boredom. A high inflection pertains to excitement and happiness.

  • Doesn't say the -ing at the end of words

  • When slipping into a feral rage, his voice turns into a deep growl

Voice claim

Dean Winchester (Jenson Ackles)

Jacoby Shaddix (From Papa Roach)

Footsteps description

His footsteps are usually heavy because of his size, but through training and hunting skills, he’s learned how to dampen his footsteps.

local_offer Outfits

Jacket: Black jacket with a buckle at the top to clasp it closed

Shirt: Red t-shirt

Belt: A leather belt with a sheath to hold his weapon on missions

Pants: Black jeans

Shoes: Black boots (No specific brand)

Jewelry: He wears a beaded necklace. He also wears three small hoops on his left ear and one on his right

Weapons: His umbra sword and other umbra weapons


Usually something very cozy, like sweat pants and a tee. These can be any color, but usually the sweats are gray and the shirt is a light yellow (He hates it, but his husband told him to brighten up lol)


Blue linen pants or gray sweatpants. It's a dabble whether or not he'll put on a shirt.

(usually takes off his necklace and ear cuff)


A black suit with a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, and dress shoes.

He wore this outfit only at Jax and Gwen’s wedding and his own (Seen in the epilogue).

fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Bane Malice ?

Bane has a fearless demeanor with strong convictions and speaks out when questioned. He’s willing to put himself through any level of danger or agony to protect those of the Bureau. He pushes aside any qualms about being hurt in order to defend those instead of watching them die, unlike his father. As a logical person, he wants to express himself greatly but can be largely concerned with practical application than theory.

However, Bane can be blunt, it being part of his direct thinking and forthright communication. He is a born leader who tried to remain calm in high-pressure situations. His antagonism may irritate, but his attempts to be kind are not in vain. Bane is passionately affectionate to his loved ones and incredibly compassionate, especially with little animals and small children. Putting others' feelings and emotions last makes him seem inconsiderate. Being impatient makes him work at his own speed, hindering his ability to slow dowing if someone is struggling. He must exert effort to concentrate for a long time.

As a devoted and protective of the bureau, friends, and family, it makes it difficult for him to see different points of view. He always chooses loyalty when fighting and protecting people from threats. Being overprotective forces him to protect friends and family from things he perceives as threats, leading to injury. He isn’t afraid to tread into new, dangerous territory without considering the implications. He might break a few rules and receive a lecture. This leads to his stubbornness which makes him appear to be difficult.

Being as stubborn as Bane is, he presents a brief apology or sensitivity, then goes on his way. If influence is presented through habits, lifestyles, or views, he becomes irritated and abrupt. He’s bored easily. When something is finished or understood, his interest is lost. He goes to find something better. Bane’s fury makes him aggressive or will control him. If provoked, he’ll become enranged and enter a feral state. This is an issue he’s working on.


Like everyone else:

To defeat Nathaniel and keep the balance of life (the balance between good and evil) from shattering

Past goal: To escape hell and find a new life, escaping his father and pack

Motivations - What motivates Bane Malice most?

Primary motive: Keep the balance of life from shattering

To defeat the people who are after him for treason against Hell

To defeat his cousin, Osiris, the leader of his father's pack

Past motivations:

Much of the evil he did in the past was out of fear of what his father would do (He now regrets these actions severely and wishes it could have been different)

Prejudices - What prejudices does Bane Malice have?

His main prejudice is against demons and his species. This is from how he lived in Hell and was treated. He also doesn't like people who work with demons (Like warlocks). He also can't stand the fae (Hellhounds and the fae have been enemies for years. The reason is unknown, as Haiti took it to his grave)


  • He’ll turn into a monster or is a monster. He doesn’t want to like his father: A killer and abuser

  • Small spaces (From most likely punishment as a young lad. He also likes lots of space to roam)

Flaws - What flaws does Bane Malice have?

(Reiterated from his personality)

  • Overprotective. Being overprotective forces him to protect friends and family from things he perceives as threats, leading to injury

  • Loyalty. He always chooses loyalty when fighting and protecting people from threats. It makes it difficult for him to see different points of view

  • Stubbornness. He presents a brief apology or sensitivity, then goes on his way. If influence is presented through habits, lifestyles, or views, he becomes irritated and abrupt.


He regrets harming innocent people due to fear of his father. Also letting his father control him.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Bane Malice have?


Training. And lots of it

(He doesn’t usually do hobbies)



  • Hates potential threats

  • Being confined (He likes to be free and do whatever he wants, so being confined is awful)

  • When people fear him (He doesn't care if enemies fear him, only allies or potential friends)

  • Being alone. He was locked in small spaces alone for hours

  • Being around too many wolves. It makes him nervous


  • Training. It takes the edge off and it's coping

  • Missions

  • Treats

  • Hunting

  • Praise and affection. He never got it as a child, so he’s happy to be worth it in someone’s eyes


  • He can speak Latin. It was a mandatory language, as well as English, of Hell. He never forgot it. It's useful to read Latin manuscripts

  • Well trained with weapons and the use of his powers

  • Big time survival skills


  • Holy magic

  • Cold silver

  • Cold iron

  • Canine weaknesses (Ex: Chocolate and dog whistles)

  • some human weaknesses (Ex: Illness and bad or fatal injury)

  • Blood moon (Like a full moon, they become uncontrollable and harmful)

  • Wolfsbane

directions_run Mannerisms

  • He smiles showing his fangs (Kinda like a proud kid) when happy, and when amused, he snickers or fully bursts out laughing


  • He stands in a defensive stance when angered

  • When his tail is manifested sometimes, he flicks it in irritation


  • He rarely cries when sad. He just kinda shuts off, and it leads to anger.

  • He'll also have sad puppy eyes and a droopy wolf tail


  • He stays calm and suppresses fear. It helps with his control in the long run. You might see it flicker in his eyes or his body might twitch


  • His mouth just hangs open when surprised. He also either blinks over and over or stares wide-eyed


  • His the right corner of his lip raises and his nose scrunches when disgusted


  • Fiddles with his necklace when nervous


  • He has a mischievous smile when thinking of causing trouble or harm


  • Ear twitches when he senses death, something coming, or air pressure drops. They also twitch when he’s annoyed

  • He’ll use his claws to cut things rather than scissors

  • When his hair is wet, he likes to shake his floofy hair

  • He also likes to play with his knives when bored. He also twirls them to look threatening

  • He sings lullabies to himself nightly (It helps calm him. He has a magnificent singing voice)

  • He raises his eyebrow when suspicious of someone. It could also be when he thinks they’re lying

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Bane Malice practice?

Daemonium-Angelus "Demon-Angel" is a religion with no god. Heaven is directed by a chosen leader and Hell is ruled by the King of Hell. A lot of the basics are like Christianity (Like going to Heaven or Hell when you die), minus the Bible and its stories. (Rather, it has its own scripts and stories).

There was a deity named Mother. Mother faded after she created her two sons, Haiti, the first demon, and Ira, the first angel. Haiti made Hell and Ira made Heaven.

An important part of the story is that Haiti killed his brother, Ira. That is why Heaven is led by government and Hell is led like a monarchy. (I will link pages for it to make sense :3)

Occupation - What is Bane Malice ’s occupation?

Head of security at Blackwood Bureau. He's meant to guard and neutralize threats

Favorite color - What is Bane Malice ’s favorite color?

Honesty, probably salmon. He couldn't explain to you why, but he is drawn to the color. It makes him feel powerful

Favorite food - What is Bane Malice ’s favorite food?

Steak (Best types of meat he claims) because he’s mainly a meat-eater. He doesn’t really eat anything else

Favorite possession - What is Bane Malice ’s favorite possession?

His necklace because it’s a reminder of remembrance and control

Favorite weapon - What is Bane Malice ’s favorite weapon?

His umbra sword because it’s easy to use and has been using it for a long time

device_hub Family

Cerberus: Cerberus was his abusive father. Bane hated Cerberus to his core. Their relationship became non-existent when Bane was old enough to realize he shouldn't be treated the way he was.

Orthrus: Orthrus was Bane's uncle. He never knew his uncle, for he was murdered by his father before he was born.

Osiris: Bane's cousin. Bane dislikes his cousin and his eccentric behavior. He finds him annoying and cruel. His cousin constantly intervenes in his life and tried to frame him for crimes he didn't commit.

healing Conditions

He has heterochromia. Heterochromia is when the eye is two different colors, one eye is partly colored, or there is the color around the pupil. It doesn’t affect your health much.

Lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance is when your body can’t process lactate (caused by a deficiency of the enzyme lactate)

Side note: He can eat some dairy products in small quantities, but not recommend

Note: He does have trauma, but a lot of it affected his nature. His trauma is from his abusive father that would trap him in small spaces or chastise him. He has mostly recovered since he ran away


Lactose intolerant: Some symptoms include gastrointestinal effects such as indigestion and stomach cramps (etc)


Lactose intolerant: What triggers the symptoms? Most dairy products


Lactose intolerant: To limit or avoid lactose intake to reduce stomach irritation

Things they can't eat

He has the digestive of a wolf. Unlike wolves, not all foods can make him sick, but here are some foods he should avoid

Onions/ garlic


Dairy stuff (Lactose intolerant)

power Abilities

  • Wolf transformation: Bane has the ability to transform into a wolf-like creature. His wolf form is roughly the size of an Irish Wolf Hound, if not slightly larger.

  • Powerful bite: Because of his strong jaw, Bane has a powerful bite. He has the ability to bite through bone and bend metal.

  • Limitations: When he comes into contact with something hard, his teeth or jaw may break. He must be able to bite, which makes large or flat surfaces difficult. His teeth or mouth may still be sensitive, and he must avoid biting anything harmful or dangerous.

  • Enhanced durability: Because of his high durability, Bane can withstand damage. He can withstand a large number of external blows before succumbing to the effects. He can take a lot of bullets before he dies. Low-level explosives either do not harm him or cause only minor injuries. He can survive falling off a building and building collapses, as well as being beaten.

  • Limitations: Because durability isn't synonymous with invulnerability, he can only take so much damage before succumbing. He will only be taken aback by the destruction that would kill ordinary people. He can take an attack and then feel the effect later.

  • Enhanced endurance: He can endure physical stresses that humans can not. He can hold his breath for large periods and tolerate extreme hunger and unbearable thirst.

  • Limitations: He is limited on how far he can continue.

  • Enhanced senses: Bane has extremely accurate senses. This allows him to see, hear, smell, taste, and use touch better than humans.

  • Limitations: Sensory overload. Overloading might be a frequent occurrence. Magic may cause interference. May become dulled by pain if he is injured. He is more sensitive to loud sounds. Noise can limit the distance of his hearing range or ability to detect minor sounds. Too many conversations around him may make it difficult to find the right one to listen to.

  • Night vision: Bane has night vision and can see in low light and even complete darkness.

  • Limitations: It's possible that he's sensitive to sudden bursts of bright light. It may take some time for his eyes to adjust to regular light. It is possible that his eyes will glow or reflect light. Colors are impossible to see in the dark.

  • Enhanced speed: Bane's speed is much faster than that of a human. He can run at speeds ranging from 35 to 80 miles per hour.

  • Limitations: His body is put under strain as a result of this. Traction may be an issue.

  • Enhanced stamina: This enables him to engage in physical activity for longer periods of time than a human.

  • Limitations: He can only exert himself for so long before excessive fatigue begins to wear him down.

  • Enhanced strength: Bane's strength is greater than that of a human. He has the ability to lift heavy objects. A car is the heaviest object he can lift. He has the ability to lift 17 times his body weight. Bane can also bend/punch thin metal.

  • Limitations: The use is still influenced by balance, gravity, and mass. Newton's Three Laws of Motion still apply to him.

  • Enhanced agility: Bane can effortlessly transition from one motion to the next. He can avoid attacks, sprint, do backflips, leap across rooftops, and perform a variety of other gymnastic, athletic, and martial arts maneuvers with little to no effort.

  • Limitations: Exhaustion is still a possibility. His joints may become inflamed and arthritic over time. That doesn't mean he won't be hurt if he falls from great heights or collides with walls or other solid objects.

  • Enhanced leap: Bane has the ability to jump farther than humans. He can outjump even the greatest human athlete. Impressive feats include jumping over large fences, clearing large holes in the ground, jumping from building top to building top, and so on.

  • Limitations: Actual physical activity necessitates the use of a surface. This does not guarantee a safe landing.

  • Feral mind: Bane has the ability to tap into a primal instinctive state of mind, releasing an unstoppable rage that allows him to perform at a much higher level. This may result in him taking and inflicting damage that he could or would not do in his normal state. Sometimes his mind descends so far into a feral state that he is mentally as vicious as a wild animal.

  • Limitations: May not distinguish between friend and foe and attacks everyone. He may not remember anything from his primal rage (he doesn't). He may revert to a state of mind in which his only thoughts are: combat, flight, or mate. Fear, nervousness, and other emotions may cause it to be activated unintentionally.

  • Fear inducement: Bane can evoke and increase fear and horror in others, causing the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals. The target’s perception may be altered, causing them to see their environment as ominous and Bane as dark and foreboding, or even as a monster.

  • Regenerative healing: Bane has the ability to regenerate broken skin and damaged tissue quickly. He is in excellent physical condition because his body is constantly reverting to a healthy state. The process of regeneration accelerates the body's healing process, such as endorphin production, to reduce pain, reducing the amount of time and severity with which the person feels discomfort, resulting in an increased pain threshold.

  • Limitations: He is unable to regenerate damage caused by irreversible Destruction. He can expend a lot of energy. Hellhound wounds heal slowly.


  • The function of power: Misaligned body parts, foreign objects in the wound, or drugs that inhibit mitosis may all have an impact on regeneration. Death may take his life before he regenerates. The rate or extent of regeneration may be exceeded by damage.


  • Brain/head injury: Decapitation/destroying the head has the potential to kill. May lose skills, senses, memories, or other powers. The loss could be permanent. Healing may not include Pain Suppression. May also involve inflammation.


  • Disease: He is still susceptible to disease.


  • Sustenance: Death will result from starvation, dehydration, and suffocation.

  • Claw retraction: Bane can project and retract razor-sharp claws from his fingertips.

  • Limitations: Claws may not be long-lasting, so they need high maintenance.

  • Umbrageous teleportation: Bane can teleport through shadows/darkness, merging into shadows/darkness and appearing anywhere else from the same element. Another name for it is shadow traveling

  • Limitations: He must be able to touch or be in proximity to shadows or darkness. The cost of shadow travel is his energy. Might not teleport while under mental stress or shock. Needs to know, study, visualize, or have been to the place they are teleporting to.

  • Death sense: Bane can sense the impending death of others, determining when someone is dead or dying or if others have died in a specific location. This could include seeing the names and ages of those whose faces he sees. He is aware of his own impending death.

  • Limitations: Only works on beings with the ability to die. Depending on his proficiency and natural talent, he may have a limited range. It's possible that it's always on. It is possible that it will only work on beings with souls. Deaths may occur regardless of his actions.

  • Dragging souls to Hell: Bane can snatch a soul from someone's body and drag it to hell, forcing it to conform to hell's conditions. He can also do the opposite by re-inserting someone's soul. He no longer employs this.

  • Hellfire manipulation: Bane can create and manipulate the cursed flames of Hell, which can destroy anything. The flames are a blue color. The flames are sometimes summoned from the depths of Hell itself, rather than being generated. Hellfire can cause excruciating pain or instant death when it comes into contact with it

  • Limitations: He must exercise caution when using the flames near people to avoid unintended consequences. Holy items and substances can extinguish or repel hellfire (i.e.: Holy water, crosses)

  • Command: He can command other beings by giving them orders to do his bidding regardless of what the victim thinks or feels. This is typically used on humans to entice them to give up their soul to him

  • Limitations: Can't command higher demons or higher angels

  • Human disguise: He can assume a normal human appearance in order to blend in with modern society. Of course, he can allow humans to see him as he is

  • Limitations: People with second sight will ‌see right through this. The only person who can get around this is the devil himself

  • Shadow Manipulation: He can shape and manipulate shadows. Darkness is used by itself to cloud everything into total darkness. He can shape weapons and teleport himself across vast distances using shadows. That is known as awe-inspiring teleportation.

  • Limitations: Distance, mass, precision, and so on are all dependent on his knowledge, skill, and strength. Only existing shadows can be used.


Dog sense:

  • On coming sickness

  • Pregnancy

  • Emotions

He can blend in with shadows very well

Has trained his mind to block out demon command other than Wrath himself

date_range History
Education - What is Bane Malice ’s level of education?

Uh, he never went to school. In fact, he was taught how to kill and fight. Then, once on earth, Julian him taught elementary and high school basics. He learned how to hack and code.


Tw: Abuse

Bane was born in Hell to Cerberus and an unnamed mother in 1985. His father murdered his mother at an early age, and she never got to know him. Cerberus attempted to turn him into a cruel animal. Cerberus immediately taught him how to kill, and he progressed swiftly. By the age of four, he had mastered the use of his abilities. Compared to others his age, Cerberus compelled him to follow an aggressive training and combat program against his father. Cerberus' maltreatment became more severe as he grew older.

Between four and twelve years old. Cerberus molded him into the perfect son with the perfect demeanor as Bane listened to his father. Cerberus only threatened him on rare occasions when he refused to do what his father demanded. As a young child, he was never praised or offered affection. He mostly focused on being the best fighter. Because of his eye, he was told verbally how flawed he was. Cerberus also told tales of nefarious white witches and angels and how they used their power to irritate and burn your skin. A lot of this turned him into a cold, hard killer.

Bane would carry on his father's legacy as next in line. His father announced his own son as the first beta over the current. Bane was a savage who dragged a soul back to hell after his first human homicide. This was the first time his father had given him praise. He sparred with his older cousin, Osiris. He felt guilty a short time after his first kill. His father's sculpted personality crumbled as he realized he was not the brute of a child his father wanted. He went through an identity crisis that ended in him softening up and stopped being a brute. Despite this, he did a lot of murders because he was afraid of his father. It bothered him deeply. His father and packmates maimed him because of the heterochromia in his eye (This, by pack standards, made him a social reject).

Cerberus punished Bane for his soft demeanor and heterochromia eye. Isolation in a small, dark place would be the simplest type. As a result, he developed a dread of being alone and of being in confined areas. His father pushed him around and was nasty with him. Cerberus summoned bane to the Atrocity Pack House when he was 24 years old. He was flawed and didn't have the qualifications to lead. Cerberus had enough of looking at his right eye and declared that the only way to remove flaws was to pull them out. Cerberus tried to tear the eye out by scoring scars across it. Bane moved away, and Cerberus warned Bane that his retreat from his father as he tried to pull out his eye was a reminder of how flawed he was.

Bane had had enough of his father and departed that night. He escaped hell and made his way to Earth. He got underweight as he roamed the streets alone. He gave up on a rainy night, collapsing against the rail of a little bridge.

Julian had discovered him in this situation. Bane was wary of the white witch, almost afraid of him. His main thought was that Julian would harm him. Julian continued to persuade Bane to trust him, and Bane eventually does. Julian takes him back to the bureau, where he belongs.

Bane refused to let Julian examine his deep, bleeding wound in the bureau's infirmary. He was scared that, like his aggressive father, he would hurt him. The stories about white witches and angels particularly horrified him, which Cerberus told him.

Julian had promised Bane that he would not harm him and that if he did, Bane could retaliate. Bane let his guard down and allowed Julian to examine his wounds. Bane would be harmed if Julian used his power to heal the bleeding claw scores. Instead, he created a yarrow poultice and applied it to the wound. Then he covered Bane's eye with a bandage.

Scars had formed after the wound had healed. Despite Bane's regenerative healing, he was slashed by hellhound claws, which meant the wound would never heal entirely. Bane hated these scars, but lived with them. He also hated his heterochromia eye, but learned it made him special and that was okay. He had realized how horrible his father was and feared he would end up like him—a monster.

Julian taught Bane manors and basic human existence in a nutshell. He taught him arithmetic, English, writing, and a variety of other subjects. Bane had learned from Julian what some of his emotions meant and how they made him feel. He showed him how to become good and let go of his former animosity. Julian had even aided Bane in obtaining the position of head of security. Bane had to learn how to live like a human over the course of two years. He even devised a sleeping routine.

book Small tales
Little tales

Dogs of war:

“You pathetic bitch” another blur of claws came at Bane’s face. Fire burned in the eyes of his father, the type that was produced by an arsonist. He slashed at his son with the speed of an angered mama bear. He stepped further away from his father, backing himself into a hollow outlet.

His father tried to harm him in a small room, leading his poor son to think he only wanted to talk. The atrocity pack owned this building. The guard dog lodge is what some may call it. It was one of the few nice things their demon cousins gave them. This room served as his father’s private study but now turned into a bloody fighting rink. Small fissures in the wall mocked him. They showed glimpses of the outside, but Bane was locked in.

“I should have ripped out your eye long ago. I should have killed you long ago!” his father’s voice came with paranoia. “You were supposed to be perfect, but you spoiled that!” his father’s teeth bared. His father held a wide gait and laughed with a hard edge. A set of claws came at Bane, sinking into the flesh on his face. His eyes bolted closed instinctively as the claws passed over. Violent pain webbed through the nerves of his face, and he clutched it in dismay.

Opening his eyes, a film of red clouded his ability to peer out of his right. Red was everywhere! The color messed with his mind. A powerful force tugged at the collar of his shirt, his feet sliding off the ground. His father sneered in his face, the viscous red liquid dripping onto his hands. Inertia pulled his body along as his father flung him against a wall. It crumbled behind him as he fell to the ground. Bane’s body gave off a needle-like shiver.

“Never should have made you my beta, you stupid animal!” silence overcame the room as the last footsteps echoed far off. Bane lay in a small puddle of his blood, blind and in pain. Intoxicating blood filled the room with its odor. His body ached for relief. It was time to escape. Now

audiotrack Music
Songs the remind me of them

Monkey wrench” by Foo Fighters

"Alien Blues” by Vundabar

"Falling Apart” by
Papa Roach

Higher Ground” by Imagine Dragons

Can You Feel My Heart” by Bring Me The Horizon

Animal” by Three Days Grace


“My teeth are yellow, hello world. Would you like me a little better if they were white like yours? I need a purge my urges, shame, shame, shame!” -Alien Blues

headset Quotes

"At this point, I’m very desensitized by death."

"What's sleep, and why do I need it? I can function just fine."

Plops on the bed, “Do you know the pain of your packmates— your friends and family— starin' and whisperin' about how much of an oddity you are?”

"They say every angel has to go through hell to earn their wings."

Incorrect quotes

After being capture by a couple of Nathaniel's demons, "I know how to drop my pulse to zero, but only for 60 seconds. Run!"


"Ooh, don't you find it strange. The only thing we share is one last name. Did I beat you at your own game? Typical of me to put us all to shame."

border_color Trivia

Bane’s Hellhound tips and tricks:

  • Never wake a sleeping Hellhound

  • Never piss off a moody Hellhound

  • Never comment on a hellhounds technical breed (A half-breed of demon and wolf)

  • Never try to fool a Hellhound

  • Never tease a Hellhound. It will get you killed

  • He eventually marries Julian and adopts witch twins, a Hellhound and a Werewolf. Estelle, Orion, Aeron, and Raphael

  • His species doesn’t need sleep. Ever since he fell in line with a human’s sleep rhythm, he doesn’t stay up a lot. He prefers to sleep in the warm cozy bed

  • His species only really sleep when sick or drained from lots of shadow travel, especially on the human plain

  • Sleeps really warm

  • He doesn't feel much of a difference with sleep, but he sleeps in late because the bed is soft and warm

  • Stays up and guards his husband’s bedside

  • He ate cake for the first time on his 25th birthday in 2015. He says cake is fluffy and good

  • His favorite memory is back in 2014 when Julian first introduced him to snow. He says it was strange and fluffy. He enjoys it, it’s fun to play in :3

  • Julian once complained it wasn’t fair he could go out without a coat. Bane can regulate his body temp. It’s useful

  • Werewolf bites and scratches cannot hurt him in the long run

  • Has a soft spot for children

  • He has a higher acidic level of stomach acid


  • When coming out of a feral outrage, a loud, unbearable static gathers in his head


  • Treason (Against Hell)

  • Betraying the pack (Osiris says)

(This poor baby did nothing wrong :(. Don’t listen to the crimes these stinky demons gave him)

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