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To Be Named

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A supreme being created the entire universe. It created the stars, the planets, galaxies, and all life. Its exact gender is unknown, though most often it is thought of as male. It can change its size, from the size of a pea, to bigger than this very planet which life lives on. When among mortals, it shows itself as a bright ball of energy, much like a will-o-wisp, but it radiates with immense power and the colors are iridescent. Once in its true form, it is that of an immense dragon. It has three sets of wings. A thing of horns upon its head resemble closely to a royal crown. Also around its head, appears a mane of pure white. The beast's scales are iridescent. It cannot die.
Even though being the Supreme Being, there were many things which it couldn't watch over all at once. Hence, it gave 'birth' to the main gods and goddesses; 5 gods and 5 goddesses. Each was given a certain task or part of life which they were to watch over. They cannot die as well.
The Supreme God also created several other factions in order to keep the world under control. These include:
Scourge: Punisher for the Gods, a beast of gigantic proportions. This creature resembles a bull of immense size. He is able to stomp a large mountain with one hoof. Scourge, however, does have a minotaur form, in order to 'blend' in better when amongst mortals. He is immortal.
Below the gods and goddesses, are the Elemental Rulers. There is 4, 2 Lords and 2 Ladies. The major elements include: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air/Storms. The names of these elemental rulers: Lord Inferno, fire; Lord Hydrus, water; Lady Gaia, earth; Lady Tempest, air/storms. Unlike gods, the Elemental Rulers can die. They are considered weak versions of gods and goddesses since they can still die. If one were to die, the balance of the world would be thrown into complete chaos. However, they can only die by a special metal which only the higher beings know of.
The Supreme God forbids any form of love amongst the Elemental Rulers, yet that doesn't mean they don't do it. If they are caught, they are punished by Scourge.
This Overgod's punishments are quite harsh. Depending on how serious the crime is also determines how harsh the punishment will be. Only it knows of the types of punishments used on the Elemental Lords.
However, it can also be a benevolent creature. The supreme god mostly stays out of the way, allowing the other gods and goddesses to do their work. It will interfere, rarely, if it needs to.
For it's loyal Dragon followers and the humans that do recognize it, the Supreme God created the great floating city; Imperos. The city is only accessible through flight. As one would approach the city towering gates would be seen, blocking access. The only way through these gates is through the Guardian; The Garakadush.
Located in the middle of the giant city is a great temple, built in honor of the High One. It is said that occasionally its voice can be heard echoing through the halls of the temple. Many dragons are known to go on a pilgrimage to the city. Though, there are 10 more temples lining the large path which leads to the Supreme God's own. 5 on one side of the path, and 5 on the opposite side of the path. So 5 for the gods, and 5 for the Goddesses.
Near the temples is a large hall constructed where the Elemental Lords and Ladies have their meetings every full moon.

There are lesser temples built in villages and cities, but the ones in the City of Imperos are the very originals.

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Nearly all beasts; dragons, chimera, unicorns, etc., are able to take a human form

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The 'months' are instead separated into; spring, summer, fall, and winter

Spring = February, March, April
Estimated days - 89

Summer = May, June, July
Estimated days - 92

Fall = August, September, October
Estimated days - 92

Winter = November, December, January
Estimated days - 92

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This universe contains...
80 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Yevna Starsong Lord Mutaro's Elder Sister
group Graakla
group Lady Octavia Dragon Lady
group Darkmoon Dragon Prophetess
group Angelus the Red Chaos Elder Dragon The Seal that Binds the Chaos Dragon Titus
group Queen Nelyrea Crystalweaver Harpy Queen
group Mahipala Elder Dragon
group Titus the Chaos Dragon Chaos Dragon - Villain
group King Rigeulus Dahaka Supreme Dragon King
group Prince Fuego Dahaka Dragon Prince
group Yeseo
group Roukan Guasnan Peddler
group Princess Farah Dahaka Dragon Princess
group Lord Mutaro Dawntreader Dragon Lord
group Lord Aravinael Dragon Lord
group Nightfang
group Tharramin Thar Exile Dragon
group Lord Xanthos Dragon Lord
group Lady Tahrovin Dragon Lady
group Lord Jaonos Dragon Lord
group Lady Resoona Dragon Lady
group Lord Rokwoshikveik Dragon Lord
group Lady Rishima Dragon Lady
group Queen Ralenth Dahaka Dragon Queen - Deceased
group Selvilith
group Visenya
group Hellauder: Destroyer of Men
group Celosia
group Strun'druniik (Storm Caller)
group Lady Sheliak Dragon Lady
group Raizel Bloodshade
group Drundokun
group Krounan
group Seere Stargazer
group Leonard Shadedweller
group Rosaria Crystalwing
group Lady Ellegance Dragon Lady
group Lord Maximilian Dragon Lord
group Baasarn Dragonian/Human hybrid Mercenary
group Carric Dawnwing
group Arachnevour Lieweaver Master of the Corruption
group Fidirth Ironwielder Innkeeper
group Zarnasna
group Lady Gaia Elemental Ruler of Earth/Nature
group Malirth the Scarred One Elder Dragon
group Ramatheus Guasnan Village Overseer - Leader
group Lord Bailamos Dragon Lord
group Lady Nana Dragon Lady
group Golgrim Wickedtalon Lord of Zephyr
group Rajiak Ambassador for Zephyr
group Aracadius The Chronicler Draconic Chronicler
group Geralt the Iron Sage Royal Dragon Guard
group Lepheria Mother of the Abominations
group Solas
group Ofaalko Deafear Elder Dragon
group Nowe Auron
group Lady Tempest Elemental Ruler of Air/Storms
group Lord Inferno Elemental Ruler of Fire/lava
group Eliam Dragonblade Dragonslayer - Villain
group Quietus Servant to the God of Death
group Lucernas Holy Dragon
group Alareth Dragon Librarian
group Luxsancto Holy Dragon - Child of a holy dragon and Goddess of War
group Arixus
group Aurora
group Morozko Leader of the Northern Fur Dragon Clans
group Dur'kiir Draconic Name meaning: *Dur-* Curse ; *Kiir-* Child
group Lady Nidatri Vinewing Dragon Lady
group Deimos Hruvok
group Dasaima Alareth's mate
group Lucy
group Gale
group Carol Owner of The Dancing Nanny Goat
group Jundofaalsahqoshul
group Cain Valerius
group Inuart
group Lord Hydrus Elemental Ruler of all Waters
group The 3-Headed Elder Elder Dragon
group Xury Longear Elder Dragon
group Lord Tyriohn Dragon Lord

10 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain The Dragon's Inn
terrain City of Imperos Sacred city of the Supreme Being
terrain Mount Draconis Home of the dragons King Rigeulus resides in this great Mountain
terrain Ancient's Ravine
terrain Zephyr Land of Griffins and Hippogriffs
terrain Dornwich Home of the Guasnan
terrain Village of Sylenrion Village of the Dragonkin
terrain Mahlaansizaan Forest Kingdom of the Fae
terrain The Dancing Nanny Goat Cozy Tavern in Dornwich
terrain Dragon Territory Land of the Dragons (Will think of a better name later)

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