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Name - What is Krounan’s full name?


Age - How old is Krounan?

Human form - Appears to be in his late 20's to early 30's

Exact Age - Unknown

Gender - What is Krounan’s gender?


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Race - What is Krounan’s race?


Hair Color - What color is Krounan’s hair?

Grayish blonde

Eye Color - What is Krounan’s eye color?

Human form - Aqua Marine

Leviathan/True Form - Yellow

Skin Tone


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Krounan have?

In human form, his ears appear as fan-like fins
A small pair of horns jut upwards from his head, but are mistaken at times as just part of his hair
On either side of his neck are gill slits, which the skin is slightly a bluer/grayish in color around this area

On his shoulders is a ridge of flexible sail-like fins that run down from the top of his shoulder down to the elbow
From just a little above his wrists to his hands, the skin seems to turn more gray, upon closer inspection seeming to be covered by smooth scales

From waist down, is not human at all
Instead it becomes a serpent body, smooth grayish blue scales
A sail-like fin runs down the length of it, the end of it a great flipper

True/Creature Form

In true form, he is massive serpent

Has 2 sets of eyes (four in all)
They glow a bright yellow, pupils black
Along his eye ridges are teal colored fringes

Upon his head a pair of horns curl back


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Favorite food - What is Krounan’s favorite food?

Prefers live prey, preferably fish
Though raw meat will suffice if no live prey or fish is available

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Name: Krounan
His name means watercourse

Human Form - Appears to be in late 20's to early 30's
Exact Age - Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Leviathan


Other Info: Krounan is only able to digest raw meat. Anything cooked seems to cause him to have severe indigestion
In human form, has the uncanny ability to unhinge his jaws in order to swallow prey whole

Cuttlefish are extremely poisonous to him. Even a small one can leave him deathly ill

He needs water in order to survive. Krounan can only survive out of water for about 4 days before he needs to return to the ocean.
However, if the ocean is unavailable to him, a bath of saltwater will be enough to sustain him. However, this will have to be done regularly then, every day till he can return to the ocean.
Prolonged exposure on land will eventually kill him

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