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Name - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s full name?

Lord Mutaro Dawntreader

Age - How old is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader?

Appears to be in his mid to later 30's

Exact age is Unknown

Gender - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s gender?


Role - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s role in your story?

Dragon Lord

face Looks
Race - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s race?

Fire Dragon with a little Arcane Dragon in his blood as well

Height - How tall is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader?

Human Form - About 7ft, 3in

Hair Color - What color is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s hair?

Human Form - An unnatural dark purple

Eye Color - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s eye color?

Changes from blue to green
Usually his eyes stay a consistent color depending on the abilities he is using

Normally Mutaro's eyes are always green, as his dominate side is fire, being a fire dragon

Only on very rare occasions does his eyes change to blue, when he is able to call upon his few arcanic abilities

Body Type

Human Form - Muscular

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Lord Mutaro Dawntreader have?

In human form, keeps his tail, fangs, and forked tongue
Can willingly make his horns and wings appear if he so chooses

True/Creature Form

Mutaro is what you would say your 'typical dragon'
4 legs, pair of draconic wings upon his back, tail, horned head

Mutaro's head is slightly angular in shape, pointed towards the muzzle

The single set of horns upon his head are like a mix of an antelope and water buffalo. They are thick at the base, seeming to curve back along his head, then the tips curving back and in towards the back of his neck, becoming thinner/sharper at the ends

The base corner where his jaws hinge, 3 spikes jut outwards on either side. The topmost is shorter, middle spike mid-length, then the bottom spike being the longest

Inside his muzzle, a forked tongue, fangs evenly spaced along his jaws

Sharp spines start in the middle of his forehead, spacing out evenly running down his back

More spikes are located along his elbows. Look more like a cluster of purple crystals


Horns - Golden Bronze

Scales - Somewhere between dark and a medium purple

Underbelly - A golden bronze
This coloration starts at the base of his jaw, to the end of his tail

Claws - A darker bronze

Spines/spikes - A lighter purple in color

Eyes - Bright green with black pupils normally

fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader?

Mutaro is a good-hearted dragon.
He often keeps a 'cool-head', being calm and collected, even in the most tense of situations

He thinks with his head first before his heart/feelings
This is of course unless Mutaro's family is being threatened, then it can change in an instant

groups Social
Favorite weapon - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s favorite weapon?

All Natural - Claws, fangs, horns, etc.

Human Form - Wields a pair of dual blades

Occupation - What is Lord Mutaro Dawntreader’s occupation?

Dragon Lord

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edit Notes

Name: Mutaro Dawntreader

Human form - appears to be in his mid to late 30's
Exact Age - Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Fire Dragon with some Arcane in his blood


Other Info: Mate of Lady Nidatri
They have an eldest son, whom is 97 years old

Currently on their 2nd clutch, 3 dragon chicks in all

Unknown to many, Mutaro has an elder sister. Their relationship is rocky, Mutaro resentful towards her for certain reasons long ago

folder_open Powers/Abilities

Mainly focuses upon fire based abilities
Has some arcanic abilities

basic explanation, work on better later

folder_open Favorite Quotes/Excerpts

In all honesty, Mutaro had tuned out the two snarling Princes. His eyes actually were starting to close, as if falling asleep. His head started to nod downwards when Yasha's voice brought him back into focus.

"Huh, wha? I was not really paying attention to them..."

Mutaro pushed himself off of the wall he had been resting against. The male stood, stretching. There was loud pop from his back. He yawned, showing sharp fangs, his tail slowly swaying one way, then the other.

He watched Fuego and Damon for several moments, then his eyes wandered over to Yasha. Mutaro seemingly shrugged, "That'd make sense if they got along. But see, nothing can ever make sense, cause then it'd be easy and actually work...I'm just glad my chicks don't argue like this. It'd be endless headaches for me, then again I usually just sleep through it. Don't ask me how, cause even I don't know how I manage to sleep through them since I've also become their favorite 'playground' and 'chew toy'."

He honestly didn't know why, but he allowed his thoughts to reach out ~Honestly, I'd prefer heading to the nearest bar and try talking things through...hell, I'd even buy the drinks. Unfortunately though, that is not the case~.

The purple dragon suddenly pulled up into a hover right overhead ~Besides, perhaps my 'distracting' is proving useful, since the little buggers seem to be focusing on me. Why not use it to your advantage miss~.

Then without a second thought, Mutaro purposely dove downwards. The purple dragon was low, eyes glowing. As he grew closer, the dragon whipped his body, swinging his tail down, missing the impish creatures by mere inches.
With another swift flap, the purple dragon was once again taking off, yet he wasn't going too fast. He glanced out of the corner of his eye, almost as if he was waiting.
The beast honestly had no idea why or even what he was trying to do or accomplish. Why should he help an enemy, when the enemies were fighting amongst themselves?

"M-Mutaro! Why do you have to go?! T-there are plenty of other dragons! P-please...don't leave me and the little ones..."

The purple dragon paused at the edge of the cave that led into the tunnels of the mountains. The beast seemingly sighed, smoke escaping his nostrils. He glanced back towards a green dragonelle.
A frown came to the dragon's muzzle as he looked towards her side, seeing 3 little ones curled up asleep. Mutaro slowly closed his eyes, then opened them again. He looked right into the dragonelle's gaze.

" know I make sure you and the little ones have a promising future."

A brownish black dragon suddenly appeared. He was clearly very young, not even half the size of either Mutaro or the dragonelle.

The dragon suddenly spoke in a quiet voice, "Father, I could take your place instead..."

"Carric! You will do no such thing! If I so much as find you stepping out of this mountain..."

The purple dragon chuckled, "Patience Nidatri."

Though he did turn his attention towards the younger dragon. Mutaro's expression serious, "Though, you are still too young yet to head into a battle like this. You have little to no battle experience."

Mutaro once again gave his kind smile, "Besides, I need you to stay here and help your mother with the little ones. You may not be from the same batch, but they're still your little brother and sisters."

The other appeared ready to argue, but finally hung his head low. The brown dragon sulked to the side. He glanced to the nest where his mother laid, then looked back to the corner.

Mutaro watched his older son for a bit, then looked back to Nidatri. The purple dragon leaned his head over, nuzzling, then licking the side of her muzzle. As for his mate, the green beast instantly broke down, crying. Mutaro did his best to comfort her, rumbling softly. He rested his neck across hers, muttering softly in draconic.

Mutaro, who had been once starting to walk, suddenly found himself being lifted off the ground bridal style into Yasha's arms. Of course his 'Dragon Pride' kicked in, making the dragon sound quite irritable without really meaning it. His mangled wing remained, well, mangled. Mutaro was no healer, being a more fire focused breed with another blood running in his veins. Though, that side of him he didn't much care to talk about.

Mutaro's head turned, looking for several moments, then simply relaxing once again. Though as he heard Yasha, the dragon shifted his weight slightly, though remained in the giant's arms.

" 'Alaris' sounds familiar..." the male's eyes narrowed, clearly thinking, "Think the elders might've mentioned it once or twice...granted when they did it wasn't in the nicest ways."

Mutaro was quiet for a few moments, then spoke again, "Well, let's just get it done and over with....though, when we get back, mind just dropping me off at the base of Mount Draconis? Honestly, I'd rather not have Nidatri find you carrying me back like still aren't too popular among dragons...don't mean to bring any bad memories up or anything. Just warning that she probably will instantly have the wrong thoughts if she seems me injured and in your grasp."

The dragon huffed a bit, "Man, it can be such a pain sometimes..."

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